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Found 2 results

  1. RELEASE THREAD BELOW: have you ever wanted a 6.4k scale config mod Like RO? ALSO WORKS WITH GGP 6.4 SCALE AND ANY OTHER MOD WITH A 6.4 SCALE KERBIN SIZED BODY well here it is in good form released now! INFO: this is like RO but for KScale64 (a.k.a 6.4k) it currently contains all liquid engines and LF-T fuel tanks with the jumbo All rights Reserved If you want your mod featured in this just ask and ill get on it ASAP and add you to the 6.4k/KScale64 PM discussion i must stress this is alpha alpha release Requires MM (not included because im silly) DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/Kerbinorbiter/64k-overhaul/releases ISSUES? https://github.com/Kerbinorbiter/64k-overhaul/issues Once again All Rights Reserved (AKA DO NOT COPY) Special mentions: @kerbinorbiter for creating this mod @Paul Kingtiger for creating KScale64 and 6.4k i'm also going to TRY and get a CKAN going for it CURRENTLY SUPPORTED MODS: CONFIGURATION FILES IN PROGRESS: MODS THAT I THINK SHOULD BE OVERHAULED: i will get back to you ASAP as soon as i get the notification (unless in off line)
  2. It was a long time since I posted a mission report here, but this will be my most complex mission to date so I thought that it deserved it's on thread. The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge with KScale64 KScale64 is a mod that increases the size of the Kerbol system by x6.4. All planets have 6.4 times the radius and ~41 times the mass. So surface gravity remained unchanged. This is closer to our real solar system that is 10 times bigger (100 times the mass) than the default Kerbol system. The main challenge here is the effect this has on dV requirements, they are ~2.5 times larger. For instance geting to LKO is closer to 8000 m/s dV rather than the standard 3000 m/s dV. I will be using any part mod allowed by The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge. To do list: Design a Tylo lander ~13 000 m/s dV Done Design a Laythe lander Done Design a Vall Lander with a reusable last stage ~ 5000 dV Done Design Kerbal return stage Done Estimate mothership dV requirements. Done Design mothership for transfers within Jool Done Design a LKO escape stage for mothership ~5000 dV Done Figure out how to get the ship to LKO Done Fly the mission Ongoing Album of the ongoing mission: http://imgur.com/a/BiSNM Tylo Lander: Can land and return to orbit with a little help from EVA. Also included is a nuclear stage with 2100 dV to get from high elliptic orbit to low Tylo orbit, and a small return craft with simmilar dV to get back up to the mother ship. Laythe lander: Reentry on Laythe is harder when orbital velocity is close to 6000 m/s. But this is handled by the inflatable heat shield that also acts a flotation device. The last two stages are the same as on the Tylo lander. It has enough dV to get to a high elliptical orbit of Laythe where the mothership will be parked.
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