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  1. How to Get Into Orbit. When playing KSP you want to aim for other planets and the stars beyond. But when your rocket first launches it doesn't get into orbit. It just go up really high. The back down. So, how do you get into orbit? Every KSP mission starts with the orbit. When building a rocket your rocket should have at least 2,000 dv to get into orbit. I personally think that 3,000 dv is enough if you want to prefect your orbit or do some inclination changes. First build your rocket and make sure you have at least 2,00dv. Then launch your rocket up. Slightly tilt at 5,000m to about half
  2. I DID IT! NO JOKE So, As Im Writting This Post, After 1 Year Of Playing KSP I Unlocked The Mun Sand Castle Easter Egg, This is not joke After I Left A Luna Multiplayer Server This Happened, As I Researched This is Rare? Amazing 18/08/2020 - Thank You For All The Likes! 29/08/2020 - I Got It Again, in Just 1 Week, Its like They Raised The Chance Of Getting This I Did not copy and paste the picture again, you can see by opening the image link and see its different names. and no i did not rename the file.
  3. How to use Textures unlimited mod? I've downloaded it and placed it in game data folder and I also have module manager, but the mod is not loading in ksp.
  4. This is a forums where KSP console palyers can ask other console players questions. I think this will be helpful. KSP1.10 is coming to console.
  5. Olá, entrem no ksp brasil do discord https://discord.gg/J3FPwXB
  6. Miguelsgamingch's First Droneship Landing Landed At Sep 2,2020 5:31 PM GMT08+ After Trial And Error, I Finally Made it On September 2, 2020 I Landed My Falcon 9 Booster ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Images: The Landing Legs... Lets Say There Partially Broken. --------------------------------------------
  7. Link Welcome to Kerbal Powers, over two years and counting. A game designed to allow you your own little slice of the Kerbol System where you can create a nation, organisation, or private entity in the small system. Many members are experienced with these roleplays and can assist new players get themselves integrated into the game as well as be active members in the game. Our play on the RP premise is based on an RP first method of gameplay with a strong KSP building ethos to back that up, we operate with a pre-approved modpack. The game runs at a slower pace, around a sc
  8. Causal KSP Missions Simple Missions that I want to do. No stories, no grinding, no mods. Technically played in Career mode. 5,000 starting science to have enough parts to make things look cool. Max Rep and Funds payouts. Default Science payout. Table of Contents Mission 1: Low Kerbin Orbit Science Satellite Mission 2: Lunch (Launch) and Assembly of the Orbital Science Station Mission 3: Delivery of the Station Crew and Satellite service Mission 4: Actually Science on the Orbital Science Station Mission 5: Mun Satellite Network and Mun
  9. Recently rediscovered an old install of mine (v1.0.4) that contained a number of my old mods I made, amongst them my old pelican mod. now in that all i did was mod one big block shape into the game and called it a day, it looked the part but didnt really fly the part. using the blender .mu importer i got my old files back that id have no hope of finding again. i could have just split the model up and re modded but i decided to re texture the thing, and to go for a stock-alike look at that. so here is my work so far, immediately prior to the part im sure im going to have difficulty relearn
  10. My pc specs are: CPU: Intel Core 2 duo e7200 2.53GHz Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8490 1GB Vram issue: My graphics Card overheats After 5 minutes or less of playing KSP Mods: Luciole , ReentryParticleEffectRenewed
  11. I pressed space bar when jebediah was going out the spaceship... Discord server: https://discord.gg/4d7PSyG
  12. KSP: HISTORIA ESPACIAL KERBAL Tras años de conflictos kerbalianos, que por suerte ya están en su mitigación por completo, el planeta Kerbin se empieza a sumar en la Paz y el desarrollo, y, estos conocimientos se expanden en cuestiones acerca de la existencia de ellos mismos, quienes somos?, a donde vamos? Porque somos verdes? Y muchas más preguntas que creen que pueden tener contestación, explorando el espacio negro que tienen alrededor de sus cabezas, y así surge su denominación, “El espacio”. Con el conocimiento adquirido en gran parte gracias a estos conflictos, y también acerca
  13. Sorry everybody, but this project is lost (My computer's harddrive broke, and I didn't store this on cloud ) Hello everybody. GGKSPMC here. Have you ever been annoyed by CurseForge, or just can't find the right place to upload all of your mods? Well, I am developing a AWESOME alternative to all of those modding websites. This modding website is going to be called GameModHub. Here is a GIF of GameModHub: or at http://i.imgur.com/EsFg5w6.gifv [fileSize is 2mb, so sometimes the browser will say 404 . You guys may be worried that GameModHub will end up like kerbalspac
  14. Pc gamer came out. Started reading, and saw that they mentioned intergalactic travel and i theorised: ' in that context, a spelling mistake is likely to occur. ' But then, near the end, i get very confused by the following statement: There are multiple solar systems, then, and tech and science advancements that continue well into the intergalactic phase of the game. I do not understand. Can someone clarify this for me?
