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Found 22 results

  1. TL;DR The orange light on the far right should light up, but it does not. (in the video) In order to make independent lights, I used thin layers of orange emissive material hidden under those chevrons (the v-shape objects around the ring). To turn on the light, I simply animate that orange-light-object upwards out of the body to become visible. It works for the top(12 o'clock) chevron light, and also the first chevron on the right(2 o'clock), but not any others. The 2nd chevron on the right (3 o'clock) is supposed to light up after the 1st but just doesn't. They would all stay on as new lights turn on in sequence, going clockwise until everything is lit up. I had no issues with the previous animations (spinning ring; top moving chevron; event horizon; unstable vortex;), but these extra lights just don't function. The 2nd-6th lights are all the same as the 1st light(2 o'clock), and each one's animation has a unique name to reference it. Counting the amount of animations in Blender shows that the first 8 animations are fine...the 9th and onwards are not responding (unity does not limit the count of animators, does it? ) Github repo: https://github.com/Blaarkies/ksp-mod-stargate/blob/8866e6c052c9b13c936ad8ad95773ebe7c9657e8/Src/Utilities/StargateDialer.cs#L94 Please pay no attention to the horrendous textures...I learned blender through 3d printing, I never had to work with textures for that
  2. Download from GitHub NOTE: Default light settings in KSP only allow for 8 lights due to the added resource loads lights can cause. To increase the number of lights available, go to Settings/Graphics/Pixel Light Count and adjust it according to your system's abilities. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Compatible with @Li0n's Crew Light License is: a modified Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License and view-able in the GitHub plugin directory. Source Idiot Lights! Read about them in this post Slime Lights Non-Idiot Lights And this is a stock aircraft on the runway with several of the lights attached to give a size comparison. So this all came about because I wanted some lights for a truck. After spending days trying to tie into ModuleLight I finally threw my hands up in disgust and wrote my own partmodule. Features: Works with multiple light sources on a single part using animations. GameObjects (lenses) so designated in the config can have their material color changed to match the light color. This happens real-time in the hangar. As you change the light color, the lens color changes. The color changer takes either _Color or _Emissive colors. GameObject (lenses) off colors - The plan is eventually to animate the lens colors to match the light color animation so that they fade in and out. I'm not there yet. Until such time, the lenses turn off and on during blink and remain on otherwise. The off color can be added in the .cfg file. Blinking lights - Most of these lights can be set to blink. On and Off times have a range of 0.1 sec to 10 sec. These are set via sliders in the hangar. Each light's blink time and blink state is set independently and is persistent Preset colors - Some of the lights on other mods I've seen have this cool blue shade rather than the stock yellow. With this plugin, you get 15 (at the moment) preset colors and the ability to add your own by adding to a dat file in the plugin directory. Preset format is: Color name,RGB.Red,RBG.Blue,RGB.Green I.E. Candle,255,147,41 Current color presets include: Candle 40W Tungsten 100W Tungsten Halogen Carbon Arc Warm Fluorescent Standard Fluorescent Cool White Fluorescent Full Spectrum Fluorescent Grow Light Fluorescent Black Light Fluorescent Mercury Vapor Sodium Vapor Metal Halide High Pressure Sodium Want more colors? Here's a website I found that has lots of them with their r,g,b values. Just add your favorites to the presets.dat in the Plugin folder. Future plans (hopes) Animating lens colors via code to match light colors (done) GUI menu to make that searchlight rotate and tilt. (done) Create a disco party truck (done) ProTip: To quickly locate these parts, search for Kerbal Electric in the hangar parts list.
  3. hi everyone, i try to install city lights with SVE for almost a week now and tried many different configs\textures but all the time the final result is a flickery mess i can't stand. i am not considering myself a modder and i'm probably lacking some knowledge so if anyone can shed me some light on what should i do to make it work properly i'd be hella happy;) also i think it's important to mention that i managed to get it to work a couple of times and even launch the game multiple times without this problem but the next day it's all the same. i am losing my sanity here
  4. This is a continuation of @BigNose's Aviation Lights mod. Instead of making him or a moderator update the title every time I update the mod, I'm (finally) starting a new thread. The Aviation Lights mod provides aviation lights that may be used for providing standardized markers for airplanes / spaceplanes: However, this being KSP, you can use them however you see fit. Version 4.0.0 introduces a very configurable new light from @Stone Blue - you can tweak the housing, the lens style, the light color, the range, and the intensity, using either preset modes or sliders when Advanced Tweakables is enabled. LICENSE: This mod continues to use the the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/). SOURCE: Source for this mod resides on GitHub. DOWNLOAD: The official download likewise resides on GitHub.
