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Found 8 results

  1. Yes your mission is to launch an orbital station and get it to either eve,duna, or jool. It won’t be accepted if it not powered by a kraken drive. You must show me the kraken drive and explain how it works as well. I hope you enjoy this challenge which is my first.
  2. (Cross post from the Reddit board) So I came across some YouTube videos about Kraken Drives which seemed to re-iterate a few misconceptions about them and their capabilities. Myth 1: Limited carrying capacity A kraken drive relies on the non-Newtonian wheel "reaction" force to propel a craft forward. A single wheel will have a certain carrying threshold; more force required = more wheels can be placed in parallel. Myth 2: Hard to control Kraken drive force is no different to an un-gimballed engine: put the force along the centre of mass and it will work fine. There are
  3. This isn't really a craft showcase, more of a concept awareness post, I'd like to see more kraken powered craft floating around. https://imgur.com/gallery/6qKxa https://kerbalx.com/TheUnamusedFox/Longinus-K-Drive-Prototype Kraken drives have been around for a while. Earlier versions, before the various krakenbanes and bugfixes and physics changes, were based on landing legs. My current iteration is based on pushing an undocked landing gear shaft down onto the ship, creating acceleration... Spooky kraken wibbly wobbly physics. This ship is ca
  4. I'm wondering how to construct a Kraken Drive, or a glitch device to harness physics bugs to generate a nonzero force on a vessel. It must be small enough to fit somewhat-comfortably in a (closed) Mk2 long cargo bay. I'm really looking for a rough tutorial than a prebuilt thing. Also, don't link me to the wiki page about it, it didn't help at all
  5. I need a tutorial on how to build Kraken Drives in the versions mentioned in the title. If someone has a download that'll fit inside a mk2 cargo bay, that would also be acceptable
  6. The Kraken Drive returns! After looking at people making wheels using legs and 2 separate crafts and such I've decided to dig deeper. My efforts have proven successful: Download http://imgur.com/a/rWE3A (for some reason cant see how to embed imgur...no i on the right.)
  7. I wanted to make a glitchy cargo SSTO but all my prototype K-drives don't work. Has anybody found a way to make them work in this version? Danny I'm talking to you.
  8. This is a reboot of the original Kraken Program thread, which was deleted by the Great Forum Migration because of the removal of the Rocket Builders, where it was located. The focus of the thread is the same; studying and developing methods to harness the Kraken. Primary Goals: Identify new methods of harnessing the Kraken Categorize the different kinds of Kraken Drives, and understand the fundamentals behind them Test pre-1.0 Kraken Drives and determine if they are still funtional Achieve speeds of 10c Increase the reliability of Kraken Drives Have fun crashing games and corr
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