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  1. EVE. The final boss of KSP, the challenge is to head to Eve and back with no transfer windows or maneuver nodes . If you complete this, Please comment with video or photo evidence! P.S that screenshot is not mine. One I found on Imgur.com
  2. Welcome! I few months ago I got back into KSP after a fairly long time. I was stunned to find how many new parts packs had shown up on the mod scene since I'd been out. BDB, Tantares, Near Future Technologies, just to name a few. Unfortunately this gave me ideas that will probably upset whichever God or Spirit you may or may not believe in. So welcome to Manatee Aerospace! Please don't get mad. Before I start I should preface as well that I am NOT GOOD at KSP, other than reaching Kerbin orbit and flying to and from the Mun, I'm not good at much else. I unfortunately rely a fair amount on the cheat console options. I would never compare myself to the likes of Scott Manley, Matt Lowne, or the like. I'm just here to stretch my imagination. Also I use a fair amount of craft files from KerbalX and Steam Workshop, so I will try to give credit to those creators whenever possible and if you recognize craft that belong to other creators, please let me know. And hey, if you have any crazy ideas you want to share here too, feel free to!
  3. Hello, this is my first part release so please bare with me. I dont know how to make a fancy page yet. JxFab Utility Systems JxFab Utility Systems is the start of a parts pack that will add on to the robotics category of the Breaking Ground DLC. Currently there is one part type, the straight rail. There are four lengths of 5, 10, 15, and 30 meters, The straight rail comes in three variants. I plan on adding additional robotics parts to this pack, such as curved rails and rotational station hubs. DOWNLOAD LINKS Current Download: https://github.com/JackATac98/JxFab_Utility_Systems/releases/tag/v0 Dependencies This mod requires the Breaking Ground DLC to work! (I am working on a version that uses Infernal Robotics) KSP version 1.12.2 License This work is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.
  4. My PS4 version KSP keeps stuck at "Continue Saved Game" when ever I try to play it, I've deleted it and download back several time. Do they stop support the game or what can I do?
  5. in KSP2 i would like to see support for reusable rockets and other craft, Mostly more parts, but also fixing the issue of not being able to control multiple craft, and also the stupid hard part of landing. List of things: More legs (SpaceX and Blue Origin inspired) Gridfins. More Airbrakes Entire movable air surfaces (like starship flaps, or New Glenn fins)
  6. Kerbal Space Program has been out for 10 years now, and we wanted to celebrate by highlighting some of the memorable KSP and space events that occurred this past decade. Here’s to many more years of KSP and space exploration! #10YearsofKSP
  7. The game loaded up as normal, and as I click start nothing happens. I have relaunched the game numerous times, and it still refuses to work. I cant even pull up the cheat menu to clear the input lock. I have removed mods and it still doesn't work.
  8. Remember how creating fake mods was a thing back then? Now it's time to make even more fake KSP stuff! This time, it's fake celestial bodies, rocket/spaceplane parts, and manufacturers. Btw, you can do either or both, it's up to you. My examples: Fake Celestial Body - Gerris: A planet slightly larger than Kerbin but smaller than Eve, it has green oceans, a green atmosphere, and yellowish brown land. It has aliens living on its surface. Orbits between Kerbin and Duna. Fake Part - The AEM-293 Solid Rocket Booster: A SRB that was created because we always need more boosters. Manufactured by Boosterz Co. Fake Manufacturer - Boosterz Co: A solid rocket booster manufacturer. Nuff said. Have fun making whatever your heart desires!
