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  1. I landed on distinctive impact crater on Mun. There was inaccurate surface grid and on screenshot you see that lander floated above surface (spoiler) But it also began to slide down an inclined surface apparently at a rate of 0.1 m/s. I think this made the game think that the machine was flying and it counted the orbit. That's why the nodes behaved like the one in the gif: You see all signs that craft landed, I could do timewarp as stationary landed spacecraft, but there were still ap and pe
  2. Hi, after doing a Mun mission and then loading a save (landed on Mun) the following happened: My lander started falling through the Mun's surface. When I've tried to fly it back up it got destroyed at between -1 to 0 m height. - Lander falling through the Mun surface after loading a save When I loaded the save again, in addition to falling through the surface strange additional parts appeared around the craft. - Lander sinking in Mun surface with strange additional pieces KSP Version: OS: Windows 10 Home PC specs: Expected behavior: Lander does not sink into the surface after loading a save. It shouldn't have any additional strange parts. Observed behavior: Lander starts sinking into the surface of Mun after loading a save. When done second time, strange parts started appearing in addition. Steps to replicate: Launch game and build a Mun lander Fly it to the Mun and land Save game and quit Launch game and load save Workaround: Fly slowly up before the whole crafts sinks under surface. Once it's clear of the ground and at ~200m height do a quicksave and then load that quicksave. Mods: SpaceWarp, flags Other notes: -
  3. Hello, if KSP2 will have more advanced manoeuvre planner than KSP, why not to add landing prediction? On the eye it is hard to predict where you land, because you can't really know how atmosphere resistance will affect on trajectory and how point of landing will move because of planet rotation. It would make game more easier, which can damage spirit or/and experience of ksp I think, but it can reduce another not so pleasent routine and you can concentrate on more interesting things. And it doesn't cancel process of creating your mission's route, when you plane all maneuvres and where you will land and start. Also you always have choice to not use this function if you don't like it Maybe you can balance this function by unlocking it only when you reached certain level of space center or have certain amount of navigation satellites on orbit
  4. Hi and welcome to this thread! I am a big fan of the current progress LinkSpace is doing. Their NewLine-1 rocket is paving the way for reusable launch vehicles on Chinese ground. That's why I am inspired to make this mod. This mod will include the following parts: First stage engine (has 2 engine modes) Legs based on the design of NewLine-1 S1 fuel tank S1 guidance interstage S2 vac engine with 4 smaller engines that gimbal S2 fuel tank Payload deployer Fairing half Known issues: Legs clip inside the ground. Doesn't harm the rocket but looks weird. Trying to fix this. Required mods: Kerbal Reusability Expansion For the fins Recommended mods: Community Category Kit For an extra icon in the VAB to see all the parts SmokeScreen To see the mighty plumes Download here: Massive thanks to @Nessus_, @JadeOfMaar and @neistridlar for helping me with the balance and plumes! And a special thanks to @EmbersArc for helping me with getting the legs working (Kind of). Any of the configs will be distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. All Textures/models will be distributed under All Right Reserved License. SootyShaderLoader is based on the custom shader importer by shadowmage and modified with permission by DMagic & Blowfish with custom modules and settings. All Rights Reserved License. CKAN support is coming.
