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Found 8 results

  1. This occured to me while watching "Red dwarf". In the show, signs in the mining ship are bilingual. English and Esperanto. Kerbals are known to speak gibberish which is, contrary to the myth, not backwards Spanish, although the source speeches we hear in early Squad do contain some Romance language words, sometimes jumbled up. Since Esperanto sounds a bit weird and needs getting used to, but is very easy to learn, and as a homage to cult comedy SF series "Red dwarf" why not make Kerbals speak Esperanto? Maybe even backwards Esperanto to make it more enigmatic if it suits the ear. I think it's a great opportunity for the game to use something international.
  2. Hey Commanders, I really love KSP but... am I missing something or could it be, that the DLC only supports english? I mean, the dlc-shoppage says the following languages are supported: Languages: English French Italian German Spanish Japanese Portuguese-Brazil Russian Simplified Chinese But ingame I can't find any option to change the DLC-Language and now I have a mix of german/english... and it looks like that everything that comes from the expansion is in english only. I've reapplied the steam language settings - nothing. I've reinstalled the whole game and set it to german - nothing. Just english. Is this a bug or a misinformation at the shoppage? If it's not a bug, please give me and the others correct informations instead of disappointing me, thank you Here a screenshot from what I'm talking about: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1330154126 Excuse my adventurous english, please Greetings, Paem
  3. Hello, It is simply not possible that the game can only be played in English. Even the console version does not yet have a German language! If you release a console version and want to reach new players who have never played KSP before and don't know much about space travel, then you don't know English well and are overwhelmed with technical terms in a foreign language, then a excrementsstorm can be triggered very quickly. Especially if the game still has bugs that you have to find before the release. Why doesn't Squad get a German or other language into the game? Even Stardew Valley, developed by a developer, is available in many languages. Even in German! KSP has been around for five years and the most important languages are still not in play! This is just embarrassing! I strongly assumed that the console versions are finally playable in German. In the Developer Blog this was announced also largely. I'm just disappointed about this development at Squad. That's why I didn't buy the game on PS4. Only if it will include the German language. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  4. привет (Hi) I wanted to use ksp in russian and i have 1.3 so it's possible for me anyone know how?
  5. Hi, I just bought KSP. But when i opened it, i found it to be in some weird language (Which i cannot understand). I want it to be in English. How to change it. The problem is that I don't understand the Setting Menu either. Please help. i know this is a silly question, but i did not find any thread with this question and nothing was given in wiki either. Sorry if I missed it somewhere.
  6. My apologies in advance for not being able to do this in each of your respective languages individually. Hopefully you will understand this enough to participate. In the KSP Weekly (formerly known as Dev Notes) of 2016-Oct-21, @SQUAD mentioned the following: Notice the last part I marked bold. There has not been much response to this in the thread itself, and I have not seen any formal/official inquiry from Squad anywhere in the forum. I don't want Squad to get the incorrect impression that there is no need for KSP to support other languages. So I decided to start a poll here in the International section of the forum. Let's use this to let Squad know about our localization needs and wants. The above does not specify if they mean a translation of the texts in KSP, support for other characters sets, or support for other keyboard layouts - localization normally means all of those, so let's talk about all of them.
  7. As the title says, it would be nice to have KSP in multiple languages. For people who do not speak french (like me) were difficult to set the settings, to understanding the scenarios etc... This will attract more people to buy KSP, I think. I think it it will not be too difficult to achieve. (Sorry for my bad english). Good FLY! Thank you to all the staff for this wonderful work.
  8. Today I was thinking what would kerbals speak and I know a few words: Hello: Jönğş (Joa-ngv-sz) Bye: Çonü (Son-au) Yes: Ontåv (On-toav) No: Fontç (Fonts) Keep coming to learn more kerblish.
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