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Found 20 results

  1. This is a continuation of @BigNose's Aviation Lights mod. Instead of making him or a moderator update the title every time I update the mod, I'm (finally) starting a new thread. The Aviation Lights mod provides aviation lights that may be used for providing standardized markers for airplanes / spaceplanes: However, this being KSP, you can use them however you see fit. Version 4.0.0 introduces a very configurable new light from @Stone Blue - you can tweak the housing, the lens style, the light color, the range, and the intensity, using either preset modes or sliders when A
  2. Wouldn't it be great if the lights had an actual shader that changes its color based on whatever color you set for the light? For the next part revamp, maybe. In the stock game you can change the color of the light, but the texture always remains white. I added a bunch of colored textures to the lights via the MM patch, but it's a little bit clunky to use and I only have a certain amount of colors to work with. But it still looks great, or at least better than just a plain white light with the actual color being different.
  3. Is there a mod that turns off artificial lighting in command pods? I always felt like some IVAs had very bright lighting, and to be honest it kind off feels off. So I was wondering if you have heared of such a mod that will make my experience more 'atmospheric'?
  4. Hi fellow kerbonauts After years of downloading and enjoying mod from the great KSP community it's time I do something myself, so here it is : Crew Light The goal of this mod is to automatize, as much as possible, the lights of your vessels (and of kerbal's helmet). Every part that currently hold crew gets its lights turning on Lights react to the sunshine And to depth GIF incoming... When approaching a distant vessel its lights will blink, sending you a welcoming message in Morse code Kerbal on EV
  5. Beta release now available! Download from CurseForge NOTE: Default light settings in KSP only allow for 8 lights due to the added resource loads lights can cause. To increase the number of lights available, go to Settings/Graphics/Pixel Light Count and adjust it according to your system's abilities. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Compatible with @Li0n's Crew Light License is: a modified Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License and view-able on Curse. ________________
  6. THIS THREAD IS DEPRECATED! This mod has been taken over by @MOARdV and is maintained in his thread here: CREDITS First things first: Big thanks for RPGprayer's "Position/Navigation Lights" AddOn, from which the Aviation Lights originated. Additional credits go to @Deadweasel, @Why485, @GROOV3ST3R, @JDP, @J.Random and especially @MOARdV for their great help/maintenance with/of this addon. Because I personally have my focus elsewhere and sadly do not play KSP much at this time, community member @MOARdV kindly took over maintenance of Aviation Lights temporarily and fixe
  7. The goal of this is just to make parts that I have wanted that just may be useful to someone else. Currently: 4 Variants of a 50 caliber long recoil machine gun. Why: I like how long recoil guns look when they fire with the very visible mechanisms moving I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. The four variants are wing mounted, wing mounted with a magazine, surface mounted (shrouded) with and without a magazine. This is not based on any real machine gun but the barrel and mechanisms are, I think, within reaso
  8. Is there a plug in that can illuminate a mesh as if it were a light? To simplify this, is there a module that will make say mesh "engine" to illuminate without the confusion of animation of light? Using emmisive textures I can make it glow, but not switchable. Have tried ModuleColorChanger but can't get it to work.
  9. I have 3 problems I think could be solved fairly quickly as Im sure its a few small things Im missing. Firstly, Im currently trying to animate this model using the ModuleLight module. While the model appears in the game without any animations, it does not show up (part not found), whenever I add an animation. Its quite frustrating as I have no idea why it isnt working. Ive tried many variations to no avail. I would like to include more info that might perhaps help whoever reads this to get what issue Im having, but Im not sure what other details are needed.
  10. These are 5 new high-res (512x512) skins that are double the resolution of the stock AviationLights. (New skins also include super handy, ultra-futuristic system for quickly finding the light you want from your undoubtedly massive collection of parts!) These are skins only; if you don't have the AviationLights mod yet, what are you waiting for? Get it now! AviationLights Pic showing the 5 different lenses, the newly titled part icons in the editor, and a couple different colors DEPENDENCIES (
  11. I've been surprised there isn't more than one mod for this purpose- I just googled again, didn't see anything. But amusingly I found a guy from last year using almost the identical solution to me and asking the same question, why isn't there a launchpad mod with multiple lighting options that has our cool launch vehicles looking like proper massively-floodlit Apollo launches? Considering there are mods for like growing evil mutant carrots in the R&D facility, it seems something of an oversight. This was my fancy solution - four Packrat rovers with batteries + solar + bank of spotlight
  12. Hi guys! Recently i started on moddeling and im working on a version of the Altair Lander and Orion Spacecraft. Yes, i know that there's wonderfull mods with those, but i wanted something more stockalike and updated (for me, BobCat's the king and his versions is the best, but outdated and need some work to fit with the new versions and look on game). Said that, i started my own project but i dont know how to make the texture and action to change the windows color "turning the lights on" like other parts on game... Didnt found any tutorial either...
  13. I've recently become obsessed with building faster and more capable rovers, mostly for use on Kerbin. I have always done testing on Kerbin in the day and have never needed to use my lights. Once I got one of them to the Mun I noticed that the lights would only light up other craft and the rover itself. This was also true on Kerbin. Below are some images for greater depth of understanding. As seen in the first and last image, the lights do not shine beams but only illuminate the rover... not that helpful. I have tried on different craft and saves, I even reinstalled the game. Finally, no,
  14. Friends, Been a long time since I've been on the KSP Forums - in fact the last time was before the great forum wipe of a few years ago. I come to you today with a question: If you look at the screenshots linked below (not sure why I can't insert them directly into the post) of an aircraft I made, you can see these odd grey crosses coming from the light sources for the landing gear, as well as a grey rectangular shape coming out from near the cockpit. What are these, and more importantly how do I get rid of them? http://imgur.com/aQNPsct http://imgur.com/whnrm2P Mods in
  15. This thread is now closed, the new one is here Hi fellow kerbonauts After years of downloading and enjoying mod from the great KSP community it's time I do something myself, so here it is : Crew Light At the beginning it was a very simple plugin that turn on the light of any part currently occupied by a Kerbal. It works when you jump to an unlighted ship and when you transfer a Kerbal to an unlighted pod / passenger cabin / laboratory. Now, I like to see it as an automatic light manager, lights are divided in three group with different behavior : Light in crew part, t
  16. Hypothesis: undocking test vehicle with battery should removed power to lit stationary illuminator. Re-docking (reconnecting the battery) should re-light it. Test: I built a sample on/off switch. The unit splits into 2 vehicles, battery-side swingarm and lamp-side post. Conclusion: Illuminators don't hold their ON state when they lose electricity via undocking (even with probe core attached). I prefered they keep the state I set. BOO!
  17. Are there any mods which simulate the dark side of a planet while in the VAB? I find it hit or miss whether my spacecraft is suitably illuminated by the lights I've placed in the VAB. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's just spall spots and edges that show up. A mod to turn off the lighting in the VAB would be great. I think I read in one of the dev notes that some of the lighting is bult into the static scene, but making the ship dark should be possible.
  18. Crash dump here. No modded parts on ship, no visual mods active. Game crashes when turning on lights on ship. Mods: Chatterer, Kerbal Engineer AVC StageRecovery WaypointManager Module Manager 2.6.22
  19. There is already a mod that allows you to do this (I believe it is called BULB). But the title says it all. Allow us to change the color of lights in flight. It isn't a big deal, but it would still be convenient and shouldn't be that hard to do.
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