  5. I have landed on the Mun before but I want better ways on Landing there. Anyone got any tips? Thanks.
  6. I just landed my FIRST EVER SHUTTLE (without the help of in-air engines, just a glider) today!!! Jeb is sure happy to be home with Val again
  7. Hi, I am trying to make a starship inspired rocket. But during my testing I notice that it burns up during reentry of Kerbin atmosphere. I know that i can put heat shields to remove the problem but I was wondering if there was another way to fix the problem, more aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Hi everyone! I got good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first? I suppose I'll start on the good news. GN: I got parallax with some super-hard studying (asking @Spaceman.Spiff for some tips) and seeing if my pc was compatible, and it was! So I went in and got it. Let me tell you, that mod is INSANE! (with the krakens too.. that leads us to the Bad News..!) BD: Like I said, there is quite the bored kraken caused by something I think is fixable, but not working. I got parallax 1.2.1, which has collisions, which is AWESOME for my duna rover that had the collision mesh dampen before it landed, not after. So I go along with by business, continuing the Kraken series rockets (coincidence..? I think not..) to the Mun! As I go below 100m, I realize that the collision mesh hadn't said "Damping collision mesh" or whatever it said. So as my legs sink through the ground like I was playing the old version, I realize it hadn't damped.. oh well, let's plant a flag, try out the EVA science experiment (after Danny 2462's golf vid) and go some other stuff and go home. Well, as I EVA, parallax decides "Eh, why don't we dampen the Collison mesh now?" So down goes Jason Kerman, stepping on the Munar soil and watching the kraken grab-and-run with my lander like me grabbing McDonalds. I am still scared by that lunar lander, so is there a reason why it didn't do the collision dampening before I landed? KSP Log: I am going to bed, I will respond tomorrow. Goodnight and thanks
  9. This one has been nagging me for a while thanks to the STS challenge. In order to get the best rank, you need to land your shuttle back at the KSC (or other runway structure on Kerbin). When you're tooling around in an equatorial orbit, this is easy enough, since you're always more or less aligned with the position of the KSC. But when you get into the more advanced missions, you need to perform activities out-of-plane and still return to the KSC; I've been solving this by simply doing a plane change burn, but that'll be less viable as I head out to the Mun and beyond. I've tried to nail the KSC from an inclined orbit a few times, but I can never seem to get it. Thus, my question: how would I directly return to the KSC from an inclined orbit?
  10. What are your proudest moments in ksp? Mine was not eve in KSP. Mine was in Google. I typed 'Jeb' into the search bar, and -adiah Kerman was the first result.
  11. As the title implies, your goal is to land on the roof of the KSC, however, this is not your every day land on the roof challenge: Tight engineering restrictions make this a true challenge, one for the can-do-all types. You have to be good not only at engineering an aircraft that fits the rules, but also have the hands required to put it where I ask you to, in the way I ask you to. You might post any attempt with any craft for fun, but competing runs must adhere to the following: Procedures & Rules: •To create a fair experience for everyone, mods are not allowed for competing runs, in any form, save for information mods like engineer. Parts, physics or skill affecting mods (such as airplane plus, FAR/NEAR or mechjeb's autopilot respectively) are definitely not allowed. Again, for clarification: NO MODS - Even if not doing so with malicious intent or even knowledge, you might be gaining advantages over all-stock entries. With the tight regulation margins of this challenge, that's something I can't allow. •Create an aircraft that meets the following criteria •Your aircraft, once built, has to take off from the default runway without any kind of assistance (towers for example), and land at the two helipads on the KSC rooftop. The flight and landing have to meet the following criteria: Lastly, to validate your entry, your aircraft must meet the following criteria after completely stopping: As you can see there's no score system, a successful landing with a craft that follows the rules is all you need. I'll probably make a badge or something to include in your signature. TL;DR - Short, precision landing competition for "standard" aircraft, except the runway is the two helipads on the roof of the VAB. Have fun. You can post entries that don't follow the rules as well, but of course they won't count. My attempt, includes F3 screen to show that nothing fell off after that little slide lol: https://streamable.com/7r7mm
  12. Miguelsgamingch's First Droneship Landing Landed At Sep 2,2020 5:31 PM GMT08+ After Trial And Error, I Finally Made it On September 2, 2020 I Landed My Falcon 9 Booster ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Images: The Landing Legs... Lets Say There Partially Broken. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video: Thank You For Reading this Thread And Have A Nice Day Mods Used: @EmbersArc's And Now Being Matain By @damonvv KRE Or Kerbal Reusability Expansion Mod - For Landing Legs @damonvv's Amazing Tundra Exploration Mod - Amazing Falcon 9 And Booser @Kartoffelkuchen's Amazing SpaceX Pack - For ASDS And For The One Who Made It All @sarbian's MechJeb2 Mod, With its Amazing And Weird At The Same Time Landing Guidance! Source (Now You Can Do It Your Own, Trust Me Its Like 50|50 Easy And Hard):
  13. I recently started getting back into KSP after a break since basically 1.0 days. I've pretty much got my head around the changes and new stuff, and find the old skills starting to come back. However, I'm having a real job getting my powered landing (Mun, especially) back up to scratch; I seem to either crash (killing my Kerbalnauts) or end up with a ridiculous hang time and burn too much of my reserve fuel (stranding them). Thus - Can anyone recommend a good tutorial (video or text, not fussed) from a (reasonably) recent version of the game, that focuses on powered landing? I have no trouble with orbital mechanics, rendezvous, docking, building ships to a target Δv, etc., so I'm not looking for a "Here's how to get to the moon" type thing. Something that says "Here's four different ways of doing a powered landing on a non-atmospheric body and these are the pros and cons of each," would be perfect. Any and all recommendations appreciated.
