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Found 6 results

  1. So, i'm wondering what your favorite update since 1.0 has been so far? Mine is probably KSP 1.7, since it made doing precise maneuvers a lot easier and also added an altitude toggle function that allowed you to switch between ground level and sea level which made landing easier. I can't wait to see what update was your favorite!
  2. Hi there. I'm trying to modify default planets to look a bit more realistic, so I've tried to install Kopernicus with Stock Visual Terrain or RSS mod. While EVE & SVE that including Kopernicus as dependence works fine, Kopernicus with SVT or RSS won't work and all I get is striped yellow planets without any texture. I've tried both 1.3 and 1.2.2 version. Like this: What do I know: texture packs are detected and used by game because with them game loads incredibly slow (+ ~10 mins). I have Windows 8.1 installed with latest Nvidia drivers. Tried to force either DX9 nor DX11, also ran in x64 and with admin privileges, still didn't got to work. I'm confused because with the same problems were encountered unix users only, I've tried to google the solution already. Seems like everyone got working Windows version except of me. You can see my logs here: https://pastebin.com/1M46c9ck Can somebody help me?
  3. Hello. Can anyone please explain me how to use interstage nodes and truss structure that available and turned on by default for Airstream protective shells in KSP v1.2? I have relatively hefty payload with weak attachment point - so truss structure supporting it during ascent would be just fine to make assembly stiff. But I can't figure out how to detach my payload from that Airstream protective shell when I place my payload at interstage node inside it to have truss structure supporting it.
  4. KSP: 1.2.1 64-bit Problem: Crashes to Desktop and or freezes indefinately Mods Installed: KAS 0.5.9 (Upgraded to 0.6.0 and tested also) KIS 1.2.12 (Upgraded to 1.3.0 and tested) MiniAVC, ModuleManager 2.6.25 (Upgraded to 2.7.2, and 2.7.4 and tested) (Tested with clean install and NO mods installed, still crashes through Steam.) Reproduction: Install KSP 1.2.1 on macOS Sierra Beta 2 and run through Steam. Game refuses to load and freezes/crashes to desktop about 25/75% of time. Never correctly launches. Log files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5pkscNB5-75NkFqRnMwTnBiY3M?usp=sharing I have been playing KSP via Steam client for a couple months now, bought it back in September. Recently, I upgraded my OS to Sierra 10.12.2 Public Beta, and KSP ran fine still, but only for a while. I had several mods installed at the time, MechJeb2 (which was installed incorrectly, being one folder level too deep, and would not load any required packages), KIS 1.2.12, NearFutureSolar 0.6.2 (also installed incorrectly because I had not removed the contents from the internal gamedata folder), KAS 0.5.9, Kerbal Alarm Clock (not installed correctly) , DockingPortAlignment 6.4 , and ModuleManager 2.6.25, and MiniAVC which was included with the packs. The reason I installed so many of these incorrectly is because I didn't know to remove the other folder sublevels (Shame on me for not reading the readme's) But since KIS and KAS seemed to work I didn't try to mess with it anymore. Since then I have correctly installed all my modpacks and have resolved the issue, because launching the game from the folder through the launcher without using the steam launcher seems to work completely fine, and I would imagine this is fairly similar to this issue. (Link1 Link2 Link3) But what is odd is that all my other Steam games run fine- and I have since updated all my mods to be 1.2 compatible, and once again it works fine, BUT only when I launch from outside steam. I tried running 1.2 without any mods, and deleting the entire folder and reinstalling from clean install, Didn't work through steam. I tried validating all the files, and checked out. If you have any idea what the issue is, please let me know. I would like to run KSP through steam again to log hours and get achievements. Thanks!
  5. I accepted a contract to test a small 1.25m heat shield. All parameters were met on re-entry (everything had green check marks). At this point I was supposed to test the shield via it's context menu. However when I right clicked on the shield there was no "test" option. I've tested other hardware by clicking the test option in the context menu, so I know what to look for. I've tried twice with no luck. I'm playing the new KSP1.2 with KER, [x] Science, EVE, TextureReplacer, and Scatterer. Any thoughts?
  6. My interest was piqued by a report of joint deformation in one of the KSP 1.2 prerelease builds, so I had to investigate.Things got a bit out of hand.Danny2462 need not be worried -- if this experiment proves anything, it's that planet buster technology in KSP 1.2 will be quite viable. Mods: Porkjet's Parts OverhaulMusic:"Comic Plodding" and "Umbrella Pants" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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