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  1. Ok so I need some help. I have been sending lots of missions to the Mun (R.I.P. Valentina Kerman), and I keep tipping my lander over. I use a service bay to fling me back up, but how do I avoid tipping it in the first place? Also, on re-entry to Kerbin my first mission worked but the second one I almost instantly exploded. Any help on that?
  2. I decided I want to try and get as much out of the Jool system as possible. For this cause, I have set up a Vall mining base that is capable of producing fuel for anything that can get into orbit around Vall, with the help of a tanker I also sent. I am in the process of designing a vehicle that can be used to land on the majority of the moons of Jool, maybe excluding Laythe and Tylo, at least until I get refueling stops there. How much Delta-V should a vehicle capable of refueling in Vall orbit need, for exploration of these other planets? Preferably, it would be a single stage so it would be reusable after refuel. I have currently managed to get a lander that has 5k DV and has enough TWR to land on Tylo, but not Laythe. 5k DV isn't enough to visit Tylo and return to Vall, is it?
  3. A question came up recently regarding designs for SSTO landers for atmospheric bodies. Now, atmosphere immediately has me thinking "spaceplane" but the problem is people often want the lander to fit within a cargo bay of the mothership rather than docking it radially, since it keeps the CoM of the mothership centred. Having to fit within a mk3 cargo bay means very small wings and high landing speeds for field landings, unless you resort to cheese like clipping or triplane/venetian blind strake wings. Having to put a docking port on the nose means high drag - low lift and high drag mean generally poor performing spaceplane, though you can still get to orbit with high twr chemical propulsion. My problem is i've never built a mothership before. I normally just go with single stage to anywhere spaceplanes, staged spaceplanes, or use IRSU refuelling facilities. Anyway, I wondered if it was possible to do this a third way. Here is an example of a small SSTO I built, 2 nervs 1 panther. It reaches 150km orbit on Kerbin with about 1200 dv left over. With the Panther in Dry mode it could do a lot of flying around on Laythe and still have plenty left to make orbit. It has a landing speed of about 40m/s fully loaded, and it has two vernier thrusters in the belly to reduce landing speeds on Duna / allow VTOL on low grav airless moons. It has an inline clamp o tron , reaction wheel and some RCS translation thrusters. And here is the mothership i started to make for it. It has two docking ports on the end of the swept wings that my inline clamp o trons should be able to hook on to. It has just shed the launcher hardware. There is a long liquid fuel fuselage in the middle, and a cargo bay at the front , which we can fill up with whatever the mission requires before Kerbin departure. The problem is that i'm totally out of practice docking stuff, and only ever mastered basic nose-to-nose anyway. So I gave up and decided to try pre-docking so i could see if the concept at least flies. It does ! Problem 1 - you cannot pre-dock inline docking adapters in the VAB. I found an old thread that said you can attach the subassembly some other way and line the ports up with the offset tool and the two ports will then automatically "dock" once you launch the vessel. This is no longer the case. I attached the aircraft with a radial decoupler, lined the two ports up so they appear to be touching, but the ports still don't "stick". I had set the radial decoupler force percent to 0, but after firing the decoupler in orbit, the aircraft simply drifts away from the mothership. From what i understand, docking ports that aren't pre-docked , have to spawn at least 10m from each other for the magnetic attraction to kick in when they reach proximity. If they are already close when the vessels spawn, the game assumes you just undocked and don't want these ports pulling back together again. The other problem is that we're really just kicking the can down the road here. To be a functional mothership/lander combo, it needs to be feasible to re-dock after separation. In fact we need to re-dock sufficiently well aligned that the NERVs of the spaceplanes can push the mothership, like in the picture. Build guide slots out of modular wing segments or something? Or i just need to improve my skills? All this re-docking though, is making me realise why i like interplanetary spaceplanes so much.