  14. I'm using of the mod, which is the correct version for my KSP 1.2.2 save (I know. I'll occasionally play 1.9, but I'm deep into a save game on 1.2.2 and never got around to migrating it over to the newer ones). I know it's an old and probably obsolete addon at this point. But I'd appreciate if someone could point me in a direction to be able to troubleshoot this. Here are the contents of the mod folder:
  15. I am trying to dock my mining vehicle to a landing ship on Mun. However, after a successful docking, it starts to "jump". Here is the video: https://youtu.be/dKNikw3ewYU Can anyone help me please?
  16. Hi, I’m relatively new at KSP. I’ve been doing sandbox but switched to science mode. When I splash down on Kerbin successfully the EVA button is unavailable. I was hoping to collect some science outside the capsule. I am able to EVA in space. Do I need to unlock EVA on Kerbin for some reason? My capsule is intact and upright. Mk1 Command Pod. Thanks.
  17. Having destroyed the engines on my landable launch-stages in Career one too many times because there is no landing leg in the game large enough to land a Mainsail (or in my case, a cluster of Mainsails) without either heavy part-clipping of the engines or putting the legs on the ends of wings (which is draggy, structurally-weak, and makes it harder to maintain aerodynamic stability during an engines-first re-entry), and had even more launch stages tip over after landing, I am BEGGING for some larger stock landing-legs. Nothing too fancy. Just BIG. Maybe a 400 kg mass leg part? (this should put it in the right size/strength-range for landing heavy launch stages with Mainsail clusters, or crewed round-trip missions on Eve...) To avoid this being a problem again in the future, as players move towards ever-heavier designs, I suggest 3 new sizes of legs: - a 400 kg landing leg part, for landing Mainsail stages - a 200 kg part, more for when you just need a wider base: such as landing tall stacks with small Reliant/Skiff engine clusters on the bottom. - An 800 kg part, for truly insane designs: like heavy Eve landers. Additionally, if there were more aerodynamic-looking versions of some of these legs (like the ones in Kerbal Reusability Expansion) that would be amazing! I'll take any/all of those, as long as there is a leg in the 400 kg size range. But the 3 options I listed above really would make things easier (and more realistic: the stock legs are far too small for the forces they can repeatedly withstand) and less frustrating for players... And once again, for those who feel the need to make such comments: "LOL, just add mods!" is NOT an acceptable answer. Having been playing this game for 6+ years, I have seen countless mods come and go: but Stock parts stick around, are available on Console, and are official content- giving more players the chance to use these parts and become familiar with them. KSP has given me great diversion, frustration, and (sometimes) joy over the years- but it could be so much more. Expanding the range of stock parts available is a move in this direction: and I, like many players, would even be willing to pay for another expansion with a sufficiently-large selection of such new Stock parts... (although honestly, given where player base opinion is right now on DLC, how basic this functionality is of having larger legs, and how many people have been fiscally harmed by Covid-19: now is probably NOT the time for this to be another DLC: it would be better to add this "free" and sell other new parts/features later...)
