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Found 7 results

  1. The Adventures Of JSA II is a continuation of the Adventures Of The JSA, which was created back in 2019 and had a total of 11 parts before ending due to problems. In this multi-part series, the Johnster Space Agency continues in a new career save in KSP 1.10, with missions being told in a mission report/story telling style (like how it was done in the original, although with improvements). I'm hoping for JSA get a lot further this time with more being accomplished (such as exploring comets or sending crewed missions to Duna), but if the worst happens and this series also gets problems, I'll tr
  2. Hello there! I have downloaded multiple times the camera tool and installed it but it doesn't work... I have used camere tools around a year ago and there everything was fine but now (with newer KSP and Newest camera tool version) I somehow can't get it to work. Have you guys any clue why? or have I forgotten something so basic that I can't even think about it? Thanks a lot for your time and help :) Space Sheep PS: I just joned this forum, so I am sorry if this was the wrong thread
  3. Today is when the ESA updates comes to KSP PS4 and Xbox and I went to check my KSP on PS4 but there was no update file notification. I was worried so I restarted it and updated the PS4. Still no sign of update. My KSP is at 1.2 when Menuver Nodes where added. Can anyone help me. If yes please help! I really want to play with the new ESA parts but I can’t because the update file for KSP won’t show. Someone please help!
  4. So with the help with @Just Jim's tutorial, I have been able to make a kinda sort-of complete eve suit. But the main problem is there are a few red flags I had when making the files: 1. No visible suit 2. Code? So then I start getting all the files set up. Using PNG for the image files I named the code file SUITCOMBOS.cfg and it looks like to carry the instructions out but the suit is not present The image? Here is the image I used Additional information: I downloaded KSP via steam I have no mods I have both DLC's
  5. Fellow Kerbonauts. I need your help in deciding this all important question. I believe that by now you all have seen the promotional picture for the upcoming KSP 1.10 upgrade. But if you need a reminder here it is again: As you cannot fail to notice our four intrepid Kerbals are snacking on bars of chocolate that is packaged in violet wrappers. What do you think? Is this chocolade from Milka (left) or Cadbury (right), or is it from Callier (bottom)?
  6. Modders should by allowed to change (override) logic of asteroid spawn by SentinelModule. Curenly SentinelModule can spawn asteroids by avoiding standart way. Also its will be very helpful to document how exactly SentinelModule spawn asteroids to reproduce it in custom parts.
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