  5. Wouldn't it be great if the lights had an actual shader that changes its color based on whatever color you set for the light? For the next part revamp, maybe. In the stock game you can change the color of the light, but the texture always remains white. I added a bunch of colored textures to the lights via the MM patch, but it's a little bit clunky to use and I only have a certain amount of colors to work with. But it still looks great, or at least better than just a plain white light with the actual color being different.
  6. Is there a mod that turns off artificial lighting in command pods? I always felt like some IVAs had very bright lighting, and to be honest it kind off feels off. So I was wondering if you have heared of such a mod that will make my experience more 'atmospheric'?
  7. Hi fellow kerbonauts After years of downloading and enjoying mod from the great KSP community it's time I do something myself, so here it is : Crew Light The goal of this mod is to automatize, as much as possible, the lights of your vessels (and of kerbal's helmet). Every part that currently hold crew gets its lights turning on Lights react to the sunshine And to depth GIF incoming... When approaching a distant vessel its lights will blink, sending you a welcoming message in Morse code Kerbal on EVA can toggle lights Lights can have a motion detector set up Youtube review by @Kottabos : How does it works ? Vessel's lights are divided into 3 groups : Lights of crew-able part : They will remain off until a kerbal gets on-board Lights NOT in the light action group : (and kerbal's helmet light) They'll go on when the sun's fall, off when it rises Other Lights : They will work as usual, toggling by the light action group This mod rely on the light action group to determine which light belongs to which group, in stock KSP you can change action group only in the editor, so no lights on all crafts already launched will react to the sun rising/falling. To change action group in flight you will need the mod Action Groups Extended, by @Diazo. And an enhanced support of the mod Aviation Lights by @BigNose, maintained by @MOARdV : By default its navigation and strobe light will get turned on at night using the custom blinking light provided by AviationLights, flash, double flash, interval. This is configurable, per light, in the setting file. The beacon light will stay off until you push the throttle, acting as a real warning light And it now support Kerbal Electric (a set of tweak-able and very cool lights) : How to modify how it works ? Most of the function can be disabled, or tweaked, directly from the in-game settings screen : There's also some extra option for the Morse Code message. Due to limitation of the stock settings menu (or limitation to my modding skill :p ) it's a bit tricky to access it : in the settings screen enable the "More Morse Settings", hit accept, twice, and you got it. Here you can change the morse message send by distant vessel as you approch them. And the timing for the different symbol (they are sync to the dit duration unless you check manual timing). What is needed ? ModuleManager is the only dependency, all credits go to @ialdabaoth and @sarbian Know issues : Lights on kerbal's helmet don't turn on/off as the sun rises/falls. Lights will be turned on if the kerbal disembark in the dark but status of the sunlight won't be checked after that. The range sphere of the Motion Detector is offset from the light position only for the stock light, for others the sphere center is at the light position. What to do if it doesn't work ? Report it to Github or on this thread. This is my first mod for KSP and one of my first working C# code, I've tested it on every situation I could think of but it may have bugs left. And a big thank you to @Diazo, @Nereid, @Crzyrndm, @RealGecko, @Skalou for helping me, and to every modders out there who wrote good code for learning Download on SpaceDock Download on Github Last 1.5.1 version Last 1.4.3 version Last 1.4.2 version Last 1.4.1 version Last 1.4.0 version Last 1.3.1 version Last 1.3 version Last 1.2.2 version Source on Github License is MIT Dev thread, now closed
  8. THIS THREAD IS DEPRECATED! This mod has been taken over by @MOARdV and is maintained in his thread here: CREDITS First things first: Big thanks for RPGprayer's "Position/Navigation Lights" AddOn, from which the Aviation Lights originated. Additional credits go to @Deadweasel, @Why485, @GROOV3ST3R, @JDP, @J.Random and especially @MOARdV for their great help/maintenance with/of this addon. Because I personally have my focus elsewhere and sadly do not play KSP much at this time, community member @MOARdV kindly took over maintenance of Aviation Lights temporarily and fixed it to work with the most recent KSP version. INFORMATION I've implemented two types of standard aviation lights: Navigationlights (often called Positionlights) are a safety feature on every plane bigger than an ultra-light. They indicate the orientation of the plane for other air traffic, so