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  1. Dear KSP, Built in mod menus for both games, on all consoles. Please and thank you.
  2. I have noticed a great gaping hole in the KSP modding community. We have a devastating lack of Optimization Mods, for players like myself who have lower end PCs, KSP can be more like a slideshow than a game. What I am looking for is a mode that does for KSP, what Optifine did for Minecraft. Does anyone know of any mods for 1.4 or newer that do this or any projects that are working to build a mod like this? Cheers!
  3. Welcome! I few months ago I got back into KSP after a fairly long time. I was stunned to find how many new parts packs had shown up on the mod scene since I'd been out. BDB, Tantares, Near Future Technologies, just to name a few. Unfortunately this gave me ideas that will probably upset whichever God or Spirit you may or may not believe in. So welcome to Manatee Aerospace! Please don't get mad. Before I start I should preface as well that I am NOT GOOD at KSP, other than reaching Kerbin orbit and flying to and from the Mun, I'm not good at much else. I unfortunately rely a fair amount on the cheat console options. I would never compare myself to the likes of Scott Manley, Matt Lowne, or the like. I'm just here to stretch my imagination. Also I use a fair amount of craft files from KerbalX and Steam Workshop, so I will try to give credit to those creators whenever possible and if you recognize craft that belong to other creators, please let me know. And hey, if you have any crazy ideas you want to share here too, feel free to!
  4. Remember how creating fake mods was a thing back then? Now it's time to make even more fake KSP stuff! This time, it's fake celestial bodies, rocket/spaceplane parts, and manufacturers. Btw, you can do either or both, it's up to you. My examples: Fake Celestial Body - Gerris: A planet slightly larger than Kerbin but smaller than Eve, it has green oceans, a green atmosphere, and yellowish brown land. It has aliens living on its surface. Orbits between Kerbin and Duna. Fake Part - The AEM-293 Solid Rocket Booster: A SRB that was created because we always need more boosters. Manufactured by Boosterz Co. Fake Manufacturer - Boosterz Co: A solid rocket booster manufacturer. Nuff said. Have fun making whatever your heart desires!
  5. So... KSP lore. This has been discussed in the occasional forum now and then, so I figured we needed some kind of megathread to discuss our view on KSP lore. *If something like this already exists, please delete this thread. Who are the Kerbals, anyway? Why is Kerbin so barren? Why do they want to go to space so badly? And what do the Monoliths and Easter Eggs mean? And then maybe some less important lore, like: What do Kerbals eat? How do they survive in a tiny cramped capsule on long voyages? What is Jeb's personality? What about lore about your space program? Who runs it? How do they treat Kerbals? Why do they explore? I'll go first. If it's a long explanation, please put it in a spoiler tab like I am. What do you think?
  6. I am having trouble with my drifting cars any tips guys???
  7. Hello everyone I used to have this mod, but years later I wanted to get back to business. As a result, I don't remember the name of the mod, I really need it for airplanes. I will be very grateful for your help)
  8. I've recently gotten interested in expanding the KSC with new buildings and a runway mod. KSC Extended can add this but is currently bugged for me, as it makes the textures of the buildings added pink. Could anyone recommend mods that add more buildings and runway stuff? Thanks. (KSC Extended issue. A friend told me that KSC Extended is broken, but I'm seeing reports of it working perfectly. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.)
  9. a greentext is a style of writing that involves putting ">" in front of your text. It is how people tell stories and things that happen in their lives. these ones are related to KSP. I'll start: >be me >kerbal >see mun >iwanttoflytothemun.jpg >decide to build rocket >build rocket >wowthisisamazingrocket.gif >put satellite in rocket for testing >3 >2 >1 >LIFTOFF >rocket flies into the sky, and promptly explodes. >mfw
  10. i was using the space shuttle mod (shuttle orbiter construction kit) and i had put spacehab as the payload, upon launch i spun out of control, im not the best pilot but i found it funny
  11. Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.
