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Found 3 results

  1. about the zephyr launch vehicle and Shetland launch site!!! i cant wait for zephyr to launch and also the Shetland launch site to be complete
  2. Want some new bases on Kerbin? First, backup GameData and saves. You know the drill. Then go look at the downloads and get what you want. DEPENDENCIES Say thanks by donating? Want to say thanks for the mod with hard cash, wonga, dosh etc.? All donations go to the caffeine fund. INCLUDES Kerbin-Side Core, Kerbin-Side MainBases, Kerbin-Side Ground Control, Kerbin-Side Kampus, Kerbin-Side Skyways, Kerbin-Side KSC2 and Kerbin-Side Air-Race Last Update: 6th May 2016 | Version: 1.1.0 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download
  3. Kerbal Konstructs provides editing tools for adding static objects into KSP, including new launch sites. It also presents a means to select an alternative site to launch from in the VAB and SPH, integration of new launch sites into a strategy feature in Career Mode, 'working' facilities such as fuel tanks and support for air-racing. DOWNLOAD from Alpha Strike Games | DOWNLOAD from SpaceDock Like the mod and want to contribute to the author's caffeine addiction? Kerbal Konstructs should be installed to your GameData folder retaining the exact file
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