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Found 23 results

  1. I've been looking around the forums at real life counterparts of KSP engines, and all the lists mark the Thumper as "generic." I think that I have found the real life counterpart of it. It comes from the Titan series of rockets from the late 1900's. More specifically, the UA120 from the Titan III series. The only difference I can really see here is the nozzle is not slanted. (BTW I'm talking about the revamped version, not the original.) Just thought it was interesting.
  2. I'm fairly new to KSP and was wondering what everybody's opinions on the console ports are. I have KSP1 on my laptop and enjoy it, but my laptop is pretty old and on its last legs. I can't afford a new one right now so I'm curious about its performance on xbox. Does it run well, are the controls decent, is there keyboard/mouse support, etc. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated!
  3. With the release of KSP2 in EA, the forums have been reorganized. Even if globally I like the new organization of subforums, I think that putting all the KSP1 stuff at the very bottom (after KSP2 stuff, community stuff, and international stuff) makes KSP1 a bit "the thing nobody plays which therefore gets all the way to the bottom". Even if it's probably wrong, as a lot of, or at least some KSP1 players will keep playing KSP1; also it is extremely impractical for these players. So I humbly request (to the forum administrators) that the KSP1 subforums be no longer buried under all that stuff, and come back after KSP2 stuff, but before community and international stuff. Thanks!
  4. Picture by @AmateurAstronaut1969 Stockalike t/Space, HMX, and more This mod adds vehicles from t/Space, HMX, and some other companies from the early 2000s to 90s. Downloads Spacedock (soon) Github Dependencies B9PartSwitch Community Resource Pack Waterfall Recommended Mods: Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf Habtech by @benjee10 Asbury Western Star Industries by @EStreetRockets How is this balanced? This mod is balanced to a 2.5x solar system and comparable in balancing to mods like BDB Additional screenshots All Rights Reserved.
  5. Tazooka


    I joined recently and made a few posts already, but figured I'd also make a greeting post. I'm Taz and I have played Kerbal Space Program since the early beginning, either in 2011 (as I remember the demo where the Mun was missing) or 2012 (where I have an invoice for buying the game). I've played hundreds of hours on KSP 1, where most of them were before it was added on Steam. I also have KSP 2, which I was looking forward to since the first announcement in 2019, but I haven't played it much because of its current state. This will hopefully change once the update with the fixes rolls out! ----- If you're familiar with the game "Raft" and joined the Official Discord, I am one of the moderators there (since 2018)! Hello and see you around the forum!
  6. I’m trying to run KSP 1 on my new steam deck. I can Start the program ok and start to build a simple rocket. However, when I try to add a parachute from Utilities, I can’t get to the utilities button; it is covered by the small flight panel. I don’t know any way to unstick the images. Any help?
  7. I cant find any of the stock parts or some of my mod parts. I've tried validating the game flies 2 twice and backup the files and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and nothing worked. it started after I tried deleting most of my mods (i use CKAN)
  8. I've been having trouble installing Astronomers Visual Pack, it isn't that big of a problem but I just wanted some help, every time I install AVP and it's dependencies, it gives the planets at atmosphere, it throws in some shaders but it doesn't add the clouds or the auroras, it's a little annoying since I really want some clouds and auroras and the occasional thunder flash, I'm going to try using CKAN once my internet is restored but for now can anyone help me with the installation ?, I'll try to send some screenshots if it is needed.
  9. Literally that. Since the development team would and will be focused at KSP2, could you give us the source code, so we might look at it and, maybe, fix some things in it to make KSP1 a better game. I'm begging you to do it.
  10. Hello. I would like to report a problem. You see, my 5m engine plate is decoupling prematurely. Could it be a kraken? If anyone can fix this problem, please reply.