  15. Wondering, as the summer sale is going on, I was gonna buy making history and breaking ground, but I play on 1.7.3, if I buy the dlc, will it work with 1.7.3 and if not, is there a workaround that means it will?
  16. Hello, I have a question about the containers where you can put things in the inventory. If I drag it into the inventory of the Kerbal I need tools to attach it. Which tool do I need to e.g. to attach to my space station? And how do I do that? Many thanks for the help
  17. Hello, I lost Jebediah Kerman on a mission. (K.I.A.) Now I wanted to ask if I can somehow revive Jebediah via a cheat/ command? Would it be possible. Or is there another option? thank you Greetings MarKu
  18. Commissioning Solar Orbiter instruments from home amid COVID-19 lockdown
  19. Not part of @Ultimate Steve’s Voyage! Prologue The plan was in trouble. There was a game that practically their test, it was called Kerbal Space Program. There were more than 5,000 players on Kerbal Space Program each day, and those were the numbers they could find. And it didn’t help that there were constant challenges to one-up each other. They almost decided to keep all of the KSP players frozen on Earth, when one intern who just joined suggested making a separate challenge for those KSP players. There were two requirements to be considered a KSP player, you had to have pla
  20. Hey, I am grade 12 student currently working on my Extended Essay. The topic of my essay involves Oberth Effect. I understand that data can be collected for Oberth Effect on KSP. My essay is due in 2 weeks. I have never used KSP before. Would anyone be able to help me collect data for my Extended Essay. I can share more details if someone can help me out. Thanks alot Pranav
  21. okay, i've kinda made quite a reputation for myself [snip] and i admit, i was just not rational but i did lose a space station that took me weeks to build [snip], but that's not the point here, i want to put people's crafts in orbit, when your rocket gets too big or too heavy, you can ask me if i want to put the craft in orbit for struggling players since i've been playing since 1.2 i have pretty much mastered KSP, i have a good reputation but everyone around me always has a excellent reputation so i want to get there, i want to help struggling players put thier crafts into orbit or maybe, tak
  22. Just updated my Mac to OS Sierra. Never had issues before, but now KSP freezes upon starting at the "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions". The loading comments keep changing but no matter how long I let it sit, the loading bar never moves past "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions". I know there has been some issues with PC's and other programs or networks, but not much feedback for Mac users present. Please help, not being able to play is killing me! KSP 1.1.3 Mac OS Sierra Running 32 bit Game stays on Loading Asset Bundle Definitions indefinitely while still scrolling through lo
  23. PUT YOUR PITCHFORKS DOWN AND JUST LISTEN TO ME FOR JUST ONE SECOND, i feel like this needs to be said and i just needed to get it off my chest, i don't trust take two with making ksp 2 because they have a history of screwing over thier fanbase and thier modders, when GTAV first came out, take two (rockstars parent company) decided to and DMCA all the people who made mods for it and only because of the IMMENSE backlash they they received, take two decided to back off and let the modders do thier thing, but something has recently came to surface and when i mean recently, i mean i just found this
  24. Who Else believes Kerbal Space Program should add in comets. You would find them the same way as asteroids but they would have there elliptical orbit and would have jets of gas going into space and if you landed on these comets you could see the jets of gas, and like real comets there tails would only be there if they were close to the sun. I would also like to thank the mod "Kerbal Komets" where these pictures were taken for ideas, to show for the ideas These are some images in mind of what comets could look like and how to find them, and get to them, and the naming system, a
  25. Now is your time to help SpaceX. We've been waiting for this mission for years and it's finally here. Your task is: 1a) Launch Crew Dragon Demo-1 1b) *Optional* Land first stage booster 3) Rendezvous & Dock with the ISS (International Space Station) 4) Land on Kerbin, alive. Sounds easy? Good, no pressure. Required Mod: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/kerbal-reusability-expansion DOWNLOAD MISSION HERE
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