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Found 13 results

  1. Ver 1.4 Now with an updated IVA using the latest ASET Props & Avionics. Parts pack for Gemini missions. Features the Gemini spacecraft, Titan II Launch vehicle ( Can be used for the Dynasoar mod too ) and the Agena Target Vehicle. You have to supply your own Atlas or equivalent rocket to launch the Agena. Agena docking cone allows for soft docking when in Mooring Mode. Correct Roll alignment during docking is handled by the Agena docking cone V cutout and the Gemini nosecone Index Bar. After the soft docking switch the Agena docking cone to "Rigid Mode" for a rigid connection.
  2. The Titan-Proton GLVM is a mix of a Titan II GLV and Proton-M rocket. The first stage is a Titan II first stage with Proton-M boosters, stage 2 is a proton second stage, stage 3 is a Titan II GLV second stage, and the payload inside the fairing is a Gemini spacecraft. Its the second of my "combined rockets", and works pretty well! You could probably put the spacecraft into munar orbit if your good enough with its fuel. Parts: 71 Crew: 2 Mass: 131.83t Cost: 144,559 Downloads: KerbalX, Steam Workshop
  3. Yep, the challenge is simple. Recreate a footage or photo outside KSP (Other games are fine) inside KSP. Rules, for those who still don't understand what I'm trying to mean & those I can think of Include the original video / picture. No original footage, no compromise. Some of us don't know what you're trying to mean without the original footage. Declare your achievements, and your total point, together with your submission. me when lazy to actively judge stuff be like lol If it's a video, you may use the audio from the original video, as long as Picture and/or video
  4. Jules Kerman ATV & Ariane 5. (Ver 1.2) Jules Kerman Automated Transfer Vehicle and Ariane 5 Launch vehicle. You can use the ATV to transfer resources and propellants to your stations. Use the Ariane 5 to lift the ATV to orbit, or use it to lift to orbit up to 2 payloads simultaneously using the Sylda decoupler. This mod is meant to be used with TAC Life Support. If you have TAC Life Support installed you will be presented with 2 EPM parts (Equipped Pressurized Module). One for transfering Oxygen, Food, Water and Monoprop and one for transfering Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer and Monoprop.
  5. Ver 1.3 Launch vehicle for the HOYO CSM. Includes first stage solid rocket booster with 2 textures, J2X second stage engine, liquid fuel tank and decouplers/adapters. This mod is intended for the latest HOYO CSM (ver1.5) link at the end of the post. Supports RealPlume and Engine Lighting. These mods are not bundled with the release but are highly recommended. This mod comes bundled with dependencies. Module Manager, TexturesUnlimited (For Reflections) and FireSpitter (For SRB texture switching). INSTALLATION Unzip and merge with your GameData folder. The folder GameData
  6. Got bored, so i decided to make the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket... And i think i did it well, this thing really is a joy to fly. both pieces regularly launch from KSC LC-1 nowadays, each carrying a crew of 3 paying kerbals on a suborbital hop that included up to 10 mins of pure weightlessness (That they don't get to experience because they are strapped to their seats ) Anyway, tell me what you think!
  7. Craft files: Aurora Winged Booster (SPH) Block I Hurricane Solo Block I MLLV Hurricane Duo Block I HLLV Hurricane Trio Block I SHLLV Block II Hurricane Duo Block II HLLV Block III Hurricane Duo Block III HLLV Hurricane Trio Block III SHLLV Background: Those of you who tried to reproduce the Space Shuttle in KSP knows the number one problem is asymmetric thrust. There I was wrestling with the same problem when I had the brilliant idea of "why not just use more of them?" A pair of shuttles sandwiching an ET between them, now there's some symmetric thrust. But then I th
  8. Welcome! Here you can post your payloads (either in craft of sub assembly form), and people will deliver them to their destination with their own launch vehicles! Pictures of the payload are encouraged but not required. It is also encouraged that you show the payload's creator pictures of the payload delivered and/or being delivered. Happy launches!
  9. Falcon 9 Reusable | SpaceX Replica This rocket is a replica of the spaceX falcon9 v1.2 launch vehicle. It's first stage is capable of sending a 2nd stage with a payload of up to 17t into orbit, and autonomously return for a landing. PAYLOAD REQUIREMENTS Fairing: <2.1t Payload mass: <17t Cost per ton: $1450.59 Cost per launch: $24660 WARNING: Some part clipping involved. Instructions on how to use the launcher. The first stage has 9 engines in an octaweb configuration. During launch, all 9 engines will fire. Howev
  10. So a while ago I created the Nova II Ultra Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle. But there was always a bit of nagging thought in my mind that it was a compromised solution. The main reason why the original Nova II had a reusable upper stage was that at the time I didn't think it was possible to recover the entire core stage of the asparagus. The reusable upper stage solved the problem of cost, but also introduced a structural weakness with its thin probe core / reaction wheel section that weakened the rocket and was only partially fixed by strut spam. Then, while working on my fully reusable launch v
  11. Having designed a low cost per ton launch vehicle for the Light Lift category and another one for Ultra Heavy Lift, it's now time to fill the big gap in the middle. Being in the middle can be a bit tricky though - they're too big for monolithic SSTO flyback booster and too small for highly optimised asparagus giants. Some new thinking is needed here. Of course to make the upper stage reusable is easy - Nova II already demonstrated this feasibility with its Reusable High Energy Upper Stage. The problem is the larger lower stage - they get left behind in the atmosphere and their tend to cos
  12. Edit: an updated version of this launcher, the Nova IIB UHLLV has been released. This version is now considered obsolete. Tired of launch vehicles that barely register as a blip next to the monster rockets built by aliens from the Sol system? No longer! Presenting: Nova II Ultra Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle Craft file: http://www./download/92j7fo82d2ecfj1/Nova_2_UHLLV.craft (Craft file contains proofing payload) Specifications: dry weight: 181 tons wet weight: 849 tons cost: √234,004 part count: 181 payload: 229 tons to 75km x 75km orbit payl
  13. Welcome to Rocket of the Week! This week(12/8/15-12/15/15)'s featured rocket: Delta III Rocket of the Week is a place where we will feature one rocket that is currently operational, retired, or planned. A new rocket will be featured each week. All members are welcome to comment about the featured rocket and even make suggestions about rockets that should be showcased the following week. Sometimes polls will be held for members to vote on their favorite rocket. Also, if the rocket is available in a KSP mod, it will be showcased as well. This is a place for all rocketry enthusiasts to
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