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Found 1 result

  1. Thought this idea a long, long time ago when I first brought my laptop to boarding school (My school allows it anyways) & I was 'bashed' by my batchmate who's went crazy with Mobile Legends - Bang Bang (Indonesians can explain this even more). In short, MLBB is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena in form of a mobile game, developed by a Chinese game developer, Shanghai Moonton. It's on par with PUBG Mobile around Southeast Asia, but IMHO PUBG Mobile surged with popularity even more than the knockoff MOBA game (The game (MLBB), at early stages, blatantly used assets from League of Legends IIRC, not in form of 'free models'). In fact, some Indonesians, who is referred as 'player base' (Basically like major influencer or majority society) of MLBB chose KSP over MLBB and I hope this number will grow and eventually hit Malaysia as well. So right here I'd like to emphasise what's good about the universe of our lovely little green creatures as opposed to the dimensions of mostly PG18 Figures(Yes, some female characters have big / near-exposed stuff, really dangerous) (And false fictional claim on real-life inspired heroes including Gatotkaca (Indonesian hero legend) & Badang (Malaysian hero legend) (Yes, they still didn't take downnthe fictional claim on the loading screen)). Also, this thread is for discussing points to explain Pros of KSP to explain to someone notorious for bashing most people who play games like this (KSP). So here's my points : Pros of KSP Physics application. More exploration. More challenging, especially if you have Life Support mods installed. Wacky designs can be made; for fun, etc. Recreation of history are possible. Fancy shots are easy to be taken. Training on navigation skills Especially on planets with water bodies, looking for directions using the map view could make you good at reading maps. Cons of MLBB As mentioned earlier, PG18 (Parental guide for ages 18 and below). Not an original idea. 'Fictional content' disclaimer not removed even after at least two real-life inspired heroes added. Rages present; in fact, even worse than PUBG (And its mobile counterpart, Fortnite & Apex) No application on physics; the hero Fanny instantly jumps from 0 to 60 (?, didn't know how fast Fanny travelled with her grapple) Spacial Thanks to those Indonesians who chose the right way : (List is TBC, but several lines of text below are self-explanatory) @GRS @YNM @Mukita12 @Dimas152 @ARS @BlackWing Pilot And all the members of the Southeast Asian threads, including : And more Southeast Asian players of KSP.
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