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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, i have 1.4.2 and MH installed, and i tested three contracts to map asteroids endangering Kerbin or crossing orbits of Duna and Jool. Everything seems to work until the mapping itself, i get a positive for having a sentinel on board (new launch/ vessel clearly), i get a positive for matching the desired orbit (allways prograde to sun), i activate the sentinel telescope to start mapping the roids (get confirmation text on screen) but then it seems that no mapping occurs, i played on, warped alot, (I have a working commnet connection and can transmit science btw), but still no dice. No roids are mapped after almost 2 Kerbin years. I guess this is a new bug, Kopernicus and SVT cause this! Sorry all! can someone confirm this or is it allready on the bugtracker? (I have no login)
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