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Found 1 result

  1. This project has been abandoned in lieu of a newer, much more usable implementation: KSP Transfer Illustrator Links KSP Transfer Illustrator KSP Trajectory Illustrator Description Inspired by existing mission planning tools (alexmoon's Launch Window Planner and Arrowstar's Trajectory Optimization Tool), I have made a couple of web apps to help visualize trajectories for mission planning. While the KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool is much more powerful and has many more features, the idea is that Transfer Illustrator can be used without downloading or installing any software and has an unintimidating user interface. I've also tried to make this app have some additional flexibility compared to the Launch Window Planner and to make it easier to interpret the information provided about orbit parameters and burn information. KSP Transfer Illustrator: Generates Porkchop plots to visualize Δv costs for transfers across a range of departure and arrival times Computes transfers between spheres of influence (e.g. Kerbin to Duna) or within a sphere of influence (e.g. two distinct orbits around Kerbin) Determines optimal times and magnitudes of plane-change maneuvers during a transfer Determines ejection/insertion trajectories for transfers that involve exiting/entering a body's sphere of influence Displays interactive 3D plots of the calculated trajectories Creates downloadable HTML files with the interactive plots Loads orbit data from KSP savefiles The KSP Trajectory Illustrator: Propagates trajectories across spheres of influence Computes orbit changes at (instantaneous) maneuver nodes Creates interactive 3D plots showing trajectories of multiple crafts/objects Reads flight data directly from savefiles Plans for this project While the apps are already in a usable state, there are several improvements I plan on making: Find a new way to deploy the app (the free version of Heroku I'm using has issues with worker timeouts during long computations) (Performance has improved to the point where this isn't a huge issue) Add UI elements to help copy and save orbit details Add more robust support for other solar systems (e.g. Kopernicus) Find way to allow interactive plots to be embedded in forum posts (Not possible due to security concerns) Make the app a bit prettier More robust plane change maneuver options (90 degrees to intercept vs. AN vs. DN, inspired by this post) Gravity assist planning This is my first project in Python and my first ever attempt at making a web app, so there's probably a lot that I can do to improve! Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Also, if you come across any bugs or incorrect results when using the app, I would appreciate feedback in this thread or on the project's GitHub repository. Please share any requests for new features! The KSP Transfer Illustrator is licensed under the MIT License.
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