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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is not for speculation. If you wish to speculate, please do so in this thread: Discussion of confirmed features is still welcome! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Original post in spoiler below: Now that Squad has confirmed several things upcoming in 1.3/1.2.9 it seems fit to change this to a features thread. So, without further ado, let's begin! EXPERIMENTALS CAME THURSDAY, MARCH 16! Please report any features I missed to me! Expeimentals are for PC only. The changelog for experimentals can be found below: Confirmed Features 1. Localization. Talked about for a long time, this feature expands the demographic of the game to a larger part of the world, creating more revenue, which in turn means moar development! The devs have had to change and reorginize a lot of code to make localization work, such as biomes, science, vessel situations, and celestial bodies. The Kerbal name generator has also been overhauled to make it work for all four new languages. The four languages are: - Russian - Chinese - Japanese - Spanish 2. Intergration of Asteroid Day. The Asteroid Day mod, an offical Squad mod (that should totally be a catchphrase) that brought you the HECS 2 probe core and many other parts will be fully stock! So, the SETINEL Infared Telescope will be added, which is the "final part to make the main game" as all other parts in the mod have been added already. 3. Ambient Light Adjustment will also be added. This adds a "Boost" value to the ambiet light setting, which brightens the render engine, causing darker objects to become lighter. Yay for better screenshots! 4. Bug fixes. Something we always need. The most notable are the fixes of terrain seams (especially on the Teir2 and Teir3 runways), the correction of ablator darkening on heat shields, and flagpole interaction fixes. The save corruption issue on consoles has been fixed as well. See the changelog in the spoiler above to see the full list 5. New art. New art is being worked on for an undisclosed purpose. We have been told that they are working on a nebula, which might mean new background images or images to look at with a telescope. Eyelids have also been mentioned for animated Kerbals, so the Kerbals in IVA may actually be able to blink! 6. KSPedia additions. Tutorial videos have been made. 7. Adjustable sturts. Struts can now be picked up from both placed sides without deleting the premade strut, allowing you to edit your extendive strut networks. 8. Coherent contracts. Contracts will actually make sense now. Console Exclusive 1. Better UI. Radial menus have been added on console, for better compatibility with those platforms (via Bitworks). They also look pretty cool! However, more still needs to be done. The VAB tools are still unavaliable for use. DLC 1. KSP Making History. KSP's first paid expansion, this DLC will add all sorts of new features to the game to make it more fun and challenging to new and old players alike. Some additions include: - Mission builder. This allows you to create and plan missions for you or others to complete. You can add part, mass, price and size constraints as well as random failures. - History pack. A bunch of pre-made additions for you to complete. You can relive missions from mankinds earliest space exploration. - New parts. A bunch of new parts will be added like farings, fuel tanks, adapters, decopulers, and command pods. These new parts are inspired by the US and Soviet space programs. - New astronaut suit. - Personal Kerbal parachute. - Highly customizable and moddable. - Results and successes sharable with the community. - Simple building interface. - And more! Stay tuned for more updates as more information comes out about the DLC! For anyone intrested about the offical announcement, look in the spoiler below. Unconfirmed Features (talked about by the devs, but not a confirmed offical feature as of yet) None at the moment. Outside of game features 1. The bug tracker has been updated, so bugs can be more efficiently reported and squashed. If I missed anything, please say so (use @Garrett Kerman to alert me, otherwise I won't see it). You can also PM me if you wish. GK
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