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Found 4 results

  1. Oh hai. This is a basic planet pack so far that adds a Near-Kerbin binary asteroid, Doppler-Dyva, a Pallas-like two-toned potato, Quazen, and four binary Jool trojans. Basically asteroids not filled by niches such as Minor Planets Expansion. Download here on SpaceDock. This was the old picture of Doppler, once named Onor (please don't deadname it). It's a relic of my past and how I've improved. Requirements: Kopernicus ModuleManager A good computer
  2. CHRISTMAS DRES MOD 1.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. "it's literally dres, but christmas coloured" Features: Recoloured dres No savegame impact (landers and stations stay intact) Dres has rings It's christmas themed Download on Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2292/Christmas Dres mod Dependencies: Only Kopernicus. Sorry, still not on 1.8 Credits: @Thomas P. for Kopernicus
  3. Towards the end of last year, I decided to take up planet modding and started building. Eventually, this came out - The SyeWertz system - This simple mod adds 2 bodies - Sye, a large rocky, vacuum world, and Wertz, its companion moon. Sye is located between Eve and Moho, at a distance of about 7.7 Gigameters from the Sun. Screenshots! Features - Adds 2 bodies in orbit around Kerbol! Fully functioning Biome and Science Defs! Cursed Images! Now, SyeWerts was a result of me mucking around with ideas one afternoon, while working on my main planet pack. I made it, and was pleased by their appearances and left it at that. But after a while, I realised while the concept and execution is sound, it didn't fit well in the planet pack as a whole, so I decided that moving it into a separate pack would be for the best. So I hunkered down to work and got the biomes and science defs and whatnot, up and running in two days and put it out for release. This is just garbage why are you here Future stuff (Soontm) Compatibility with other stuff HazardousPlanet Visuals (What visuals would this have?) Download from Spacedock! Dependencies - Kopernicus and its Dependecies License - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License If you find any bugs or issues, please notify me - I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. i hope you enjoy my cursed handiwork
  4. What Is This? ProtoJeb's Planets is a Kopernicus star pack that adds in real exoplanet systems that have been either discovered or observed by me, ProtoJeb21. Unlike Interstellar Adventure Revived, there will be NO hypothetical moons added to known planets. I will keep the amount of celestial bodies limited to those that I have observational and scientific evidence for. There will be two options for this mod: Real-scale or Stock scale. The Real-scale PJP has every object and orbit the same way it will be in reality, including estimated masses. Stock scale is where everything is proportional to Kerbin, the Sun, and its orbit instead of to our real-life system. This is the same case with IA-Revived. What Objects Will Be Added? PJP will add any confirmed planets I find, as well as systems I have analyzed in the past. I have two likely candidates awaiting confirmation, so for now the HAT-P-22b system will be added. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/VPVT7 Download Link: None ATM Acknowledgements Thanks to: Debra Fischer for Planet Hunters, where I have made most of my discoveries on. @Thomas P. for Kopernicus and Kittopia Tech. @_Augustus_ for finding the ESI values for Kupole and Indra. @GregroxMun for his helpful planet-making streams. @KillAshley for his Kopernicus examples, which have improved my work with planet-making. @The Raging Sandwich, @Spaceception, and others who have supported my Planet Hunters discoveries. Other Kopernicus modders who have helped me learn how to create planets.
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