  11. I've been meaning to start this topic for a long time, and I thought I had seen one recently. But can't seem to find it. The point is, there are features I really like in KSP1 that I just don't see making the cut for KSP2. Do you have any? Mine are specifically: Settings: sometimes it's fun to just read through the Settings config file and see what all can be tweaked. It's very in-depth in KSP1. Custom suits: including the degree to which we can change their look in the configs, helmets on and off, EVA pack or parachute or both or neither, visor up or down. Emphasis on the visor. Something I felt we should have been able to do since the game's 1.0 release we couldn't do until almost the end of development. Custom flags: seems probable that this will be a feature in KSP2, but I could see it getting overlooked. Surface Experiments: specifically from Breaking Ground. Another feature that felt obvious but made it late to the game. What's more fun than recreating Apollo? Kerbal Inventory/Construction: a piggy-back off of Surface Experiments, sure, but Intercept keeps saying "the game, at its core, is about building and flying rockets." EVA construction is very convenient and fun, but also very extra. I'll add more as I think of them. I know I'm missing some of the more "fringe" features that I actually quite like but they aren't touted as major features/improvements.
  12. As we move forward into the future lots of information is often forgotten and lost to time. Now we know that Kerbal Space Program will be receiving a sequel, Kerbal Space Program 2. And that the KSP Franchise has grown. However, just because KSP2 is coming shouldn't mean we should forget the original Kerbal Space Program. So many of us have put so many hours into the game. I, Dr. Kerbal would like to preserve Kerbal Space Program. I do not want it to be lost to time like the Kerbalizer and the alpha days of KSP. I want to keep the original alive even if, the KSP Franchise has grown to be larger than 2 games. This awesome series of games has started from this game. The original. Kerbal Space Program. And lets preserve the game so we all know where we started from. Lets remember the time we had in Kerbal Space Program. Where veterans of the game have come from. As a community, I would be honored to see Kerbal Space Program active and alive even if there is a Kerbal Space Program 4 or 5. Lets record this time and preserve KSP. Lets preserve the original game through wiki, forums posts, threads, videos, images, social media posts, icons, and etcetera. Lets preserve Kerbal Space Program the original, for future kerbalnauts in the future that may play KSP2. I do not want the original game to dies once Kerbal Space Program 2. To me that would be very sad.
  13. So I started playing KSP since 1.3 and it’s one of the best game I’ve ever played. Of course I started way too late for any KerbalKon. Still, since 1.12 is going to be the last major update for KSP1 and also its 10th anniversary. I am thinking about having one last Kerbalkon as and remembrance ceremony to the game we all love. So the first question is what do you guys think. Then the second question is can anyone host it.
  14. Make the most Kerbal Rocket ever! Add booster and more, make it Kerbal! To submit your rockets and to share all over the Kerbal community post your rocket and enter a disscripstion. Let the Most-Kerbal Rocket take place!
  15. Welcome to Mission Report. Here you can tell others mission you’ve done or you plan to do. You can be professional and draw a logo and make some discripson. Maybe even add photos. Just share your missions! And the public will like it.
  16. I just think it would be odd for ksp2 to have advanced fusion propulsion but no 5 meter parts. I also feel that both dlcs should have been stock updates (minus the mission builder.) Feel free to explain your answers.
  17. El pasado lunes día de 18, se dio a conocer que Kerbal Space Program (el 1) tendrá una nueva actualización gratuita. En colaboración con la ESA (Agencia Espacial Europea) el próximo 1 de julio contaremos con una nueva actualización que permitirá construir el cohete Ariane 5 y revivir las misiones de BepiColombo y Rosetta. Lo que sabemos es lo siguiente: - Actualización gratuita sin requerimiento de los DLCs previos (apuesto que sea la V:1.10) - Piezas de construcción para el cohete Ariane 5, de sus diferentes etapas, sus motores y demás componentes (¿nuevas piezas de ciencia? ojalá) - Dos nuevos escenarios basados en las misiones reales de BepiColombo y Rosetta. - Trajes para los Kerbals de la ESA. - Fecha de salida para PC el 1 de julio y en consolas más tarde durante 2020. Fuente: http://www.esa.int/Space_in_Member_States/Spain/Kerbal_incorpora_el_cohete_Ariane_5_y_misiones_reales_de_la_ESA
  18. I get 2-3 fps and max 7 fps bruh why my specs are i5 4590 970 4gb and I have 24gb of ram (Ddr3) and can you give me a list of heavy mods to remove and mods are: https://imgur.com/a/GFk54nH yeah I maxxed out grafics and I get more fps first then much lower but like 10 percent gpu usage and 50 percent cpu usage yeah and visual mods are welcome but lowwww cpu usage whones thx