they know in which direction you're going. For that, the international standard of a red light on the left wingtip, a green one on the right and a white on the tail was set. Example for the correct use in KSP: But, of course, this is KSP. You can just put them on where it looks cool. Warninglights (More commonly reffered to as "Strobe&Beacon") are flashing lights to enhance detection range in bad weather and to warn other air traffic and ground personnel. Beacons are mostly mounted on tip of the vertical tail on smaller planes, or in the middle of the fuselage (top and/or bottom). They're red, bright and flashing to indicate that parts of the airplane (engines) or the airplanes itself are moving or about to be moved. Strobes are very bright, white, fast blinking lights which are mounted on the wingtips (next to the red/green navlights) and sometimes on the tail (next to the white navlight) on larger planes. They're in fact so bright, that they remain off until the pilot lines up on the runway, so the ground personnel won't get blinded if they stand right next to it. Due to popular request, I now also included the amber warning light by Deadweasel, which I just adapted to the new file system and values. Screenshot with all lights in the pack (click to enlarge): But, as I said before: Who cares if you just want to built a disco on your deep-space-vessel? INSTRUCTIONS The Aviation Lights Addon is very easy to use. Just download the .zip (link below), and extract it to your main KSP Folder. Every file should go to the appropriate place! All lights can be found in the 'Utility' section ingame. Just put them on, set Action Groups, and you're good to go. There are 5 Modes: OFF (standard), FLASH, DOUBLE FLASH and INT (Interval times are measured on those of real airplanes, but can be altered in the .cfgs) and ON. The Navigationlights come in four different colours: white, blue, red, green. To further differentiate them they also have light grey casings. The three types of Warninglights include an amber and a red beacon as well as a white strobe, which have dark grey casings and are very bright. DOWNLOAD https://github.com/MOARdV/AviationLights/releases CHANGELOG LICENSE This AddOn builds on content originally made by @RPGprayer. Used with permission. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  9. The goal of this is just to make parts that I have wanted that just may be useful to someone else. Currently: 4 Variants of a 50 caliber long recoil machine gun. Why: I like how long recoil guns look when they fire with the very visible mechanisms moving I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. The four variants are wing mounted, wing mounted with a magazine, surface mounted (shrouded) with and without a magazine. This is not based on any real machine gun but the barrel and mechanisms are, I think, within reason as I tried to follow typical specs/barrel sizing while modeling. The magazines also hold what I measured to be a to scale amount of ammunition. For sound these use the base BDArmory sounds. This needs BDArmory to work 2 Variants of aesthetically different gun pods. Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. These may eventually become turrets These very roughly follow realistic sizes. They come with ammunition. (If you can guess, I made these before the previous ones.). This needs BDArmory to work 3 Variants of BDArmory Combination Command Boxes. Why: To combine 3/4 frequently needed parts into one To have to closest thing to a laser I can make These have AI flight modules, Weapon Management modules, Flight Command modules, Solar panels, Batteries Lights (lasers?!), Very Small Reaction Wheels Radios and Small RTGs. Still trying to figure out how to orient the bdarmory modules correctly in relationship to the command module. This needs BDArmory to work Edit: 0.01 Update: Added slimmer AI Command box that looks far more stealthy/sleek. 1 Small Single Shaft 1 mode thrust direction changing turbojet fin (Based loosely on the TJ100(Tweakscalable)) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. Ive wanted a small drone sized jet engine that does not need anything but itself to produce thrust/steering. (Intake, directional thrust, fin, small fuel tank, engine included). This has about 5 minutes of fuel at sea level, 15 degrees of articulation and has no thrust vectoring but instead acts as a fin. the engine itself occupies a 27cm by 27cm by 64 cm box (like the real life PBSTJ100) (very slightly off angle at the moment, to be fixed ). This needs no other mods to work. Has turbine rotation animation, along with heat animation. Placed in career mode to the same place as the smallest available jet. Edit: 0.00201 Update to the UR100c TurboJet fin. It will function more like a typical fin, and have a far more reasonable aerodynamic effect for its size. The animations were also updated with more orangey red lighting from the engine heating up, and an animation that visibly goes the correct way. Turns out it was never off angle and stock