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Found 7 results

  1. This is from Nuclear Reactor Lasers: from Fission to Photon: http://toughsf.blogspot.com/2019/04/nuclear-reactor-lasers-from-fission-to.html Nuclear Reactor Lasers: from Fission to Photon Nuclear reactor lasers are devices that can generate lasers from nuclear energy with little to no intermediate conversion steps. We work out just how effective they can be, and how they stack up against conventional electrically-powered lasers. You might want to re-think your space warfare and power beaming after this. Nuclear energy and space have been intertwin
  2. Hi! From this post. Laser Launch to Orbit In this post, we will look at laser launch systems, how they would look like and perform, and how they might be applied to reach orbit and beyond. The advantages of laser launch 140GHz is microwave. A typical rocket engine does two things: deliver propellant and heat it up using an energy source. In a chemical-fuel rocket, the propellant is combustible and is burned in a combustion chamber. The resulting heat and gasses serve both as propellant and an energy source. In a nuclear thermal
  3. I'm wondering why laser guns haven't been made yet. Can't you just put a laser from a laser cutter, hook it up to a switch(trigger), and a battery? I dunno. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this plan? EDIT: Silly me. Completely forgot the power and heat issues. Thanks everyone. A laser is a light amplified by stimulated emmision of radiation after all, so a laser powerful enough to destroy would use lots of energy. Also the other issues too. EDIT 2: Silly me again. Didn't read stuff. Anyway, just forget my last edit
  4. It has been many days and i have many questions regarding lasers now : 1) Which laser mod is used in this video to destroy the planets? I guess it would be a .cfg edit. So anyone please tell 2) Again which laser mod is used in this video ?Please tell. I guess these videos are made by space scumbag (aka SWdennis)
  5. There is a lot of science behind cosmetic procedures and products!
  6. Blow the KSC to bits with the AWP Expansion for Kerbal Space Program! Items included with this pack, 1. Laser Turret MK100 Heavy Weight Bomb This Pack is undergoing development! More weapons and custom modeling coming soon!! READ INSTALLATION GUIDE AS THIS MOD DOES NOT INSTALL NORMALLY! Download Link NOTE: All models and CFG Files were not generated me, they were generated by Bahamuto Dynamics. All Rights Reserved
  7. Is there a mod that adds laser beam elevators for beaming/teleporting kerbals from orbit down to the surface of a planet or moon? (like in "Star Trek") Also, happy new year!
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