  4. So things are moving along nicely with the new model. I opened another thread for the new one, you can find it HERE. New update: THe original HLV was giving me all sorts of CoM trouble. I am working on a fix. In the meantime I made a new model. Available for download on Spacedock. The engines are not yet finished, but the RK-Z-146 Solo engine from contares fits perfectly, you might want to adjust the thrust in the CFG to 300Kn. CoM is spot on and horizontal landing is stable. Set you mav engines to 60% and you're on your way or use TCA. The cargo requires KIS. Update: For those of you waiting for this to release. Unfortunately I have to work for a living......or so I'm told:) However as of Friday I am on vacation so I will have time to complete the project. It will be an ongoing project as I want to build or adapt a launcher to go with it. I will release the lander first though. What I can say is that you will need TCA to get this thing into orbit as the COM is slightly offset thus TCA and a multi engine First and second stage will be needed to keep your rocket flying with the correct end toward space. I have managed to build the Aerosehell and it is stable during Duna reentry, I also added RCS thrusters to the aeroshell, MAV second stage and MAV. The lander itself is very stable during decent and landing. The project has not been forgotten or turned to vaporware. I hope to release before X-mas. So my first try at a mod for KSP. Here is my take on the HLV (Horizontal Landing Vehicle) designed by NASA back in the 90's. (I think it had another name:)) What is this? An all in one solution for trips to Duna and beyond, carrying both cargo and an integrated MAV. No more sending the MAV and your cargo or rover in seperate missions. At the moment the parts are not textured (still working on that), I will try and get that finished ASAP. I have included some basic renders of the complete design. The parts: Landing frame - with integrated landing gear and rcs tanks. Bow tanks and engines - Bow tanks and engine cluster MAV - MAV main engine cluster, second stage and ascent pod (integrated ladder and exit platform) Mav engine cluster is 3,5m so any 3,5m pod can be used. RCS thrusters - Powerfull RCS thrusters to keep this beast straight during landing. Hexacargo - Hexcargo containers for all your base equipment and other needs. MAV decoupler - Decoupler arm for the MAV (decouples MAV from landing frame) Coming soon: Rover ramp - Ramp for existing rover configurations Single cargo pods with integrated engine clusters. Any suggestions are welcome. Aaaand, the aeroshell.... Ok, so a few screenshots of this beast in action. (before you ask....YES! I do have mechjeb installed, my flying skills are dubious to say the least:)) And some texturing. I am trying to find the time to finish the project. So things are going kinda slow:(
  5. NOTE: I play in Sciene Mode, with Cheats, because of my time. Hello! I love space, and space projects. I am very interested in so i decided a project like this, Let's get started! Laythe is very very likes each other with Kerbin, like Earth and Europa-Ganymende and Io moons. But I can't trust the moons geography, so i send a Lander here named Gaia II (it is my second build of another probe) And, here is Laythe, ı use four parachutes for stabilised landing, it is too difficult landing on continents, to my luck, i have succes landing on continent named "Dansen" There is no chance to communicate with mainworld without any Relays, so i make Uranoos. It is orbitting in Jool now. I transmitted all of informations about Laythe for Space Center. I gain lot of TP's after transmit Tomorrow, i'll try send a passenger file and edit this thread. I plan build first village in here. I wait your proposals and comments! Have fun! Regards.
