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  1. Made a discord server for KSP. https://discord.gg/0plET3ioce3czFgO You're all welcome to stay, though
  2. I'm a new streamer with a pretty decent Space Shuttle, that i'll be using in accordance with my Proton replica to build the ISS just as it was built. Including accurate docking, arm maneuvers, station function and station IVA's! This is why I made the shuttle, after all. Day 2, lets do this! http://twitch.tv/spitfireacademy
  3. Greetings! I am new to the USI Koloization Mod, and honestly fairly new to the game. I am having two glaring issues with the Kolonization mod. These are issues that I have not been able to find any forums on or even videos on how to fix. Issue #1: The parts and modules that I have to build with look entirely different than what I am seeing in the creators website and on videos I have seen of people using this mod altogether. Meaning, I have paid attention to how many modules users have and I am seeing I have way less. I have a total of four modules and one or two bases Furthermore,
  4. I have an idea about integrating telescopes in ksp, to scout stars and other planets hundreds of light years away these planets not supposed to be an real physical bodies (you never can interact with them) just replicas of real star/planet systems, the purpose to be scouted by telescopes. by watching them u can get some info about them. some of them just space rocks others really interesting glass rain planets
  5. When installing an addon for the BD armory mod, do you put the addon inside of the BD armory folder or the game data folder?
  6. As requested, I changed the song to this video. Enjoy! Subscribe to keep this channel going Once again, feedback is appreciated so I can make these videos better.
  7. I have decided to drive the hype train because I have not seen anyone else do it anyways Let us all share our hype for KSP. I am hoping for multithreading because I have an 8 core cpu.
  8. Ok, this is how the game will be played. Post a picture of any KSP planet, or moon, or whatever (but not asteroids). The idea is that you have to make it as hard as possible to see what place it actually is! You can use anything you like to make it as different as possible from what it actually is (NO photo editing), and the next answer has to guess where it is. It is recommended that when you post your picture you put your answer in a 'spoiler' thing. You can use planets from mods as long as you state which mod it is. At the moment it is just KSP planets, but later it could be expanded to oth
  9. I seem to be having trouble getting back onto Kerbin. For some reason all of my designs seem to flip over between 20 - 30K and kablooie. I've messed a little with the weight distribution but would love some pointers as I'm not amazing at the game. Thanks!
  10. I started a blog detailing my newest KSP Career Mode savefile. It turned into a website similar in some respect to NASA's. I will have mission reports, pics, links to videos on YouTube, and hopefully (eventually) a "story" section which will detail the adventures of various Kerbals. I even made it a bit more interactive by adding a "Requests" section, wherein anyone can offer the Kerbin Administration of Space Missions (KASM) a "contract", which I can accept or decline. Comment here if you have suggestions for the site, or PM me. Here's the site: kerbalnautadventures.wordpress.com. I
  11. Well I'm uploading a video of me soon of me doing a flyby of eve.
  12. So im working on a 1960s history project and for the space stuff what mods should i use and please leave links also im doing all sides for it i do watch bob Fitchs series so it will be good info for me.
  13. Who thinks there should be a KSP Forums mobile app for the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store? I believe that it would be a great app.
  14. the newest (and biggest) of all ksp religions is here and like all religions one much have a holy book! and it is that for which we are penning! an extract is below (under spoilers) we home to get it published when we are finished, all done properly and all and we were wondering how many supporters there might be for such a thing? as it costs a fair bit to gert books published in small numbers, so if you would like to register your interest just post below! our religion can be found here: The United Kerbin Church of our Lord and Savior Scott Manley! p.s. scott is a member of our group!
  15. Filmed during Semester 2 of 2015 at the University of Adelaide, Dr Joel Younger decided one day to give a more visual look into the world of orbital mechanics, with the use of Kerbal Space Program. Yes, 2nd year physics, taught with Kerbal Space Program (at least for that one lecture)! Enjoy!