  19. Hi folks, I have a curious issue that has reared it's ugly Kerbal Krashing head a few times so I'm wondering if any of you fine Kerbalnauts have had (or fixed) the same problem. I can't recall specifics from any previous times it happened but on this occasion, I had reached space (in a ship with 30 parts - started a new career save) and separated down to my final stage all without issue. I then went EVA to do a report, but when I boarded my capsule once again and adjusted to a retrograde profile, the program seemed to erm… 'half-crash'. My vessel became unresponsive and figured the battery in my capsule had died so my reaction wheels were unable to counter my turn to retrograde and thus continued spinning on the axis I turned. Alas, the battery was still 75% charged. I tried some other controls, beginning with another EVA which worked but I couldn't board the vessel again, I could look at the messages, contracts, deltaV info etc, I could minimize the navball and bring it back upt yet I could still not enter my craft or get it to respond in any fashion, then I also noticed I could no longer move the camera - but still I could do the other things. I brought up my task manager to see if it has stopped responding but according to that it was still fine. Then I noticed a 2nd program running under the KSP heading - this was the UnityCrashHandler64.exe - THIS file was listed as not responding. I am using the latest 64 bit version of KSP - recently purchased on the COVID cheap through steam with both expansions on a nearly new Intel i5 MSI gaming laptop and apart from a little occasional stuttering, it runs perfectly 99% of the time. I can only confirm this as unity crash for this specific crash but I believe it has been the same crash previously (3 or 4 times) - each time the only ting I can do is end the task on KSP and restart the application. I would be extremely grateful if anyone has a solution to this issue, Thanks Kerbalnaut #55487 --- EDIT --- I could find no output.log file in my KSP folder but I did find a KSP.log file, the last entries were - [LOG 17:50:36.075] [Experiments]: FX Modules set: 0 [LOG 17:50:36.079] [FLIGHT GLOBALS]: Switching To Vessel Untitled Space Craft ---------------------- [LOG 17:50:36.079] [PlanetariumCamera]: Focus: Untitled Space Craft [LOG 17:50:36.090] Camera Mode: AUTO [LOG 17:50:39.835] [Experiments]: Setting FX Modules to 1... [LOG 17:50:39.835] [Experiments]: FX Modules set: 1 [EXC 17:51:07.857] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ManeuverNodeEditorManager.ModifyBurnVector (NavBallVector axis, System.Double amount) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) ManeuverNodeEditorTabVectorInput.<Start>b__15_3 (System.Double value) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) InputFieldHandler.OnValueChanged (System.String text) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) UnityEngine.Events.InvokableCall`1[T1].Invoke (T1 args0) (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0) UnityEngine.Events.UnityEvent`1[T0].Invoke (T0 arg0) (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0) TMPro.TMP_InputField.SendOnEndEdit () (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) TMPro.TMP_InputField.DeactivateInputField () (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) TMPro.TMP_InputField.OnDeselect (UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute (UnityEngine.EventSystems.IDeselectHandler handler, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) (at <e7863072d20d4124957779539fa3ff58>:0) UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute[T] (UnityEngine.GameObject target, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData, UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents+EventFunction`1[T1] functor) (at <e7863072d20d4124957779539fa3ff58>:0) UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventSystem:Update() [LOG 17:52:00.614] Untitled Space Craft Debris Unloaded [LOG 17:52:00.614] Untitled Space Craft Debris Unloaded [LOG 17:52:44.482] [FLIGHT GLOBALS]: Switching To Vessel Jebediah Kerman ---------------------- [LOG 17:52:44.483] [PlanetariumCamera]: Focus: Jebediah Kerman [LOG 17:54:22.161] [UIApp] OnDestroy: CurrencyWidgetsApp Hope this helps... EDIT -- Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1050 2GB, 8GB RAM - passes recommended specs
  20. I am thinking about Playing KSP with some of my Friends and now have these questions about the mods that exist: "Which is the best mod ?" Do they work over hamachi? Do they support other mods? How easy/quick can the server be set up? Should i suggest my friends, who don't own KSP, buying KSP1 or should we wait for the KSP2 Release? How does time warp work? How is the game performance with the Mod? How accurate is the syncing of the crafts? Can multiple players launch rockets with a dockable payload simultaneously from the equator and then dock them in orbit?
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