  12. So, I've recently been looking for mods that added more content to the KSC, and I downloaded KSC Extended, but for some reason the textures for the grass around the mod's structures turned purple. I then tried KSC Kampus and it worked fine but the runway textures turned purple too. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  13. Kerbal Interplanetary Probes Presents: KIPSAT DSN Antennas Description This is a work-in-progress mod for Kerbal Space Program (KSP) that aims to add large Deep Space Network (DSN) satellite dishes to enhance long-range communication capabilities. Features - Provides three DSN satellite dishes of increasing size, designed to match the default KSP DSN network antenna power settings. - It is designed to work with the extra ground stations to OFF, otherwise there is no real point :). - Requires a significant budget and attention to launchpad upgrades, introducing a new level of challenge to the game. About - This is my first attempt at creating a mod, so bear with me as I learn the ropes. - The models and textures are a work in progress and may not meet professional standards yet, but they provide the basic functionality needed for the mod to work. Companion Add-ons - It is highly recommended, if not necessary, to have the HyperEdit mod installed to teleport the dishes to their locations. - These dished are massive, so you might want to consider getting the Hangar Extended mod. - I also play with Kerbal Construction Time, effectively halting your rocket production for "months" while you undergo these DSN antenna construction projects. Installation 1. Download the mod ZIP file from the GitHub releases page. 2. Unzip the downloaded file. 3. Place the mod folder in the GameData directory of your Kerbal Space Program installation. Known Issues - None for now Contributing - Any wishes to contribute/help are welcome Wishlist While this mod is a work in progress, there are several features I'd like to implement in the future to enhance the overall experience: 1. Improved Textures and Models: I aim to refine the visual aspects of the satellite dishes, starting with high-quality textures and eventually exploring new 3D models to further enhance their appearance. 2. Contract Pack for Added Value: I'm considering the development of a contract pack that integrates with the mod, providing players with additional missions and objectives centered around the DSN satellite dishes. 3. Integration with Other Mods: I plan to explore compatibility with popular mods like RemoteTech/OPM, enabling a seamless experience for players who wish to incorporate advanced communication systems into their gameplay. 4. Interior Models: While not currently implemented, I aspire to eventually introduce interior models for the satellite dishes, adding an extra layer of immersion for players who enjoy detailed spacecraft interiors. 5. Kerbal Control Requirements: In the future, I aim to introduce a system where Kerbals must be present to provide manual controls, similar to the functionality offered by the RemoteTech mod. Please note that these features are part of a wishlist and may be subject to development feasibility and future updates. License This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details. --- Final Note: This project is a work in progress and may be subject to significant updates and changes. I also don't know all the technical details (yet). I made this mod for myself, thought that other could find it cool too. Thanks for understanding :).
  14. This is just gonna document my missions in a new save I will call "Kerbol Space Program". No story, just me documenting missions. So far I havent started anything yet, so I'll begin that soon. Anyways, I hope this doesnt flunk. This is also modded, but really just to add some stuff like better graphics, some more parts, and better IVA.
  15. Hello all cosmonauts! This is my first post in the community, I hope to post this in the right place. I'm a graphic designer, and I've worked on some mods for other games. But KSP is my passion and I would like to collaborate with the community. I decided to do some tests for an improved interface in the graphic aspect, without intervening in the size, functions or positions of the elements, just perform in reskin of the interface. (especially for QHD and 4k) Seeking to unify unnecessary colors to decrease unnecessary visual complexity, and also make those long trips to Elo more comfortable. The idea is to use flatter textures, with greater contrast when necessary and greater clarity in the shapes. This is a very easy redesign job to apply to the game if the configuration and texture files can be easily modified. With KSP I am a little confused on how to start the work so I decided to ask the community for help to form a team and work on the aspects that I do not know about the game. I have always worked alone, without sharing many of the mods I made, but I think that should change, and the KSP community is one of the best to start learning and sharing experiences.
  16. Hi, I recently downloaded the P.E.W mod with BDA and it seems to not work, all the files are there and I still can't see any of the weapons. Is there some sort of new update I haven't catched onto? KSP 1.12.3 MacOS Mac mini
  17. I have made a helicopter that works except for one part. Once it gets up if it rolls one way i cant get it to roll back without changing the pich of the intire copter. How would i fix this problem??
  18. ¡Buenos días! ¿Como están?, Vengo a darles una invitación para entrar a un grupo de Whatsapp en español de ksp. Si están interesados mandarme un mensaje al privado Saludos
  19. Hi guys, I’d like to know where I can find the color patch by kopornicus. I need it for KSC extended. Please provide a link. Thanks.
  20. Sam67c created a KSP themed LEGO set (Kerbal space program - Modular ship system). I created this topic to help the creator to achieve his goal, to reach 10.000 supporters, so his set could be released. To support him, I leave the link here to his project. https://ideas.lego.com/s/p:7f69cc4b9fcf40c693e8aad1c9d3362e
  21. i have been using a mod called "NeistAir", and i would really like to know how i can make the cabins of this mod scalable, as i want to build a scale-accurate Boeing 707. what changes do i need to make in the parts cfg?
  22. Link to OG post Found and experimented with the Secrets Website for Niako's Other Worlds mod. Used Inspect and found several messages with actual "answers", listed below: After this I found an encrypted message in (possibly?) UTF-8, with it also likely being Base64 although I am not sure what it is truely. The message is: When putting it through decoding websites the most legible is Base64 on UTF-8, with it being: Thank you and please help me with this.
  23. Picture by @AmateurAstronaut1969 Stockalike t/Space, HMX, and more This mod adds vehicles from t/Space, HMX, and some other companies from the early 2000s to 90s. Downloads Spacedock (soon) Github Dependencies B9PartSwitch Community Resource Pack Waterfall Recommended Mods: Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf Habtech by @benjee10 Asbury Western Star Industries by @EStreetRockets How is this balanced? This mod is balanced to a 2.5x solar system and comparable in balancing to mods like BDB Additional screenshots All Rights Reserved.
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