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Found 62 results

  1. I'm pretty new to KOS so I have a few questions: Lets say we use this code from here . When it enters space I want to add some code: lock steering to prograde. wait until eta:apoapsis < 30. lock throttle to 1. wait until eta:apoapsis > 50. lock throttle to 0. wait until periapsis = 100000. How do I make this a loop and how do I deactivate the loop when Periapsis is = 100000?
  2. In the terminal these characters show up and behave like the letters shown: ` turns into P ~ turns into S ^ turns into R ' turns into Q " turns into W There is a message about tinyPG. In the editing terminal the e, r and the d keys don't even show up. How do I fix this?
  3. I spent three days trying to write a hoverslam script from scratch. I was trying to look for ways to cheat out of having to account for changing mass and acceleration, and I was totally stumped. Some of my prototypes were 40+ lines. Then it hit me. Slapped this together in 5 minutes, and now I've got worry free hoverslams for any body, and any lander with a TWR > 2 (even lower with a small tweak). I posted this in the "What did you do today?" thread, but wanted to share here, since I'm really proud of it. See my sig for more kOS videos!
  4. As the topic says, I need to calculate the force of drag on an arbitrary rocket for use in the function for finding terminal velocity. I am working on an ascent guidance script for kOS, in case you were wondering. EDIT: Apparently as of KSP 1.0.x this doesn't matter any more.
  5. Hi all, since kOS don't support subfolders (yet?), I've a bunch of scripts and also I hate to alt-tab all the time. I made this plugin, so I can manage my scripts without alt-tab too much in a poorkerbal way . The plugin search for folders starting with "arch_" in the KSP stock Ships folder (the one where the folder "Script" of kOS lives), it makes a list of those folders and you can now change between them at wild. It's possible also to create new archive folders on demand. kOS will do the rest as is always looking for changes in the "Schips/Script" folder. Under the hook the plugin only do renames and remembers the name of the archive folder in use for later restore. So if you are using the default archive folder (ie: you just installed the plugin) and you change the archive folder to use in the plugin, it will rename the original "Script" folder to "Script_orig" and the one you wanna use to "Script". You can restore the original one in any moment or change the folder to another one without previously restore the original. The actual archive in use it's visible in the plugin window tittle, empty if the original one is in use. Now uses git instead of plain folders as I'm now using git to manage my kos scripts. Not tested in linux. It's supports Toolbar and if it's not present fallbacks to ksp applauncher. Also has a configurable keybind ("ALT + Y" by default, configurable in "GameData/kos_ma/Plugins/PluginData/kos_ma/config.xml"). Screenshots: Download: mirror : Source/bugs/code suggestions: License GPLv3 Salud. Ps: Sorry for my poor english.
  6. In-game kOs script editor (and maybe multi-purpose text editor!) BIG PROJECT CHANGES: This thing now focuses on being not only a text editor (for kOS and wathever you want), but a full emulated computer system which runs on its own bytecode! As of now nothing playable is done, this is, for now, a planning thread! Prototype: (Font is final, syntax and UI are not) Shows how nice the monospace font and a 4bit pallete work together Plans: - Nice editor with international keyboard support - File loader and/or kOS hook (you call edit and the editor pops up) - Syntax highlighting for .ks files - Auto-completion? - Auto-factoring (Placing the { } when you write ifs and stuff)? - ¿¿¿¡¡¡ Stand-alone display for kOS !!!??? { The drawing api seems nice, and allows for individual pixel setting which could allow epic-ui designs (Also, kOS needs some way to handle input) } Priority: - Getting a Unity Window to display a texture (in Window.cs) [0%] - Building a texture out of pixels [100%] - Building a pixel array out of a char array [100%] - Building a char array out of a string and scrolling [0%] Github: Collaboration is welcome!
  7. Hey. i want to make an script in kos that can calculate und flay from any planet to an other planet, like Trigger Transfer Window. i had tried a lot but i have nothing that works in the right way... can someone help me please?
  8. I've started fiddling with kOS and my usual programming technique is to look at what other people have done first and then pinch bits of various people's ideas to do what I want. So far all the launch scripts I've seen work by pointing the ship at a specific angle rather than doing a real gravity turn. I would like to programme a proper gravity turn, and then keep the ship pointing prograde, only making adjustments if it falls outside specified thresholds, which is kind of what I do when launching manually. My understanding is the initial turn will be dependant on TWR and drag. TWR I can easily calculate, presumably I could calculate a drag factor by comparing actually acceleration with the acceleration my TWR would produce in a vacuum? Anyone done anything similar? Anyone got any thoughts on working out the relationship between TWR, drag and the initial turn angle?
  9. Falcon 9 Reusable | SpaceX Replica This rocket is a replica of the spaceX falcon9 v1.2 launch vehicle. It's first stage is capable of sending a 2nd stage with a payload of up to 17t into orbit, and autonomously return for a landing. PAYLOAD REQUIREMENTS Fairing: <2.1t Payload mass: <17t Cost per ton: $1450.59 Cost per launch: $24660 WARNING: Some part clipping involved. Instructions on how to use the launcher. The first stage has 9 engines in an octaweb configuration. During launch, all 9 engines will fire. However, when returning, only the center engine will fire. DOWNLOAD HERE Here are some gifs showing the first stage landing. Enjoy!