  6. Even though I have 15,000 excess science.. it's not enough. I found I had not yet landed on any of the Jool moons. Bad Kerbals! So, i decided I would take a lab with me, and make a single lander that can hit all the moons except Laythe (requires a specialized design). Tylo being the biggest challenge, because of its very high gravity/size, it's like landing on Kerbin without an atmosphere. So I designed a lander with some jettisonable fuel, with the idea I would go to Tylo FIRST, and then wouldn't need those tanks for Vall, Pol, or Bop. I would bring my lab with me as an undockable section, with its own fuel, RCS, etc. Unfortunately, I forgot to put a probe controller on it, but that's OK, I'll just have the lander always dock to it. The small docking ports are for refueling (note that I can't refuel the lander without the lab until I jettison the tanks, but might have been nice to put one on an external tank just in case.). The lab acts as the big com relay back to Kerbin, if needed. And, of course, I need to refuel constantly, so I made a one-piece driller/ISRU/fuel transport, with a small docking port for refueling the lander/lab sections. Small engine to just handle interplanetary and landing on Pol. Checking out the dV for the lander, the DV maps *say* I need about 2280 to land and take off at Tylo, with 4750, I *should* have enough, right? (more on this later). It may take a low starting orbit, but on paper, it should work. So, first we get up into Kerbin orbit, and head to Minmus to refuel everybody for the long drive to Jool. Note that I was able to keep the lower booster from Kerbin, so it took two refueling runs, but the landing section would come into Jool with plenty of fuel, while the driller would come into Jool orbit with maybe only 800 dV, probably enough to get to Pol on its own, but this added extra insurance. Turns out I had plenty, transfer, orbit and landing is maybe 500-700. We refuel everyone at Pol, and head to Tylo. Now, I begin to worry- if I start my landing low (say 17km), and get back to a low orbit, can my fuel ship dip down that low to refuel (before landing and after re-orbit), and climb back out the gravity well and get back to Pol and land? The answer, it turns out, is yes. I leave about 1000 dV for each run back to Pol. So, we try our first descent from 17km. We learn two things. (1) You can't start from 17km because you can't slow down fast enough before gravity sucks you into a mountain. If you thrust downward enough, you use too much fuel. So we raise the descent to about 30km. That works well, but we land with only about 2100 dV left, not nearly enough to get back into orbit. It turns out it takes about 2500 dV to get to a roughly 10km orbit. Yep, this looks bad. So, after failed attempts, I realize I need help. So I built another fuel/engine "top" component to provide more fuel (and the thrust to counter its extra weight). Note that I added a decoupler to the docking ring, because those BIG docking rings have enough magnetic attraction they don't come loose easily. I am still granted the proper dV, but I didn't want to have something that might crash on top of me and explode after landing. With this component and some careful piloting, I'm able to land with about 2561 dV left. Note that I hit hard when I landed and broke a strut, but I should still be fine for Vall. 2561 was enough to put us back into a 9kmx20km orbit, with enough dV left to re-dock with the science section. Then the refueler only had to make one stop! So, the major lesson learned is- don't trust the dV maps. It took about 2600-2800 dV to land and 2300-2400 to reach stable orbit, and that's with optimal piloting. But other than that, the "two ships, single lander for four moons" project is so far a success, and has passed the toughest test.... Tylo, with only one landing strut as a casualty.
  7. This new spacecraft is capable of taking astronauts to the moon and back perfectly. I find it easy to fly and use. Use it and please distribute it among your friends. [Edit: contents moved to spoiler section by Snark]
  8. This video was my hardest to make. It required more effort than any of my others, and I love the result. I'd like to say right off the bat that this was the best video I have created. I enjoyed filming the mission as it went on and I hope you will enjoy what came out of it. Any other details are in the description.. It took about 4 hours of KSP playing, mostly thanks to my laggy computer, to get this done. Worth it. If you want the craft in the video, head here: Enjoy! And the people I need to give credit to are @zekes, @War Eagle 1, @SpaceXray, and @Mad Rocket Scientist for the Tupolev in the beginning, along with @RixKillian for his M4 Sherman, @Azimech for his ZSU-23-4, and finally, @Raptor9 for his C7-142 Seahawk. And that's all from me for now! I'll see you guys with another video soon!