  18. I am playing in KSP 1.8.1 with BD Armory. I built a carrier capable fighter that can land at a very short distance. However, when I attempt to land, my gear always bounces the jet back up, causing the node to hit the ground. This happens even at very slow descent rate and high AoA landings. So I added support vertical thrusters so that jet can hand at 30m/s, but the same problem still happens. I know since 1.1.2 ksp added gear damper and spring strength, but when I right click the gear part, there are no settings regarding those two factors.
  19. Hello, I suggest to make way for players to gently land their kerbals. I tried many many times land a kerbal, and I couldn't land without making kerbal "unconscious". I don't mean "auto landing", I think about manual smooth landing without kerbal hitting ground with his head. They should have some sort of "landing roll".
  20. Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. Stork Delivery System (SDS) This is the new thread. Original thread here. zer0Kerbal adopts for curation the mod known as Stork Delivery System (SDS) by Kermangeddon industries. Created by @riocrokite A Payload parts mod that Delivers your big cargo to the planet surface without flipping! Vertical frames with integrated legs for interstage and planetary delivery. Stork Delivery System (SDS) Kermangeddon Industries A Payload parts mod that Delivers your big cargo to the planet surface without flipping! Author Stork Delivery System [SDS] adopted for curation by zer0Kerbal Originally created by riocrokite Description Vertical frames with integrated legs for interstage and planetary delivery. Mod characteristics allows you to deliver tall 2.5m or 3.75m diameter parts to planet surface thanks to 6m long, extendable legs. [NEW] introducing the Jumbo sized models - capable of handling 5.0m and 7.5m parts. (24m and 14m tall) lightweight - reusing same textures wherever possible integrated approach - one integrated part for frame and legs to increase stability and reduce part count Example usages: Delivery of cargo trucks (with an assistance of JebPush TM at the end:)) Warnings or 'cabin sticky notes' When placing engines above center of mass be sure to either lock gimbals or not use SAS because of KSP bug {you might try to solve it using Tweakable Everything mod and reversing thrust of engines that are above center of mass} Avoid rocket/jet blast directed at the legs when they are extended. Prolonged blast will destroy the frame. Extending process take some time so you have to account for that when preparing to land. Installation Directions Use CKAN (best way) — or — Before installation please delete StorkDeliverySystem folder in KermangeddonIndustries catalog. (GameData/KermangeddonIndustries/StorkDeliverySystem/) Then copy .zip content into your GameData folder. Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Requires Kerbal Space Program v1.8.1, may work on earlier versions Suggests Biomatic MoarKerbals SimpleLogistics SimpleConstruction) Not So SimpleConstruction (NSSC) Hot Beverages Irradiated KGEx (coming soon) B9StockPatches Mobile Frame System - Stork legs are designed primarily to ease delivering of vehicles to the planetary surface. Supports Kerbal Change Log License CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA Stork Delivery System is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, which in layman's terms means: You are permitted to use, copy and redistribute my work as-is. You may remix your own derivatives (new models, alternative textures, etc.) and release them under your own name. You may not use the material for any commercial purposes. You must use the same license as the original work. You must credit the following people when publishing your derivative: riocrokite (Stork Delivery System). All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under their own licenses Content originally created by . forum thread SOURCE: GitHub License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 v0.0.4.0 original: 17 Jul 2018 zed'K | updated: 24 Feb 2020 zed'K