  9. Hello! I will be hosting a Kerbal themed podcast as we all wait with anticipation for KSP 2 to arrive, discussing everything from KSP to space news, space history, wacky concepts, and all sorts of things! The aim is to involve listeners via here, Reddit, and Discord as we will be talking with guest KSP developers, content creators, and other members of the community. If you have any questions, ideas, conversation topics you would really like talked about then by all means join us on our journey! The first episode will be airing soon on YT, Spotify, and other places podcasts are found, but until then we've an introduction 'cast (YouTube link) to share with any and all members of the KSP community! We'll reach out with more specifics when able, but until then you can join in the discussion with these links: Discord - Reddit Update, as I neglected to leave a link for this here - We have a "link hub" to help find the show on various platforms like Spotify, Amazon, and iHeart: https://thekerbalspacepodcast.buzzsprout.com/
  10. Does it look good or bad? Mods I used: Corvus CF Creator: micha Download link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1405/Corvus CF TextureReplacer Creator: shaw Download link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1824/TextureReplacer
  11. I don't know if this is the correct topic but I dare you to challenge me to do something in kerbal space program you decide what it will be. Im making this for fun and because im currently bored so give me ideas please
  12. i have been using a mod called "NeistAir", and i would really like to know how i can make the cabins of this mod scalable, as i want to build a scale-accurate Boeing 707. what changes do i need to make in the parts cfg?
  13. HI everyone Is it possible to make a system where a vessel is treated as 1 part but the sub functions of it component parts remain in the vessel because KSP accounts for every single part although that is for Physics purposes i mean like reentry space station breaking but that also causes kraken so maybe you can enable this mod while in flight or sth or just straight up cheat because the kraken is nothing but the parts physics messing up and and making everything one part essentially negates kraken and if you worry about aerodynamics the aerodynamics is by shape of craft and its not bang on accurate so eh its just reentry and smashing on the ground so basically what my idea is to make a catalog for the OG parts in a Cache file or something which can be Accessed easily and The atmo physics that breaks the parts off can be applied through stress regions i guess but it is a way to do stuff so like the parts are like ghosts they are there but not accounted for and are broken through stress regions how does this sound for a plugin
  14. TxE Kerbal Mods Info: KSP | Our Mod Projects | We are currently working on our own KSP mod project for version 1.12.3 - 1.8.1. NOTE: We are working on this mod just with the two of us so please be patient when waiting on new updates or bug fixes. If you would like to report any issues or bugs to us, you can give us a dm on discord to either Totally#0969 or euan#9041 or you can join our public DEV discord server: https://discord.gg/Xr8wH4NSNF Go check out our TxE Mod project roadmap to see our planned and in DEV features: TxE Trello Roadmap Projects: • SpaceX's A Shortfall Of Gravitas (Released) • Rocket Lab's Electron (In-Development) • Rocket Lab's Neutron (Planned) • Starship HLS Rocket (Planned) Downloads: Github Spacedock Recommended Mods: Tundra Exploration (Falcon 9) Vessel Mover HyperEdit In Game Pictures: License: CC-BY-NC-SA
  15. From Ground to Sky From: SixAndAHalfMen & UCTech Series Ended
  16. This is an AI's "honest" review of KSP. It was generated in the InfoKit web demo. (https://app.inferkit.com/demo) So here it is! Kerbal Space Program Review Robot space games are becoming something of a specialty. I loved RimWorld, which was very much a simpler, more agile take on this same genre. This year we’ve seen Stellaris and Kerbal Space Program, both more complex, but also genuinely enjoyable. We set out to play Kerbal Space Program, a fresh take on a very familiar formula, but we also expected it to be different. What we didn’t expect was how thoroughly enjoyable it’d be to play. What we did expect was how uninteresting it’d be to play. I mean, have you played Kerbal Space Program before? Didn’t think so. This is still more space sim than other space sims, but it’s different enough to give it a fresh take. It also happens to be very charming. Sitting at a desk, with two computers and my feet up, I’m not the most mobile man in the world. But I can still imagine myself floating in space, punching buttons with a realistic frustration at trying to get control of a tiny rocket. Our in-depth review of Kerbal Space Program will tell you more about its mechanics, but the easiest way to understand Kerbal Space Program is by seeing it from the perspective of a game jam over the weekend. You can probably guess what sort of jam that was, given how many brilliant indie