  9. ever wonder where all the open-source, creative looking landers are? well, look no further! Today I introduce to you the LP- Series! A versatile and modular new way of travelling, the LP- series is designed to fit larger crews in a single no-hassle lander,without the pain of designing one on your own! The LP- Series consists of three LP- models. the LP-2 crew capacity: 2 simple, yet effective. warranty void if used in a vaccum(go bother the engineers about it). the LP-4 crew capacity: 4 for this we developed a new way to stick lander cans together and thereby make them into larger lander cans.(no, we didn't use glue. we used... something that was not glue. shut up.) the LP-6 crew capacity: 6 the grandmother of all landers. seats a hearty six kerbals and has snack supplies for an extra three weeks of space travel.includes science experiments inside its spacious cargo bay(still thinking about how best to do large cargo bay, so WIP on this one.) may or may not have been a house at one point. the LP- series offers a comprehensive list of craft that will take you wherever you need to go(and maybe even some places you didn't :)) ORDER YOURS TODAY!!! (btw, pics are coming soon(patent pending)).
  10. Skycranes are reliable vehicles to put a rover or vehicle on the surface. Obviously, I try to avoid them. Making a contraption like this one never worked satisfactory in the past, but I guess wheels have changed in such a way that now... it works! Not a McGuffin What's in the box?! What's in the box?! Prepare for landing The Box on the way to the surface Safely Landed Those tiny landing legs are good enough to absorb the landing shock Surprise! The front pops off, and out comes the rover! It's alive! Now I have a reliable way to get my rovers safely anywhere, protected from harsh outer space on the way there. The Craft File! There were a couple of requests for the craft file (linky), so enjoy! (all stock parts). Notes: The rover is attached with a coupler to the lander. The "hatch" is attached to the docking port at the front of the lander (use "control from here" for easy steering). Land with gear down to prevent unscheduled rapid disassembly, and then retract gear to bring the bottom to the surface. Stage to pop the hatch and to release the rover, and happy exploring! It shouldn't be too hard to attach small science gear, just be aware that you don't want to drop below the bottom at the rear or you'll get stuck getting out. There's no science gear on my version, as it's intended to scout out a good site for a base (flat, and all), although on econd thought I should have added a thermometer (for those occasional science data from the mun missions). and I added a thermometer for those pesky science data from the mun missions. I've tried this approach in previous versions but either the rover wouldn't release or get launched into orbit when detaching, whatever changes Squad made to the wheels (and we know there were many) resulted in it working now. I might try bigger ones too!
  11. Well, this is no good. I've just spent the past few hours making Kerbal marmalade. https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/Tylo-impactor I'm supposed to be planning a Jool 5 mission. The giant spaceplane, with two CRG-100 bays is looking good, it will go direct from Kerbin and splash down on Laythe. The IRSU gear can then refuel us, and the lander deployed to see the other moons. I wanted to bring a hab, cupola and lander can to every body to keep a "deluxe" feel to this mission. I decided to move the IRSU gear off the plane to the lander since the return trip costs to Tylo are so frightening. I decided we'd visit this place last and decoupe the converter here, to make the ascent a little easier. There's docking ports between the crewed bit and the rockomax tank, after meeting up with the plane, we can undock the tank/engine bit and this frees up a port on the lander to dock with the port inside the plane's cargo bay. That way, Kerbals got some hab space for the way back as well as on the way out. According to the wiki, need 2k dV to land on Tylo and this has 2800. TWR is over unity as well, but it can't do it. Crashed into surface at 400m/s with fuel about to run out. Any fixes need to not make it wider, since we got to fit in a mk3 bay. We can add length easily enough, but I'd prefer not to topple over on landing. I'm thinking maybe a couple of "boosters" to attach to the top of the stack, sparks or something? Poodle Vac TWR 14 ISP 350 Dart Vac TWR 18 ISP 340 Spark Vac TWR 18 ISP 320
  12. I made this Minmus lander,and so i want to show me landing on Minmus! The lander: The rocket: Launch in 3..2..1 LIFTOFF! ' So i did some orbital stuff bla bla boring,and this appeared! Ye,an orbit around Minmus! Awesome,we are gonna land! Getting close! 2 MINUTES LATER... Yes! Landing achieved! Podman seems satisfied with the landing:
  13. Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to land on the Moon,and im gonna recreate it in KSP! The lander: The rocket (its really big): Launch in 3..2..1 LIFTOFF!! LATER.... Yay! Orbit achieved! 10 MINUTES LATER... Awesome,a mun encounter! Almost there.... YES!!!! Getting closer! Yes.....! YEAA!!!!! Succesful landing! That's one small step for kerbals,one giant leap for kerbalkind!