  21. The Ultimate Challenge...A massive boulder...whoever beat it literally beat the game, and i'm currently into it. Here's The current Challenge Thread. Werhner finished all the Landers, he later called Simone, Jeb, and their friends to discuss about the names, and where each of them will go to in the mission. "Alright, here is The Eve Lander, it's 44 tons and will take a Kerbal to Eve surface and get to orbit with its own power from above 2100 meters ASL, who will get there and what shlould we call it ???" Werhner said. "We can't let Simone hog all the glory, we'll show him what we can do !" Said Jeb, others replied "YYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH", and Simone responded "Whatev, give me a break and i'll leave everything except Eve and Tylo to you guys, i'll call it 'Grizzly Reaper'". "This is our Duna Lander, it will also Land on Vall, who wish to get there ???", Val replied "MEEEEHHHH, i'll be using that Lander all the way in this mission, i'll call it 'Vendetta' and i'll go with Duna, Ike and Vall". "This is our Moho Lander, we don't have to worry about electricity in Moho, it'll also be used around Eve system and Duna system, who wants to land it ???", Bill answered "Me, i'll land that on Moho, it'll be fun, i'll go to land on Gilly, Moho and Pol, and won't use anything but EVA pack to land on Pol, i'll call it 'Electra'". "This is the Ion Lander, it will take on Eeloo, Mun and anything smaller, who wants it ???", Simone replied "Jeb and Bob will need that, i'll call it 'Megawatt'". "Our best Laythe Lander up to date, who wants ???", Jeb replied "Yes, me, like Simone said, Bob and i'll need the Megawatt, i'll call this 'Hex' and i'll go to Dres, Eeloo and Laythe, Bob will go to Mun, Minmus and Bop". "Simone...how are you going to call your private Tylo Lander ???", Simone answered "Big Boi it is". "This is how the smaller recoverable Landers being recovered. Simone, you have my trust and you're allowed to recover The Landers" Said Werhner, which Simone agreed hesitatelessly. -Mothership : (2 Types) Mercury (Moho and everything else, has only 1 or 2 Landers attached to it, released in Eve). Joologist (Jool 5, bigger Mercury with real pods, more engines, more tanks and has 4 Landers attached to it). -Lifter : Sheep v3 Ascent Stage (AKA Chimera). Conclusion : 5 Kerbals to a WHOLE Kerbolar System Tour and back...With NO ISRU !!! Landings for each Kerbals : -Simone Kerman (9) : Eve, Tylo. (+Anziephus, Spade, Putto, Ovis, Shrek, Lotus, Duran) -Jebediah Kerman (9) : Dres, Laythe, Eeloo. (+Ebenus, Rheis, Arane, Nuu, Akel, Nuuma) -Valentina Kerman (8) : Duna, Ike, Vall. (+Pherph, Tekcate, Dhar, Vra, Dauble) -Bill Kerman (8) : Gilly, Moho, Pol. (+Epam, Oorma, Phoe, Flo, Durus) -Bob Kerman (8) : Mun, Minmus, Bop. (+Eiwei, Tekili, Tekova, Mez, Es) Status : Mission Accomplished !!!!!!
  22. This is the first official challenge by World Space Club, and in this case it is all about Kerbal Space Program! Your goal is simple: conduct a manned Duna mission, and set up a base. Now, because not everyone is on the same skill level, competition 1 actually has multiple sub-challenges and challenge-types for you to choose from! You may enter one or more of the sub-challenges, but make sure you either film it or take photos periodically, to document your work. Once you're finished, send those photos or video links along with a brief explanation of how you did it to the email [email protected] and we will look at it. The best 5 submissions will be featured on the World Space Club website, and announced on social media and in our magazine Explore Space. The winners will be given a to-be-determined awesome reward of the Kerbal merch variety! The deadline for submissions is December 1st. Anyone may enter, but in keeping with World Space Club’s mission only people under 19 will be able to win. Sub-challenge 1 - Race to Duna! The first sub-challenge is simple (-ish). The director of the Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Administration has tasked you with, before this decade is out, landing at least 2 kerbals on Duna's surface and returning them safely to Kerbin! (Types can stack) Type 1 - Standard. Type 2 - Land on both Duna and it’s moon Ike. Type 3 - Bring a fleet of satellites with you and leave them around Duna. Type 4 - Bring a deployable open-top rover with you. Type 5 - Bring a pressurised rover with you. Type 