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  1. they worked a lot on the general public internet isro portal the past few month ^^ mooaaar launch video moooaaaarrr ^^ http://www.isro.gov.in/gslv-f09-gsat-9/gslv-f09-gsat-9-lift-and-onboard-camera-video on a side note what i wonder since a while is what are all thoose falling stuff just after launch(s)
  2. I am wondering if there is a mod like this already, or if it is even possible. After thinking on the subject a bit, I came to the conclusion that my ideal base construction mod would NOT be something based on any sort of parts themselves. Instead, it would be something that lets you build actual buildings (i.e. the same kind of object that the actual space center's buildings themselves are). Once a building is constructed, it could either be upgraded with funds (if on Kerbin/a populated world), or with some sort of "Parts" or "Supplies" resource (if on NOT-Kerbin/an unpopulated wor
  3. Fixed by deleting all files in the ckan folder
  4. I recently reinstalled KSP after a long period of not playing it. It worked perfectly fine for two days with no bugs, then yesterday it wouldn't load past "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" upon launching. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game from several versions and it always has the same problem. I am at my wits end for how to fix this issue, please someone help me? Computer: Razer Blade Stealth Software: Windows 10 Home, Version 1607 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50 GHz RAM: 8 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  5. I have not been playing KSP a lot the last few years after I quit building space planes. Was a bit hard to find something fun to do motivating me to play but eventually I decided to use KOS and do some scripting. I cant code or script realy so that was interesting After doing some scripts that could take a specific rocket up in orbit or a spaceplane up and land I decided I needed something "Universal". Even with a handful of scripts and rockets when I played career with limited parts one have to invent rockets as the parts are unlocked so realy my new shiny rockets and there scr
  6. The CYGNSS satellite constellation is launching on an air-launched Pegasus rocket. Watch it here! https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/#public UPDATE 15 Dec 2016: Launch successful!
  7. Hello everyone! This is a thread for you to submit your own spacecraft for me to launch in my 1.2 game, where I'm doing commercial launches now. I'll feature them here on the thread so you can see them in action. Some basic rules: 1. Must be unmanned 2. Tell me the weight 3. Tell me what it's purpose is (Relay network, communications, scientific, etc.) 4. Tell me where to put it (Like in a 100x100 km Kerbin orbit or something like that) 5. Tell me what it's supposed to do 6. Tell me the company that it's from (Like Kerbodyne or something of your own) 7. Must
  8. Solved: So the update was a Steam update, and that somehow corrupted some drivers for the graphics card. I realized that after trying a few other games and seeing them fail to launch too (including non-steam games). The specific problem was "Failure to Initialize Direct3D" which I learned when the Hearthstone error message actually specified the exact issue (steam crashes didn't for some reason). The issue was fixed by running windows troubleshooter to fix the corrupted files and restarting the computer when prompted. Posting this because nothing is worse than coming to a forum to find a solut
  9. Hello i'm back and i decided to put a rocket on the back of my boat this time... and land it........ on the boat Take a look (Same mods) KAS/KIS, VaporVent All pictures here http://imgur.com/a/Di4BB
  10. It should be doable to create an online launcher performance calculator using Orbiter analogous to Dr. John Shilling's calculator: Launch Vehicle Performance Calculator. http://silverbirdastronautics.com/LVperform.html It should have an GUI where you could just plug in the specifications of your rocket and get a reasonably accurate estimate of the payload to Earth orbit, without having to be familiar with Kerbal programming. Bob Clark
  11. Follow the livestream of the Vega launch from Kourou, French Guiana : http://www.arianespace.com/mission/vega-flight-vv07/
  12. The definition of a perfect gravity turn according to Wikipedia (always reliable) is an ascent path such that at any given point (after the pitchover maneuver), your angle of attack is zero. Here's my issue: I want to test using this definition to optimize my gravity turns by keeping my angle of attack at zero, but I have no idea how to calculate the angle of attack for my rockets. Most internet information, such as pages on Wikipedia, focus on angle of attack for aircraft. What is the definition of angle of attack for a rocket? How do I find a rocket's angle of attack using tools in KSP?