fins also have a similar effect. Nevertheless its improved. It has also been edited to work with Tweakscale (Recommended as outside of the early stages of career mode, these engines are quite weak without scaling (given the real life analogs are made with small planes or rc planes in mind)). Edit: 0.01 Update to UR100c TurboJet fin. It now has a drage cube that better reflects its shape. Ive noticed its more powerful than the real life engine as in ksp itd be pretty near to useless if my calculations are right. Its not too far off though, so tweakscale is still something you'll want to use with this most likely. Im considering making a bigger one. 1 Electric Ducted fan ((Tweakscalable)). Why: I like electric ducted fans, and wanted one I could tweak to feel more realistic and like the look of. This is not based on any particular real world fan and does not have any special tweaks to work in ksp. Its finished mostly. I just need to add sound. Edit: 0.01 Update: This has been added. It relies on community resource pack with intakeatm to work. Balance could use work. Both this and the mono prop engine use KAX sound assets. 1 Atmosphere breathing mono propellant powered 0.625/half size piston engine (Tweakscalable). Why: For low flying flying rovers on planets with atmospheres but no oxygen like eve based on concept from nasa in the 70s This is pretty much done. Modelling is complete, variable pitch propellers work along with reversing thrust. All I need to do like the electric engine is finish sound. Edit: 0.01 Update: This has been added. It works without intake atm for the time being. It still provides no thrust without atmosphere however so that is good. Im considering using firespitter for both this and the ducted fan. Single Piece Landing gear. (scalable) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. This is really nowhere close to being made. It will be using KSP wheel (so that it can support having more than 1 wheel collider) and while the model is done, setup will probably take a while even with a helpful example from the maker of kspwheel (Shadowmage) . Edit: 0.01 Update: Its been made! Its designed differently than the first design, but it works completely. Im actually pretty happy with how its turned out. It uses tank steering and looks a whole lot more rugged than the first iteration. I plan to make another one with a more typical arrangement as well. Thanks to Shadowmage for answering probably too many questions about this. It uses KSPWheel as well as Kerbal Foundry sound assets. One Part y axis balanced dual wheel landing gear. Why: To have a small steerable landing gear piece that has functional wheel colliders for each wheel, meaning a vehicle can be balanced on just 2 of them. Planned: Single Piece Landing gear (No tank steer). Why: To match a more typical landing gear look. Variety Turbo fan jet engines (With animations than go to 90 degrees for vertical takeoffs). Why: Making vertical takeoffs easier Electric lift fan (With animations than go to 90 degrees for vertical takeoffs). Why: Making vertical takeoffs easier Add Fire Spitter to props/fans. Why: Better matching rotations Making the variable pitch propellers on the monoprop piston engine function better. Rotation affected by air speed Landing gear enhancements (Making the small single axle menu have full customizability (difficult now due to having 3 real wheel colliders)). Why: Allowing the same customizability as would be on normal ksp wheels with a single part that balances on 2 wheel collider Add to CKAN Fix shading on parts of the 50 cal machine guns, particularly the outer housing. 0.011 Its fixed. Not perfectly, as I think that would require changing the model, and that would require re doing a whole lot of the setup in unity after fixing it in blender. Ive just made things generally less shiny/rough. Put this on the actual addon release page since thats basically what this is really. I have posted this there now. I'l probably just keep updating this main post and linking to it from that one with small updates, issues etc. Just stuff that I think would clutter up the release page. Link to SpaceDock Download Dependencies, recommended and included mods: Included Included Not Included. Latest Downloads available from the official Github Releases page. Recommended License: Feedback is appreciated. Ive never done this before and am clueless. If anything is off, and you know how to make it better, Im open to advice. Also thanks to Shadowmage and Spannermonkey for their assistance with KSPwheel and BDArmory Continued respectively. They've both been extremely helpful with questions, examples and advice. Also thanks to all others who have been helpful here and there.
  10. Is there a plug in that can illuminate a mesh as if it were a light? To simplify this, is there a module that will make say mesh "engine" to illuminate without the confusion of animation of light? Using emmisive textures I can make it glow, but not switchable. Have tried ModuleColorChanger but can't get it to work.