6 - Do it all without using ion or nuclear engines. (Levels can stack) Level: 1 - Standard challenge, no mods. Level: 2 - Do it in career mode. Level: 3 - Use a life support mod like snacks, USI or TAC. Level: 4 - Use the Kerbalism mod. Level: 5 - Use a 2.5x scale solar system mod. Level: 6 - Use the Real Solar System mod. Level: God - Use Realism Overhaul. Sub-challenge 2 - Brave new frontier... With the successful completion of our first Duna landing, it is up to you to ensure that that mission will not be our last. Build a base on Duna that can hold 10 kerbals and keep it permanently manned, with crew rotations every two to three years. Good luck! (Types can stack) Type 1 - Standard. Type 2 - Build the base within 100km of Duna’s poles. Type 3 - Build the base with extra living space, enough for 20 kerbals. Type 4 - Also set up an orbital station around Duna with space for 5 kerbals. Type 5 - Bring long range rovers with you (range of 1,000km or more). Type 6 - Complete the base in under 10 years. Type 7 - Do it all without using ion or nuclear engines. (Levels can stack) Level: 1 - Standard challenge, no mods. Level: 2 - Do it in career mode. Level: 3 - Use a life support mod like snacks, USI or TAC. Level: 4 - Use the Kerbalism mod. Level: 5 - Use a 2.5x scale solar system mod. Level: 6 - Use the Real Solar System mod. Level: God - Use Realism Overhaul. Sub-challenge 3 - Setting up shop. Now that the first Duna base is starting to not only survive, but thrive, let’s continue by building a long range interplanetary vessel, with enough space for a crew of 20, and having it make the round trip between Kerbin and Duna every transfer window, resupplying the base. Also, have the interplanetary ship drop of additional base modules expanding the surface bases capacity to 30 kerbals. (Types can stack) Type 1 - Standard. Type 2 - Build the ship with extra living space, enough for 30 kerbals. Type 3 - Build the base with extra living space, enough for 50 kerbals. Type 4 - Also set up an orbital station around Duna with space for 15 kerbals. Type 5 - Complete the base expansions in under 20 years. Type 6 - Do it all without using ion or nuclear engines. (Levels can stack) Level: 1 - Standard challenge, no mods. Level: 2 - Do it in career mode. Level: 3 - Use a life support mod like snacks, USI or TAC. Level: 4 - Use the Kerbalism mod. Level: 5 - Use a 2.5x scale solar system mod. Level: 6 - Use the Real Solar System mod. Level: God - Use Realism Overhaul. Sub-challenge 4 - Into the Unknown... Now, thanks to you, the Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Agency has firmly established a base on Duna’s surface. It is now time for KASA to continue its exploration of the Kerbin system, by conducting a manned mission to Jool! In order to do this, you must first construct a massive ship in Duna orbit. When the time is right, that ship will break away from the bounds of Duna’s weak gravity field, and thrust itself into the outer solar system, where no kerbal has gone before! Once it reaches Jool, the crew will take a lander down to the surface of its moon Laythe and stay for a few years, before returning to the ship, and then, Kerbin. (Types can stack) Type 1 - Standard. Type 2 - Land on not only Laythe, but all of Jools other moons. Type 3 - Bring a fleet of satellites with you and leave them around Jool and its moons. Type 4 - Bring a deployable open-top rover with you. Type 5 - Bring a pressurised rover with you. Type 6 - Do it all without using ion or nuclear engines. (Levels can stack) Level: 1 - Standard challenge, no mods. Level: 2 - Do it in career mode. Level: 3 - Use a life support mod like snacks, USI or TAC. Level: 4 - Use the Kerbalism mod. Level: 5 - Use a 2.5x scale solar system mod. Level: 6 - Use the Real Solar System mod. Level: God - Use Realism Overhaul. If all of these challenges sound to difficult, then don’t worry, there is a fifth. Simply make a GIF or video under 2 minutes long of the most ridiculous, intense, over the top, or comedic explosion you can make. Whether it’s a lander falling over, a rocket plowing into the ground, or a botched docking, it wouldn’t be KSP if something didn’t blow up!
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