  14. Okay so I know there have been some Lightweight Eve lander challenges before but I haven't seen one in a long time so here goes. Rules that apply for both categories: Only allowed mods are informative and visual mods. (And pilot assistant mods for "Anything goes" -category) No altering physics! No cheating otherwise also! No kraken drives or and of that nonsense. Use of hyperedit is allowed for transfering your craft to Eve and moving the craft to a launching location of your choice. (You can land anywhere you want on Eve's surface and then hyperedit the same ship to a location that you want to launch from.) You must provide screenshots that show your crafts decent and ascent as well. Must be manned. (Kerbal doesn't have to plant a flag or visit the surface so no need for ladders though). You will start from an unstable Eve orbit so that your starting Ap is >90km and your starting Pe is >0km. You can use any means you want to get the craft there and then whatever mass you have left is your entry score. (I for example used hyperedit to get to 100x100km eve orbit and a small extra stage for deorbit burn that I then decoupled.) You must reach stable orbit. (Pe >90km). There will be 2 categories with different rules: A) "Robust and actually usable lander" B) "Anything goes" Category A) rules: 1. A proper crew pod must be used. So NO lawn chairs. 2. You must take off from <1000m elevation from sea level. 3. No using kerbal's EVA pack for the final circularization. Kerbal must get back to orbit in the pod. Category B) rules: 1. Land anywhere on Eve and take-off from anywhere on Eve. 2. Other than that do whatever. Use lawn chairs and EVA's and whatever you want. And here is my entry for the A) category to kick things off: Sub 30t Eve lander EDIT: Sorry the pics are in a weird order and imgur shuffles them again even if I rearrange them. I dunno why. But you can still see what is going on by reading the descriptions
  15. Greetings. Firstly let me just explain that I am quite new to the game as I have only been playing for a week or so. I'm having a bit of difficulty getting my Mun lander into orbit of Kerbin, let alone to the Mun. My main issue is loss of control - the rocket spins, flips and does whatever it wants, even with SAS enabled, whenever I engage the main liquid engine. It's fairly stable whilst using the initial boosters to get off the ground though...until I fire up the main engine that is... I have tried many different setups using my brain to design them but to no avail, so I thought i'd ask you guys for some help. I'm not asking for someone to design a rocket for me (i'm not that lazy), however if what I am doing needs to be binned, then I will happily accept any help that is offered. My lander and command module is 13T in mass...which might be my first problem. Here is a screenshot (not including AE-FF1 protective shell - is this needed?) without any of the many rocket designs I have tried below it. I have tried both slim and fat launch vehicles, usually with 2/4 boosters at the bottom. I have tried attaching some boosters further up near my payload to "tug" it unto orbit and that also doesn't work. Perhaps I need to learn more about launch profiles, perhaps just rocket design. Either way, I have been trying all day to launch this to no avail. I can get to 80km+ but when I try to round off my orbit, the rocket spins out of control even on quite a low throttle. Redesigning my lander isn't out of the question either. Does anyone have any tips, suggestions or help please? Many thanks in advance.