  11. I have 3 problems I think could be solved fairly quickly as Im sure its a few small things Im missing. Firstly, Im currently trying to animate this model using the ModuleLight module. While the model appears in the game without any animations, it does not show up (part not found), whenever I add an animation. Its quite frustrating as I have no idea why it isnt working. Ive tried many variations to no avail. I would like to include more info that might perhaps help whoever reads this to get what issue Im having, but Im not sure what other details are needed. My second issue, relating to the first, is Im not actually sure which version of Unity I should be using. On the forums in various places, what I have seen being recommended as the go to version is 4.2.2. However, those posts are generally fairly dated, and in the wiki, patch notes say the game has been updated to 5.4.0. Im thinking perhaps the older posts are right and my having the wrong (newer) version, is whats causing me trouble. Lastly, completely unrelated to the first 2, I have no idea how to orient parts in Blender/Unity to have them facing upwards both with surface attachment and placement. Im not sure that really gets what Im trying to convey across well, so heres a video showing what Im talking about, where another part, used for comparison, is orientated correctly before and after surface placement. First part is this one (without animation working), and the second part is from MRS as an example. Thanks in advance.
  12. These are 5 new high-res (512x512) skins that are double the resolution of the stock AviationLights. (New skins also include super handy, ultra-futuristic system for quickly finding the light you want from your undoubtedly massive collection of parts!) These are skins only; if you don't have the AviationLights mod yet, what are you waiting for? Get it now! AviationLights Pic showing the 5 different lenses, the newly titled part icons in the editor, and a couple different colors DEPENDENCIES (required mods) AviationLights ModuleManager Either Firespitter (need v6.3 or later), OR Interstellar Fuel Switch You only need the "core" plugin for either one. Everything else in them is not required. (Both can be installed at the same time; Interstellar Fuel Switch will take precedence) RECOMMENDED mod: Part Icon Fixer & Tweaks (This is what rotates the editor icons for easier visual identification between the parts) INSTALLATION: Just extract the ZIP and drag/drop, or copy/paste the GameData folder to your KSP install folder, click "Yes" to combine with existing /GameData folder. (You should now have a DeadSkins folder inside your GameData folder.) ** MAKE SURE that you also have all the mod dependencies installed already, as they are NOT included with DeadSkins!! Download: SpaceDock BONUS FEATURES: I've included two custom .cfg files: One changes the part title that is displayed in the VAB/SPH, so all 7 of the lights are grouped together in the editor. The other is for use with the Part Icon Fixer & Tweaks mod, to display a larger and properly rotated part icon in the editor. (If you dont want to use the functionality these .cfgs offer, just delete them from the /AviationLights folder) CHANGELOG: LICENSE: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 CREDITS: DeadSkins for Aviation Lights Re-Lit is an update of @Deadweasell's original DeadSkins for Aviation Lights mod. Also, of course, a BIG Thank You to @BigNose for creating Aviation Lights in the first place! A HUGE Thank You to @MOARdV for maintaining AviationLights during BigNose's absence, and for putting up with and answering my MANY questions. A big shout-out to @Skalou, for writing the two patch files for changing the displayed title, and the Part Icon patch, and especially for giving me permission to modify & distribute them in this texture pack. Thanx to @xEvilReeperx for the Part Icon Fixer & Tweaks mod Thanx to @Snjo for Firespitter Thanx to @sarbian for ModuleManager
  13. I've been surprised there isn't more than one mod for this purpose- I just googled again, didn't see anything. But amusingly I found a guy from last year using almost the identical solution to me and asking the same question, why isn't there a launchpad mod with multiple lighting options that has our cool launch vehicles looking like proper massively-floodlit Apollo launches? Considering there are mods for like growing evil mutant carrots in the R&D facility, it seems something of an oversight. This was my fancy solution - four Packrat rovers with batteries + solar + bank of spotlights, arranged around the pad with the side ones aiming low and the front and rear ones aiming high. It works reasonably well, and they have enough batteries to never turn off so until a better solution comes along they're parked there for the duration. Here's YT video of a guy doing almost exactly the same thing. Anyway, I think that would be a widely-used mod if done well so like the lights are smart enough to alter aim depending on height of launch vehicle, full range of rainbow colors because why not, possibly even disco ball lights. Yes, disco ball lights should be a requirement.