games crop up. On the first day, we ended up with a space game and the beginning of a story. It was something that felt like the sort of thing I’d want to play as a kid, and not have to fight with crummy controls, crummy difficulty, or terrible politics. It was set in the Kerbal universe, with a persistent world where you can build ships, launch them into space and maybe become a space pirate or something. But the design team didn’t want to stick to a sci-fi trope and came up with a hero with the voice of Darth Vader. They wanted someone who was… well, more relatable. As I played through the weekend, more and more elements of the game started to present themselves. Character creation is as easy as opening the character creation window. You choose your name, and all the fields are treated with the sort of care you expect from small development teams. Your name can be anything you want, and it's fully customizable. I chose Aeroblaze since it sounded like an alien name. At this point, the game boots up and loads some asteroids, and you can either do some outpost building or play around in the planet-building or factory sim or rocket sim. However, when you create an asteroid, you can launch a spaceship and launch a rocket in space. It is this surreal moment that, as KSP’s raison d’etre is purely for exploring, has the potential to encourage exploration through experimentation and discovery. All of which help foster a community. KSP is free to play – it’s all there for you, from the moment you download the game. There are no DLCs or even map packs. There’s an activity park to work out how many hits of floating bananas you can get your KSP pilot to churn off before they turn into a deadly sugar crash. There’s a competitive community where players achieve high scores on various orbital exploits. The creators have attempted to keep a level of community spirit alive despite its many flaws. They made a message board, and people dedicated their time to keeping people’s ships in working order so that they can do it all again another time. This is the sort of community that has been built around its two most popular maps – Vacant_1, a vast science base now being developed by other fans, and Farstar_2, a slightly less mysterious, more populated corner of space. It has, however, in the past (see: a clash with the military) been difficult to be a Kerbal on these maps. For a while, you needed a license to play and got banned if there was anything non-standard in the writing. Hopefully more to follow! (Just a note, I did tweak the settings a little to get it a bit more realistic. I had "Start at beginning" on, and I also had "Nucleus sampling top p" all the way up.)
  17. which ver r u playin' now?
  18. Why is there a pink texture glitch when I check radar cross section or use FLIR cameras and even on helmet visors? How do I fix this?
  19. I recently installed KSP again (completely fresh and unmodded) and I don't know if it is the new update causing this but every time I attempt to change the resolution or change the game to fullscreen, the game freezes and then crashes. I have tried everything from verifying game cache and messing around with settings and commands but nothing seems to fix it. Please help!
  20. If you use Mac computers/laptops with KSP, you can chat about preformance, mods, etc.... I use an M1 chip Mac and it runs great with stock, and OK with heavy modding.
  21. So I'm very Laggy in KSP and I wanna fix it I heard a way on Youtube, and it said using unity 5.. when I checked it, I wasn't able to find a version for the on final approach which is KSP 1.12.3... any ideas? thoughts? links? discussions?
  22. I have played the Xbox version of the game for about a year now and I have really enjoyed it. I even got the enhanced edition for free and that was much better. But I started wondering if I should try the PC version. Now that I have money for it, I’m wondering if it’s worth buying again. The only improvements I know of are: mods easier menu navigation easier mechanics overall possibly higher framerate I can use a joystick let me know if there are any more advantages and if it’s worth another $40!
  23. computer got accidentally turned off during sub-orbital flight above kerbin quicksaved luckily just before my foot rested on the off switch but when my pc restarts and i load up ksp my career save says 'just started' and when i click 'load' nothing happens any way to fix this issue and recover my hard earned space program? thank you so much for any support this is killing me
  24. For me it would be always KSP even trough I not play as much I played a few years ago I still love it Recently I bought two games on Steam sale, games called Redshirt, and Simple Rockets, I was a bit disappointed to me is very much KSP rip-off
  25. I made the SLS of NASA's Artemis project with stock parts only for KSP Version 1.12.1 if you are Interested on it Click here for the Download (KerbalX) Details Type: VAB Class: ship Part Count: 73 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.1
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