  16. Universal Landing System Mk II I have developed a combination ship that incorporates everything I believe you need to have for an exploration flight system. The Universal Landing System Mk II is an interplanetary transfer vehicle that doubles as a refueling and science station capable of deploying a manned lander/rover combination craft with mining and fuel production capabilities. Two interplanetary shuttles are also included in the system for ferrying science and personnel back and forth to Kerbin. Steam Guide for the Universal Landing System Mk II Operational Test Flight to Minmus There are three ships included with this flight system. Universal Landing System Mk II Lander Only This is the Lander only launch system. A small interplanetary fuel tank and engine are also included in this configuration. Craft Details Class Lander Type VAB Mass 4,908.52t Cost 3,052,737.0 No. of Stages 7 Crew Capacity 3 Part Count 674 No. of Struts 200 Root Part SYdocking7m Built in KSP 1.2.1 Size 30.49 x 48.3 x 30.49 Universal Landing System Mk II Lander Only on KerbalX Universal Landing System Mk II Main Vehicle The Main Vehicle section of the Universal Lander System Mk II includes the Main Transfer Vehicle interplanetary engines, large fuel storage capacity, docking ports in multiple sizes, monopropellent fuel storage, communication relay antenna, lander with mining and fuel manufacture capability, science experiments, science storage,and a manned rover with full science package. Craft Details Class Lander Type VAB Mass 14,366.8t Cost 7,238,381.0 No. of Stages 7 Crew Capacity 3 Part Count 932 No. of Struts 192 Root Part SYtank10mL07500 Built in KSP 1.2.1 Size 32.67 x 61.82 x 32.61 Universal Landing System Mk II Main Vehicle and Lander on KerbalX Universal Landing System Mk II Station/Transfer Vehicle The Laboratory/Transfer section of the Universal Lander System Mk II includes an orbital research laboratory, orbital science experiments, fuel storage, interplanetary transfer engines, and two manned interplanetary shuttlecraft. Craft Details Class Station Type VAB Mass 3,099.7t Cost 1,854,876.0 No. of Stages 7 Crew Capacity 10 Part Count 284 No. of Struts 56 Root Part Large.Crewed.Lab Built in KSP 1.2.1 Size 32.54 x 47.59 x 32.54 Universal Landing System Mk II Station/Transfer Vehicle on KerbalX All three designs are available at KerbalX in a single hanger. Universal Landing System Mk II Hanger on KerbalX Mod Pack for Universal Landing System Mk II on KerbalX
  17. I am trying to make an Eve lander. I am testing it with Hyper Edit. It will finish landing and return to orbit, but currently it flips at around 3000 m/s on descent. I am thinking that I should fill the bottom tank; it is currently empty and exists to provide a launch platform. http://imgur.com/a/YbK3M
  18. All Rights Reserved : https://sketchfab.com/Warsoul/collections/ksp-maerda-mods MaErDa Docking Port T3 GumRoad Supporters or Donators Exclusive MaErDa Corp is proud to release is ultimate docking solution for 2.5m modules. This splendid invention include one stable docking port surrounded by 4 Mini LFO engines supported by 8 one way mono-propellant engines. 4 emissives warning bands surround the docking port for better visibility in total darkness. Compatible with 1.25m and 2.5m docking ports. https://sketchfab.com/models/d141fc51d9e64429b73e147949834875 Download Link : -snip- Exclusive Contents avaible soon Early access MaErDa Dual Engines ; No balancings, No Fx To Help MaErDa To Help KSP To Help SpaceDock Version 0.6 is Out ! Download Links : -snip- https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/maerda-beta-testers-pack/files/latest http://spacedock.info/mod/899/MaErDa Corp Beta Testers Pack MaErDa just discovered a new artefact on Ike ! MaErDa Present the Dual Mode Engines Cluster Type 1 The perfect solution for who need emergency monopropellant burn ! Now with M-DM-EC-T1 you can save the situation if you are out of fuel. No more jetpack pushing or hell long RCS burn. The M-DM-EC-T1 let you switch engine mode to monopropellant engine automaticly when you get empty. This is not beautyfull ? MaErDa Corp present the Landing Leg Silo Concept Sketchfab Link : https://sketchfab.com/models/84011bc53bc04b1d9ccd5ef776b357de MaErDa present the Landing Module solution for the T-Series, the MaErDa Atlander. This heavy duty tank are the result of a mislead secret command vehicule who turned