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Found 12 results

  1. Hi I know its a Big ask, but is there any mod developers Interested in Making some Larger Landing Legs? I Know there is Mods Like KRE, but the landing legs on that are Designed for Boosters, and don't work as Well for landers. I Have Four Or Five Types of Legs in Mind: - Medium Legs based off the Martians Ares Landers ( there is a mod with these, but I was talking to the Dev about them not Folding away Enough to Reasonably Put in a Fairing ) - Medium/Large Legs Based Off the National Teams ILV - Small/Medium Legs Based off The LM Descent Stage - Possibly a
  2. Stork Delivery System Deliver your big cargo to the planet surface without flipping! Stork frame with legs: Mod characteristics - allows you to deliver tall 2.5m or 3.75m diameter parts to planet surface thanks to 6 long, extendable legs. - lightweight - reusing same textures wherever possible - integrated approach - one integrated part for frame and legs to increase stability and reduce part count Requirements No dependencies. Example usages Delivery of cargo trucks (with an assistance of JebPush TM at the end:))
  3. TL;DR Is it possible to create a part that has all the functionality I need it to have like and also have deployable landing legs? Long Version I am trying to create Space-X's Starship and I want to have the Starship(the top piece) have deployable landing gear built in to it. I want them to have exactly the same functionality as normal landing legs but I do not want to add as secondary pieces outside. I can build them in the model and create animations in blender for them but other than that I have no idea how to procceed in order to create my idea. Please give me any tips you h
  4. Like many of you, I've experienced serious issues with landing legs having excessive bouncing. But it's important to remember the promise of landing legs. I landed a probe on Minmus lately on a slope and this happened: I came down vertically and the legs automatically evened me out. It was beautiful. Hopefully this is what we can have right from the beginning in KSP2, and new players can experience this without bitter memories of landing leg shenanigans.
  5. I'll make this short. Landing legs, while useful, stick off the edges of your craft. It could be useful to have some inline landing legs, maybe part of a fuel tank. would be great for landers, the only problem I can CURRENTLY see with this is the placement on the tech tree, and the usage besides reducing a small amount of possible explodey parts. Your thoughts?
  6. Hola, ya llevo jugando algunos meses KSP, algo antes del cambio de la UELA (por definir algo), poco a poco he ido enganchando mas con este juego, es adictivo. Lo mis es mas bien replicar de alguna forma naves, cohetes, etc. mas que otra cosa, lo que ando buscando ahora y que no he podido encontrar es un buen mod que contenga landing legs, hay un par como Lithobrake y el que es muy SpaceX, ninguno es lo que busco y lo mas cercano es el que contenia el mod Kerbodyne. Lo que busco son landing legs que se alejen de las tipo SpaceX y Lithobrake, alguien conocerá algún mod que me sirva? Me
  7. For some reason my minmus landers' LT2 landing legs explode as soon as I touch down on minmus. now I know I'm not going too fast because a) I've accidentally landed a lander with the same legs going about 20 m/s on minmus when I ran out of fuel and the legs didn't explode and b) I'm touching down at about .3 m/s.
  8. So I'm in career mode and I've sent a couple of missions to the Mun. Only one probe was able to soft-land due to a bug I've had with my landers. For some reason they want to bounce back up, usually flipping over in the process. I have had this issue with both the smallest and the medium sized legs. I've also played a bit with the leg springs and dampeners. I lowered their tweakable settings. During that landing, the craft sank into the surface of the Mun and one of the legs exploded, requiring a revert. Mods in use: CKAN, Science Checklist, several flag mods, Contract Configurator with all of
  9. Ever get tired of stock's shoddy landing legs that don't work as advertised? Solution: build your own. Easier said than done. It is easy enough to build a set of legs, but not ones that start folded and then deploy at landing. But I managed! Here it is on the pad. Planning on using an expendable upper stage and sending a relaysat to KTO, but bringing the first stage back with RTLS, SpaceX-style. Detail view of the landing legs on the pad: The legs start folded, held against the side by paired docking ports. I could have done it with decouplers, but
  10. What do you think, guys(from Squad too), about add Grid Fins for more realistic stock reusable (mostly) rockets and Super Heavy Landing Legs for Heavier Landers?
  11. So im trying to build a lander and i found this very funny (and anoying) bug were the landing legs rotation axis is screwed with. IT doesn't let me rotate them to any "usable" rotation. On the left one i didn't do anything, and on the right one i really tried (for about 5 min ._.) Is it fixable? I have made 3 reinstalls and tried with and without mods. (none worked)
  12. So I was reentering a Minmus lander into Kerbin when I noticed the atmosphere seemed to be accelerating my craft. Note this was not a case of my speed increasing during descent due to gravity. The acceleration was much more significant than that. When I finally blew up at around 8 km altitude, I was on a Kerbin escape trajectory and going well over 4,000 m/s. The effect seemed to get worse the further down I fell into the atmo. Luckily I had a quicksave before reentering so I was able to try again several times, doing this and that differently, but still experiencing the issue.
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