  10. Happy Holidays to everyone! Apologies if this is not the correct forum. If so, please let me know where to post my questions on this topic. I've been playing KSP for a while and love it. I recently started to try to learn KOS, but I have zero coding knowledge, so am trying to learn. I'm trying to start with a simple script that will make my ship pitch over 1 degree every 1000m starting at 900m. Once the ship reaches about 80000m this will stop. I got it to work by writing a line of code for each 1 degree change, but it was annoying to have to write that 80 times. I know there must be a way to automate this but have not figured it out yet. This is what I'm trying right now. After the ship lifts off the code is: { set X to 90. // Sets pitch set A to 900. // Sets altitude lock steering to heading (90,X). when ship:altitude > A then lock steering to heading (90,X-1). when ship:altitude = A + 1000 then loop. until ship:altitude > 79000 lock steering to heading (90,10). } It's not working the way I'd hoped. It starts to pitch over right away and really fast. It's nose is abot ten degrees above the horizon by the time it reaches a kilometer in altitude. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hey, i have problems to calculate the right PhaseAngle with kOS. here my Script: function CurrentPhaseAngle{ parameter origin. parameter destination. set normal to origin:OBT:POSITION:NORMALIZED. set projected to VECTOREXCLUDE(normal,destination:POSITION). set result to VECTORANGLE(origin:POSITION, projected). if VDOT(VCRS(origin:POSITION, projected), normal) < 0 { return 360 - result. } else { return result. } } set currentPhase to CurrentPhaseAngle(Kerbin,Duna). print "CurrentPhaseAngle:"+ currentPhase. Result is i my example 90° to from Kerbin to Duna but transfer Window Planer says it's 119°. can someone help me ?
  12. Download Latest Release (v4.0 - 12/23/15) What RCS Thrust Controller Does This fills a gap in the Remote Tech flight computer, which does not allow you to execute maneuvers using RCS thrust. On some small craft, this may be all that you have available. While you are out of contact or dealing with signal delay, performing maneuvers can be difficult or downright impossible. This script will use your next planned maneuver node and carry it out at the proper time. What RCS Thrust Controller Doesn't This does not attempt to replace any functionality that already exists with the RT2 Flight Computer. You still have to use the FC to properly orient your craft for the burn. This also does not automatically read all the properties of the thrusters on your craft. Usage Full instructions are provided in the ReadMe included. Obviously you need to download and install kOS. F.A.Q. Q: This isn't a stand-alone mod? Why? A: Mainly because I'm too lazy to setup a C# dev environment when one already exists for me within the game. Also, because it's way more fun IMO doing it this way as opposed to "normal" programming I've done way too much of already. Q: But I don't know anything about kOS! A: Thankfully, you don't really need to. The numbers you need to tweak are well-exposed and documented, and using kOS within the game is very simple Q: Can it be used for any vehicle? A: Any vehicle that has a kOS computer module to hold the scripts. Q: Can it be used for kerbed vehicles? A: Yes! While primarily designed for remote-operated vehicles it will still function just fine under Local Command situations. Known Issues Regardless of whether you are using an actual kOS part or are using Module Manager to insert kOS functionality into another part (like a probe core) it must not be a root part of the craft. This is a known kOS issue The future node created by the script is there to avoid a run-time error that needs to be patched within kOS The future node initially has a radial out value to push it off the current orbit so that it can be selected by the user to place a node before it RCS tweakable will only let you set the thrust as low as 5 before going straight to 0 (which RCSTC will reset to 1) Future Additions Thruster kN Detection - Will allow the option to not have to set the kN variable manually Multiple ISP Thrusters - Allow for thrusters that don't all have the same ISP Multiple kN Thrusters - Allow for thrusters that don't all have the same kN Change Log (12/23/15) v4.0 - RCS thrust tweakable is now stock, meaning a single thrust control script is all that is needed, Tweakable Everything is no longer an optional dependency - All detected RCS parts are temporarily highlighted to show which are enabled (green) and disabled (red) to help confirm craft configuration - Console window text no longer overwrites itself under some situations - RCS jet blip on initialization no longer necessary to get ISP number to show in right-click menu - Tweakable is back to using decimal numbers instead of percentage (10/20/15) v3.2 - Fixed the non-TE version from still trying to use TE to set the thrust initially - Added a check for time warp, and drops the game out of warp to initialize the thrusters because otherwise they would not fire to register ISP - Improved performance by removing the need to call `getModule()` multiple times every tick, which caused kOS to navigate the entire part tree each time. Possibly also improved the timing of very short burns that require millisecond precision (9/2/15) v3.1 - Full RemoteTech support enabled through kOS `addons` interface. RT features disabled if it is not installed/activated - Abort command now respects signal delay - Program now respects local control - Functionalized main loop for cleaner exit on abort/errors - no more shutting down the console - Warning message displays if user manually enables RCS prior to the maneuver - Fix for runtime error if user manually enables RCS prior to maneuver - Fix for changes to TweakableEverything slider, which now has percentage values instead of decimal (3/16/15) v2.1 - Fixed an issue where Tweakable Everything can allow you to tweak thrust to 0%, which the program doesn't like. Tweaking the thrust to 0% (or setting it to 0% with the non-TE version) will change it to 1% (3/14/15) v2.0 - Script extension changed to conform to new kOS architecture - Uses new HUD message capability to present thruster info and maneuver warnings - Checks for connection to Mission Control before executing (bypassable) - No longer requires ISP and throttle to be set in hardcode or at runtime (latter depends on use of Tweakable Everything) - Maneuver nodes are now monitored and changes can be made to ÃŽâ€v, ETA and throttle anytime prior to node execution - No longer needs a maneuver node to be created prior to execution - Cancelling maneuver nodes no longer terminates the program - The Abort button is used to terminate the program - Time warp is monitored and will drop out 10 seconds prior to node execution (9/10/14) v1.1 - Thanks to TDW, cleaned up countdown code which means program runs on less lines for users that have limited kOS storage space - Added ability to detect how much ÃŽâ€v the craft has remaining and warn the user if it is not enough to perform the maneuver - Tweaked messages of ÃŽâ€v to include "m/s" for clarity (9/5/14) v1 - Initial release