into a crashcan. Perhaps we keep some breakthroughs from ours fails. Resulting into a new design for an landing module wich include four mounts for landing engines fitted for MaErDa L1 standards. The module include an vertical pod for 2 kerbal. Attach a docking port on top for horizontal landing. Legal Mention : MaErDa Corp do included engine within his sales. Sketchfab Link : https://skfb.ly/RCGq Download Link : -snip- or https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/maerda-atlander-1-v0-2/files/latest MaErDa present the Liquid Fuel Booster solution for the T-Series, the MaErDa Booster T-Series. Theses long refined boosters tanks are the result of a mislead secret aircraft who turned into a mess. Perhaps we keep some breakthroughs from ours fails. Resulting into a new design for liquid fuel booster wich include an air intake for airbreathing engines. The single compartment tank give us a little weigth loss in exchange of crash tolerance. Legal Mention : MaErDa Corp do not included any engine within his sales. Sketchfab Link : https://skfb.ly/RGNu Download Link : -snip- or https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/maerda-booster-t-series/files/latest MaErDa present the Jet Booster solution for the T-Series, the MaErDa Jet Booster T-Series Theses long refined boosters tanks was created to help the Booster T-Series to lift off. The Jet Engine include an air intake for his airbreathing engines. Some defects make us impossible to stage them normally. Some Action groups must be made to turn them on/off. The price of innovation i bet ! Our scientists are on the case. Fix coming soon ! Legal Mention : MaErDa Corp does engine within his sales. Sketchfab : https://skfb.ly/RHNo Donwload Link : https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/maerda-beta-testers-pack-version-0-1/files/latest MaErDa present the refirbushed Atlander. Recycled Atlander crashed on moon. The pod, monopropellant was striped off in exchange off better SAS and Fuel capacity. Sketchfab Preview : https://skfb.ly/RKNK Download Link : https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/maerda-atlander-refirbushed/files/latest MaErDa Corp like thinking big. So they made an variant of the original Atlander for big lifting purpose on low gravity planet or moon. The pod and monopropellant was striped off in exchange off better SAS and a triple wider FuelTank. The Lander Engine L3 (LeL3) was specialy created to fit on theses oversized variants. Warranty void if used with fart gaz. Download Link : https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/atlander-supersize-v-01/files/latest AtlanderSupersise.cfg https://www.facebook.com/maerda/ -snip- https://sketchfab.com/Warsoul I dont know why i can't embed my sketchfab here !?
  19. I have been using real solar system with realism over haul and I am having severe problems making a moon Lander. I have all most 6k delta v set aside for landing and taking off from the moon and still can't do it. I want to know what is the most efficient way to land on the moon. Right now I am just lowering my orbit till it hits the ground and slowing down till I am over my target then burning off all speed. I know I must be doing something wrong and I don't know what for the life of me.
  20. I'm designing a Jool multi-lander with a Rover, but the rover refuses to function after it has been deployed. You can see here that the rover is not moving, despite all of its wheel motors being active, and the brakes off. How do I fix this? Here is the designed function: A rover and four science pods on a Lander which will be taken to and from each of Vall's biomes, then the rover will be left behind and additional science pods will be used when landing on Bop and Pol, all to be retained when on the return journey. (Laythe and Tylo are getting mission-specific vehicles.) In order to verify the functionality of the rover configuration, I was giving the Lander and the Rover a shakedown in the hopes of doing with them the exact thing I'd do in the real mission: Drop the Rover Move the Rover underneath a science pod, and drop the pod onto the Rover Drive the Rover with science pod to and from a distant biome Reconnect the used science pod. Repeat from 2 until all four biomes have been scienced. The shakedown was going to have me deploy the rover, drop a science pod and take it down to the beach, then return and pop it back on.
