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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm sorry if I re-asking this question but I can't find the exact same problem, that I have. I just started to play KSP some days ago. Right now I unlocked the "Avilation" tech node, so I can build some simple airplanes. My planes are flyable, and controllable quite good, everything working right except the landing gears. At this point i can work with two type of landing gears: LY-01 fixed landing gear and LY-05 steerable landing gear. If I using LY-01 (It is a nightmare to place this correctly) my plane starts permanently "jumping" like a lowrider from Sanandreas, and its not just annoying but don't get me recover my vessel since its leave the surface before i can press the recovery button. (<-May be some collision problem?) If i use a pair of LY-05 with disable steering and one steerable, my plane stops the "lowrider effect ", but an other problem come up. Its never can stop exactly. I know LY-05 has no brakes but I think - if i shut down the engines - its simple need to stop itself after a while, but no. My plane slow down to 5-8 m/s and after that its never stop exactly, but stop loosing impulse and go forward (or backward) infinitely. Also if I use parachutes to slow down my planes first its work but after its slow down the chutes get cut automaticly , and my plane re-accelerat to 5-8 m/s Its means two thing: 1.) I'm a genius who invented the perpetuum mobile. and 2.) I can not use my planes, since if I go to EVA, my airplane leave my kerbals and they need to run after like a comic book characters... Please help me, my Kerbals are sad. KSP version: 1.4.4 (Linux build) Thank you for your replies!
  2. Hello fellow commanders. I'm getting weirdo things on trying to make landing gears on KSP 1.2.2. I already read the old posts, the new posts, and tried to do reverse engineering on the game stock parts, opening .mu on Blender than maya, knowing the diference of Up axis, and in a given moment, it worked, but the moment i think i was done, and try to put the same wheels on same model again, it got wrong again, tried to switch axis, orientations, locators, nulls, hierarchy, etc, etc, etc. But non of then seams to work. Tried to replicate the exactly stock gears, no good. Is there a good soul that can help me with a detailed schematic, with pictures to go in the right way? I thank you in advance! Cheers!
  3. You know how the stock landing gear takes a couple seconds to release after turning brakes off? It would be an awesome thing to be able to adjust the time it takes to release the brakes, and alternatively engage them as a separate "slider" It would be an awesome addition to Tweakables as well
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