  14. Hi guys! Recently i started on moddeling and im working on a version of the Altair Lander and Orion Spacecraft. Yes, i know that there's wonderfull mods with those, but i wanted something more stockalike and updated (for me, BobCat's the king and his versions is the best, but outdated and need some work to fit with the new versions and look on game). Said that, i started my own project but i dont know how to make the texture and action to change the windows color "turning the lights on" like other parts on game... Didnt found any tutorial either... Can anyone give me some tips? Thank you! Gabu
  15. I've recently become obsessed with building faster and more capable rovers, mostly for use on Kerbin. I have always done testing on Kerbin in the day and have never needed to use my lights. Once I got one of them to the Mun I noticed that the lights would only light up other craft and the rover itself. This was also true on Kerbin. Below are some images for greater depth of understanding. As seen in the first and last image, the lights do not shine beams but only illuminate the rover... not that helpful. I have tried on different craft and saves, I even reinstalled the game. Finally, no, my lights are not stuck behind a structural component. If you have experienced this yourself or have a solution, preferably the latter, please let me know. -Evan
  16. Friends, Been a long time since I've been on the KSP Forums - in fact the last time was before the great forum wipe of a few years ago. I come to you today with a question: If you look at the screenshots linked below (not sure why I can't insert them directly into the post) of an aircraft I made, you can see these odd grey crosses coming from the light sources for the landing gear, as well as a grey rectangular shape coming out from near the cockpit. What are these, and more importantly how do I get rid of them? http://imgur.com/aQNPsct http://imgur.com/whnrm2P Mods include a lot of airplane parts expansions, SVE, Scatterer, planetshine, trajectories. Any help you could give would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  17. This thread is now closed, the new one is here Hi fellow kerbonauts After years of downloading and enjoying mod from the great KSP community it's time I do something myself, so here it is : Crew Light At the beginning it was a very simple plugin that turn on the light of any part currently occupied by a Kerbal. It works when you jump to an unlighted ship and when you transfer a Kerbal to an unlighted pod / passenger cabin / laboratory. Now, I like to see it as an automatic light manager, lights are divided in three group with different behavior : Light in crew part, they are automatically toggled when a Kerbal enter/leave the part Light in the Light Action Group, they behave as usual, lighted by clicking the tiny green button or hitting the Light shortcut Others lights*, and lights on kerbal's helmet, will turn on when the sun falls and off when it rises**. And when reaching 20m below the surface**. For a better experience it also remove the crewable part from the Light action group. So you can turn on the headlight of your rover without your crew cabin going dark. ** Last function : when approaching a vessel its lights will blink, sending you a welcoming message after years of space travel in the dark immensity of space. ** And as a bonus : Kerbals on EVA can toggle light for every part, except crew-able one. It should work with every light from every mod but if you find one that don't please report it to me and I'll do what I can to make it work. * : By default all light belongs to the Light Action Group, if you want them to respond to the sun rise/fall you need to remove them manually during construction or with Action Group Extended in flight ** : Can be disabled/tweaked, more on that below : Configuration file : Located in "GameData/CrewLight/PluginData/Settings.cfg", the game has to run once for the file to be created. Contains the following settings : A great thanks to @Malah for his "Quick Mods" (good code to look at for getting started), all the maintainer of the KSP API and all the modders around here I follow for some time now. And to @Nereid and @Crzyrndm for answering my noob's questions Download from SpaceDock or GitHub This mod bundle a .version file which can be use to check if a new version is available if the mod KSP-AVC is installed. Change Log : Source code (also include in the archive at SpaceDock) License (MIT) :
  18. Hypothesis: undocking test vehicle with battery should removed power to lit stationary illuminator. Re-docking (reconnecting the battery) should re-light it. Test: I built a sample on/off switch. The unit splits into 2 vehicles, battery-side swingarm and lamp-side post. Conclusion: Illuminators don't hold their ON state when they lose electricity via undocking (even with probe core attached). I prefered they keep the state I set. BOO!
  19. Are there any mods which simulate the dark side of a planet while in the VAB? I find it hit or miss whether my spacecraft is suitably illuminated by the lights I've placed in the VAB. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's just spall spots and edges that show up. A mod to turn off the lighting in the VAB would be great. I think I read in one of the dev notes that some of the lighting is bult into the static scene, but making the ship dark should be possible.
  20. Crash dump here. No modded parts on ship, no visual mods active. Game crashes when turning on lights on ship. Mods: Chatterer, Kerbal Engineer AVC StageRecovery WaypointManager Module Manager 2.6.22
  21. There is already a mod that allows you to do this (I believe it is called BULB). But the title says it all. Allow us to change the color of lights in flight. It isn't a big deal, but it would still be convenient and shouldn't be that hard to do.
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