  21. Hola. The Eve Rocks Challenge is, sadly, no more. Here's a "just for fun" yardstick for 1.05 - fly a crewed mission to Eve, bring the crew home. No Interstellar/near future mods, and you do have to fly it, so no Hyperedit (you'll note I managed to disqualify myself thanks to an OBS glitch - thankfully I had Hyperedit handy from testing lander prototypes). Hop out, plant a flag, get back in and go home. Really, though, this is just for fun and before Porkjet's new inflatable heat shield arrives and makes this so much easier. I assume. It may not? Anyway, wow us all with your awesome designs for Eve landers. I went for "over-engineered to the brink of disaster" mode. So my normal method. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1528MDIGBU As per request, badges below if you like. To get one, post an image or video showing your mission from launch to return. It'll be on the honor system - if you feel like you've earned it, grab a badge.
  22. For those who have had success with lander legs in 1.1.3, I would like some tips. How much mass can each leg handle? Approximate spring/damper settings for lower gravity bodies (such as Mun/Minmus)? How can I mitigate the known sliding issues?
  23. Hi everyone, I have a duna mission in orbit around kerbin waiting to go to duna. Id it possible to lift off duna and get back to kerbin with one x200-32 rockomax fuel tanks and a Skipper engine and a 3 person capsule with some ladders and solar panels? If not should I use that as my command ship and launch another lander or launch an orange tank with a skipper engine and use my currreny lander. My current lander is not equipped with rcs but does have a docking port. Thx in advance -Ribby kerman
  24. I just got enough Science to unlock the nuclear engine, and I want to build a Duna lander with one, to make my first landing on the planet. The thing is the damn engine is so long, my imagination is failing me on an elegant way to build, and put landing struts and a ladder on it. After spending an hour getting frustrated, it occurred to me that approximately everyone reading this has already built one, or something like it. Any tips or pictures you have would be awesome! A few points: The mission is full science (I don't have upper level experiments unlocked yet). I am planning on not activating the lander (NERV) stage until getting into Duna orbit. However, I was planning on trying to biome hop once or twice. The lander I was working on had 6000+ Dv, and had a 1.2 thrust on Duna, with about 17 ton weight. I was planning on only bringing a scientist to reset and collect experiments. However, that means the experiments need to be within his reach and a probe core is needed. I have all engines unlocked, as well as the largest fairing. So long as it isn't crazy wide, un-areodynamic stuff should be fine. I was planning on having the entire lander reenter Kerbin, using the parachutes, but I guess I am not married to that. The only addon I have is mechjeb. So un-stock parts would mess me up OK, so here is what I have so far: UPDATE: So after reading everyones posts, here is what I am going with. Decided that the NERV engine was not the best way to go, everyone was making that a pretty strong point. I will be using Nerv for transfer stage, which will be brought into orbit separately and attached with the docking ports. Will send an unmanned refuel pod first, to maximize hopping potential. Again, thanks for all the help!
  25. Hello everyone I've become quite addicted to this game recently, and although I've never had this much fun with a computer game, sometimes it makes me want to rip my hair out. I have been testing an Eve lander and ascent craft on Kerbin, and finally got to the point in development where I could test its landing ability. Lands like a dream, however, when I was about to jettison all the unnecessary parts for re-ascension (everything is attached to radial decouplers), all that happened was that every single stage that was left on the craft got jumbled together in one stage, and not a single stage goes off. If a try to fire off this last mega stage (which would inevitably end in catastrophe) nothing happens. If I try to redo the stages (a ridiculously painful task with 200 decouplers), everything goes back to its pointless mega stage, not doing anything at all. (Manual decoupling does not work either). As a side note, the resources tab tells me I have 55 as maximum electric charge, as opposed to over 3000 before take off. The batteries are still attached mind you and the decouplers on the batteries have not fired). The only mods I have installed is KER and Mechjeb. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! EDIT: I think I've found the fault. Seems the landing was a tad too fast and snapped off the final stage with the command pod without actually causing any visible damage. Hupps, apologies.
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