  13. I would like to put a ship into orbit around minmus with a minimum of fussing around. I've heard that a 'direct launch' is the lowest dV way to get where you're going. Basically, skip the parking orbit and just go for what you want. Okay. Fair enough. What I want is a rendezvous orbit around Minmus with this here tanker, so that it can refuel an on-station lander. This means that in addition to burning directly into my minmus rendezvous, I also want to have inclination. I'm assuming, since I have zero control over where the KSC is that flying directly into the minmus enco
  14. Are there any general tips or methods on how to launch REALLY HEAVY STUFF into orbit. I'm talking about 1 Million kg.(It's going to go to EVE and then to Gilly and land there. Then back home, but it has tons of science equipment from mods and it has a science lab and 2 command pods so thats why its so heavy.)
  15. Is there a rule of thumb for getting a rocket out of Kerbin's atmosphere? All that I've gathered thus far is that powerful rockets can get into space at shallower angles. Alternatively, a rocket solely designed for Kerbin orbit requires about a 45 degree angle when it's all said and done. Since target assist is not an option from launch, how do I know from rocket to rocket what the angle should be? Also, does career mode build off of the tutorials, or am I better off playing around in sandbox first?
  16. In 64-bit KSP 1.1, with only one mod (the docking alignment indicator) - launching a fairly large rocket (174 tons in 6 stages): If I save and then attempt to load the vehicle, it shows up on the vehicle list as "116 parts in 13 stages", but there are only six stages on the sidebar. I click "launch". I go to the pad. If I don't do anything for a few seconds, the spacecraft settles in. It appears to be intact, but the first three stages disappear from the stage sequence on the left. If I activate the staging sequence, I get the fourth stage. If I hit the "stage" button before
  17. Hello all, KSP has just started crashing inexplicably as soon as I double-click it to start. It had been crashing frequently before, and after one crash I tried starting it again and it gave the "the game crashed" message almost instantly. I tried again, same thing. Happens when I launch from Steam and directly from the Kerbal Space Program folder. I thought it might be my mods, so I removed them. Still, the game crashed on startup. It doesn't even get to the loading screen, it just crashes. I just tried it in 32-bit, no mods, and it loaded fine so it seems to be a problem with 64-bit.
  18. Super rushed. Just wanted to put something together for a proof-of-concept for something I'm working on. Good headphones or sound system required.
  19. So it seems that every time I launch anything on top of a vector engine the rocket goes all wonky (sorry for the technical jargon) for a few seconds before the gimballing kicks in and straightens it out... Is this a known bug? Or is it by design and just thrown in to make life exciting? Or is it one of those things that I'm the only one experiencing? Danny
  20. Launch Clamp How-To (Tutorial) I'll probably add detail later, but I wanted to at least get this started. Launch Clamps are one of the more tricky things to make, second only to landing gear/legs, but not nearly as hard. However, you do have to get a lot of the details right. Positions and orientations of transforms matter a lot, and nothing will work right if you get some of the details wrong. An excellent starting point is the FASA Launch tower tutorial by @frizzank, and in fact that's where I learned to make them. At the time that I made the launch clamps for SpaceY,
  21. Hi! I still pretty much a KSP beginner, I played a bit before the official release. Now I'm playing on Science Mode and I want to land a Kerbal on the Mun, but I have a problem. I've built a rocket that can easily reach Orbit and even the Mun. But as soon as I add landing struts to the "landing part" I can't seem to launch the rocket from the launchpad straight up. Without the struts reaching orbit is easy, with them I just can't manage because the rocket starts tipping straight away... Is it normal that the landing struts have such a large impact? And what can I do to fix the problem? Ma
  22. Sometimes, after I load a saved game, KSC shows up at a vantage point near the ground by the VAB. Pressing ESC does nothing, pressing the Pause Menu button does nothing. Mod popups all work OK. I have to close and re-launch the game. Screen shot of Loading problem
  23. Does anyone know a mod that has good looking launch towers (that is not FASA)? If not, can anyone make one? Thanks!
  24. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew any mods (besides FASA) that added launch towers/clamps. Thanks!
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