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Found 8 results

  1. hi obligatory "new here, forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place" the image in the sidebar here: https://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS/language.html I've just shrunk it down to 128x128 pixels and stretched it a bit after scaling it down. Is it alright if I use it in on my website? Like as an icon/flair users can put on their profile just to show that they use the KerboScript language? thanks!
  2. Just a heads up. Been researching licenses for my mods and stumbled upon this: Creative Commons does NOT recommend using CC licenses (any) for software (link) to repeat: CC licenses are not meant for code from their wiki: they recommend: Open Source Initiative list: Free Software Foundation: Various Licenses and Comments about Them Moderators: Maybe this should be a sticky????
  3. This is more related to addons, but at the same time is to the moderators and about the forum. Are custom licenses for addons allowed? As in, can we just come up with our own set of rules? I’m making a mod but I don’t want it to be uploaded onto other sites nor the assets being used for other mods (without my permission). I could do all rights reserved, but since there are modified versions of some SQUAD assets (planet maps), I obviously don’t want to do that. I was thinking of something like a CC-BY-NC-ND license, but that allows reuploads and reuse of assets (unless modified).
  4. When I submitted craft with Explodium Breathing Engines to Kerbal X for the first time, it didn't recognize my ExV parts. These are Module Manager patches that clone stock parts and change several properties, as originally suggested by DStaal to avoid copy / pasting material owned by Squad. While this works in-game, it doesn't work well for craft sharing apparently. I tried Craft Manager to upload craft from in-game to Kerbal X, which works, but the parts get listed as Squad-owned parts and they don't seem to retain mass or cost values. Which in a logical sense they are, since they are cloned and only have some properties changed. I would just change all of the parts to stand-alone parts, like OhioBob does for his Eve Optimized Engines, but I worry about infringing Squad's copyright by just copy / pasting the majority of the part configs. Should I just do that anyway? Would Take Two have a fit? Or is there a better solution? For instance, some way to tell Module Manager to modify the parentUrl for these parts somehow so the parts look like they're from someplace other than "Squad." It's not just Kerbal X I need concern myself with now, since Steam Workshop now supports craft sharing in KSP 1.4.4.
  5. Hello, I have been working on a skybox composite using various images, of nebulae and galaxies, from NASA, ESO and other 'free' sources. I was almost ready to release it to the KSP community. However, while compiling all the sources and credits for the images, I found out that NASA and ESO state that the image credit should be visible WITH the images. The way I understood it, that implies that I would have to stick the credits right beside the nebulae and galaxies in the skybox itself. Now THAT, is a big problem, and as you can tell, ABSOLUTELY UNDESIRABLE! I have been working on it for several months now, in between two jobs, and I was looking forward to sharing it with the community. If any of you guys can suggest a way out, I would be so much relieved. (Or please just tell me I got it wrong, because I don't think Rareden's Real Skybox had the same problem.) P.S.: The skybox was initially captured in Space Engine. Later, I used high-res, 'real' images of the visible nebulae and galaxies from various sources to enhance their detail, and realism. P.P.S.: In case if it's of any help, here are all the sources (I would have attached this in the release page AND with the download as well): Thank you for your time, and thank you very much for any help that you can provide.
  6. Hi. New kid on the block here. I'm cutting my teeth on add-on development, and - as usual - I'm starting from the basics: changing what already exists to see what I get. I ended up with a (perhaps?) nice solution for some complains I had read on the forum, but that solution reused some (edited!) meshes from the Squad's vanilla install, and now I'm unsure if I can redistribute the (edited) material bundled with mine. Looking into the KSP's directory, I found a LegalNotice.txt with many people granting the licensee rights to do whatever is wanted - but of course, each licensor grants the right for his work, and for his work only. But I don't know what resources from Squad's subdirectory was licensed by whom, and of course Squad's copyrighted material is licensed under different terms (or I would not have to buy a KSP copy to legally play it, right?). I'm not worried about retaining ownership of such material - ethically, I think it "belongs to the game" as I'm reusing game's resources, and I don't mind waiving away the rights for the (few) things I had done. But I don't want to cross any line on the forum, so I choose to be safer than sorry. Since I didn't found any solid definitions about the issue, what's is currently accepted as the way to go around here?
  7. How to License, Simply Have you ever wanted to release something her on the forums, but all those license guides are just too complicated? Here are a few common licenses and what they mean. Most of this actually comes from tl;dr legal. MIT: The MIT license allows you to use the licensed thing(software) to earn money. You can also change it, give out copies of the software, license the modified version under a more restrictive license, and use the software privately. You cannot blame the author of the software if something bad happens because of the software. You must include the license in all copies you give out or sell(distribute), and you must provide a copyright notice in all copies you distribute. GPLv3: The GPLv3 license allows you to use the software to earn money, make changes to it, distribute it, place a warranty on it, and place patent claims on it. You cannot license modifications under a more restrictive license or hold the author of the software liable for anything bad that happens. You must include the original program(if modified), state any changes made, provide a link to the source of the original, include the license, include a copyright notice, and include Install Instructions for the software. More licenses will come soon, although Creative Commons licenses will not be covered becuase the Creative Commons website provides simple explanations for their licenses.
  8. Good day, I'm a member of a Canadian Military training institution and we want to install KSP EDU on a few of our lab computers. However these computers are completely stand-alone, offline, will never be connected to the internet computers. How can we install your game and license system on PC's that can not and will not ever connect to the internet? OBVIOUSLY we won't pirate your software as we have values and wish to support your great product, please tell me there is an offline option!
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