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Found 20 results

  1. Yes this is urgent as my custom Space Shuttle is in the reentry process while the game is paused, so I built it with a different design as the common one, I got a mastodon engine at the back with 4 thud engines with 2 jet engines at the sides, and with a wing that goes all the way from cockpit to the Mk3 to 3.75m adapter, without front canard, and the problem is when I do the 40 angle pitch up the vehicle slows down but it keeps going up, tho no thrust is being applied, what should I do now in-reenrry?? Remember, it's urgent.
  2. Hey guys , I know there are already a lots of tweets but i watched already a lots of tutorials etc... Well i tried to built a big cargo-SSTO. On ground it is good to turn left right but i have the problem that it cant take off I have built also another one but it has exactly the same problem. I can built planes i constructed the SR1-Blackbird and it worked well but SSTOS ... are not working ^^. One Problem i could imagine, is that the center of lift is not at line with the center of mass but I am still a noob in planes. I started 4 days ago to build planes xD. kind
  3. TLDR I did some tests with various rotors to determine which yields the highest lift/weight ratio for heavy payloads on either Kerbin or Eve. In the static tests I’ve performed on the ground of Kerbin and Eve, I noticed that the large helicopter Type S blades provide the most lift per tonnes rotors+motor . In my flawed tests, 8 rotors per motor work best on Kerbin and 4 rotors per motor work best on Eve. I was also able to roughly determine the maximum mass of a craft at which it would still fly. Long story I’ve been running tests with various sizes of propellers
  4. I created a feedback report explaining the situation in detail. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/24853
  5. Recently I have had problems with my center of lift always pointing straight down, even though i have my wings set forward, can someone help me with fixing this issue?
  6. From my experience it's difficult to impossible to dock with a surface outpost, because the docking ports have to be the same height above the ground. And they have to be axially aligned, so if there was a way to control the orientation and raise it up it would be easier to dock.
  7. In a plane the Centre of mass is just ahead of the centre of pressure, so it is stable. When elevator movement is given, it does go nose up but it doesnot climb. Instead in it tries to come down. How to make it climb. P.s Rhodes34 airfoil if used inclined at 8deg Basically I want to know what affects the rate of climb and vertical velocity
  8. I am creating a variable wing that can be deployed and retracted. I want to use ModuleAnimateGeneric and ModuleLiftingSurface of parts.cfg file. 1. How to change the lift with deploy and retract? 2. Is there a way to know the current status of deploy and retract? I have just started Addon development, and I do not know much about it. Thanks for any advice.
  9. I am trying to make a model of a Boeing 747, but the "fat 455 aeroplane main win" is too small for what I want. I found a forum that told me how to resize it, and i did, but the problem is that it still has the same amount of lift, and I have not been able to find ANY article of the forum even remotely talking about how to add lift to an object. please help me out.
  10. Hey there So I had some trouble with this career games first landing on the Mun. Figured I'd not got the balance of the lander correct. When I went in the VAB, I found that any rocket I designed had a lift vector. I tested with an unmodified game, and I guess it's not supposed to be like that, since it didn't happen then. Has anyone encountered this before? Thought I'd ask here first before I start trimming mods to find the problem. Possibly something that updated recently, as the unmanned lander I sent previous didn't have any difficulty landing. Thanks to anyone
  11. It'll be really helpful to know the Lift&Drag characteristics on altitude and speed, to fly a proplane. Anyone knows something about this?
  12. Well, after hours of testing, reading, and testing again, I am still having a really hard time understanding the aerodynamics. Previous post: Even though my previous post was ironically the only ground drag issue that came into the equation with trying to make a stable jet, I'm still trying to build a stable jet. Rather, understanding how to make one that is. I know CoM, CoT, and CoL, but I don't understand their results. There are numerous claims that if the CoL is behind the CoM, then the rocket will be stable. KSP wiki: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Cente
  13. Hi, i dont see anywhere neither in the VAB nor in the SAB how much lift the ship has. In addition, what is an optimal lift per weight ratio?
  14. So I've been making an F-35 Replica(that looks really horrible) and i wanted to see if it would fly. I checked the COL and COM and the COL was all the way on the floor. (I tried to test fly it but it didn't take off and flipped out) Picture: http://imgur.com/a/eBbtV EDIT: It''s a little hard to see. The COL is below the plane on the floor.
  15. Hi! I have designed a run-of-the-mill SSTO. Nothing special, gets Kerbals to orbit. Unfortunately, I noticed an issue: one of the fuel tanks does not provide lift, and only on one side!! http://imgur.com/a/M5wRF Craft file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1414175/ksp/jinxed-jet/Jinxed.craft I just don't get what is wrong with it. Can anybody help me out here? ps.: This happens both in 1.1.3 and in 1.2.
  16. Hello people. I was trying to build a pretty weird craft, and came upon a behavior i was not expecting concerning the MK2 serie of fuselage parts. So, here is a first shot: I would expect this (line of mk2 fuselage rotated on their side) to show some lift on one side, probably to the right of the image given how i rotated the parts. But as the indicators show, there is no lift produced. Then, i rotated each fuselage to get a ring, and it was now producing lift... Shot: Close-up shot: It might be useful to know that on this shot, the root part
  17. KerbalX download We can change rotary motion into linear motion :-) Credit to Erasmusguy again (he has so many good ideas). I borrowed the slider rails w/wheels idea from a transmission or something he was working on. If you lift stuff, or flip stuff over, post a pic. Edit: pure stock
  18. In flight, you can open up a nice aero forces display by opening the ALT F12 debug menu, going to the physics tab, then the aerodynamics sub-tab, then checking the "display aero data gui" checkbox. I've noticed however, that the lift:drag ratio numbers seem very poor compared with real-life airplanes. The best I can get is 8 or 9 to one, at 2 degrees AoA, at low speed and altitude. At 0.82 mach and 10km, similar to how commercial airliners fly, best seems to be 2.8 AoA and maybe 5 to one lift / drag ratio. Real commercial airliners are pushing 20:1 at such a point, i
  19. I've had this happen a few times and have also seen it happen to others...... Situation: Aircraft is perfectly fine to start with and flies somewhere away from KSC (or on another planet). After flying for a while, it lands safely on the surface with no damage. Problem: When it takes off again for another flight, some wing pieces on one side of the fuselage have lost their ability to create lift, while their symmetrical counterparts still produce lift. This produces a bad rolling tendency in the plane which, at high enough speeds, can be uncontrollable. The pic below shows an exa
  20. If you are using triangular wings as decoration or part of the body, will they affect how well your Spaceplane flies? How does the game determine which direction is forwards if the design needs them turned 90 degrees or some wonky angle?
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