  16. Hello , in this thread i will make a tut to show how to make Kopernicus planets in the easiest way possible . First lets start out with the basic beginning a Star. Here is a config i use for my system Atario (Note: i have the debug option in the code , add that to export .bin files) @Kopernicus { Body { name = Atario flightGlobalsIndex = 492 Debug { exportBin = true } cacheFile = AtarioSystem/Cache/cach.bin Template { name = Sun } Properties { description = A Distaint star from kerbol, The kerbals found this star after they spilled coff
  17. The halo hogrun has arrived (well part of it) the run is about 1/6th complete but i belive it ready for testing and display! mod competition as with anything so strict as a race cource it is always fun to have a race! rules: all mods are allowed hack gravity is allowed to right your self but that time must be included time starts when you start moving from the first parking bay, and ends when you hit the ground at the end any route may be used runs must be filmed and must show mission clock during whole run
  18. So it's January 1st once again and here I am wondering why I am still playing KSP and ignoring many of my AAA games in favour of a game that could be considered boring by many... but definitely not by me. You see, it's the old Lego and Minecraft thing... You only get out as much as you put into something. Games which are absolutely amazing like Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Tony Hawk 5... no... NO... DEFINITELY not Tony Hawk 5.... where was I? Oh yeah, those amazing games lose their shine because they are fixed in what you can do (even Fallout where you can now build settlements still is limited)
  19. The halo hogrun has arrived (well part of it) the run is about 1/6th complete but i belive it ready for testing and display! mod competition as with anything so strict as a race cource it is always fun to have a race! rules: all mods are allowed hack gravity is allowed to right your self but that time must be included time starts when you start moving from the first parking bay, and ends when you hit the ground at the end any route may be used runs must be filmed and must show mission clock during whole run
  20. Naming: (Type)-(Class)-(Aircraftname) Types: INT-Interceptor BMB-Bomber F-Fighter RCN-Recon/Spy DRN-Drone CAS-Close Air Support (Like A-10) CIV-Civillian X-Experimental Classes: P-Prop aircraft G1-First generation aircraft (like p80, me 262, he 162) with Jumo engines preferably and 50. cal MG G2-Swept Wings G3-Afterburning Engine(No gimbal)/20mm Vulcan/Radar/Missiles G4-Supermaneuverability/Countermeasures/ECM Pod/Gimbal G5-Stealth Design + any of the above GX-All of the above + Rapier or Ramjet engines
  21. Well did i do something wrong? something? I installed it all correctly what the hell did I do wrong? P.S take a look at the images http://imgur.com/a/B8495
  22. Tomorrow I will be hosting a stream over at my Twitch channel to celebrate and bring in the new year. I have been given a Steam key for a copy of Kerbal Space Program that I will be giving out during the night! Time: 9Pm EST(-5 GMT) (tentative) until ??? Place: PlasticSporks Twitch Channel Be sure to follow me to be notified when the event is live, and also follow me on Twitter (@PlasticSporksLP) so you can stay informed on the give-away. I hope to see you there! Thanks to all the guys at Squad for making this possible! Sporks
  23. Ok, so I recently got that Logitech Xtreme 3d pro thing that everybody has, and so I have been working to bind all the keys. The yaw, roll, and all other things work except for pitch. Whenever I use pitch, even without touching the joystick, the elevons automatically pitch down. When I use the joystick to pitch up, it brings them to a neutral position rendering flying unable to do. (Unless I spun upside down, flipped multiple times and so on) Thank You, John
  24. Do i go at full thrust and turn sharply once in an altitude where the drag won't really matter? Do i go slow, turn gradually until sideways? Or do i shoot straight up and circularize once out of atmosphere?
  25. I have undertaken a massive project to rebuild the final level from halo CE in ksp but unless i wish to finish next ice age i will need some help! i have already got two people working with me, organised via facebook I am looking for volenteers to model and texture basic parts from this video: to this level of detail (not very detailed and i have a large selection of textures i have released to ad the project)
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