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Found 4 results

  1. Hello world I often use atomic engines in KSP but it seems the offer of liquid fuel (only) tanks is still kinda limited in KSP. Dragging totaly useless oxidizer all the way who knows where is not really a good idea when you have no use for it, on the other hand with only a couple of existing tanks ships tend to get unnecessarilly large and bulky. So what would especially help would be Mk3 to 2.5m Adapter liquid-fuel only variant. Or possibly even converting Rockomaxx tanks to liquid-fuel only variants as well, together with Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3.
  2. Got a math question for those more intelligent than me. I am trying to transfer fuel from my refueling station to another vessel. I don't want to "fill er' up", I just want to transfer enough to get to where I am going. I also don't want to over or under estimate the amount of oxidizer I need compared to the liquid fuel. Can someone give me the math, or direct me in the right direction, to figure up the liquid fuel to oxidizer mix ratio?
  3. So I'm 700+hrs and I'm only now finally getting to the point where I'm planning on sending Kerbalnauts to other planets. I'd like to design a Nuclear mid-stage based on the 2.5m engine but off course there's no tank option. My heavy tug for dragging things around in Kerbin orbit uses it with fuel lines coming in from tanks mounted radially, but I'd like a more elegant solution (also, it has 16 separate tanks and that's a PITA to refuel manually). I'd also like to design LF dumps that don't use the oddly-shaped Mk3 tanks but still hold a lot of fuel. I've tried IFS but it doesn't seem to work, doesn't give me the option of changing the fuel loadout on tanks, just seems to have added a bunch of cryo tanks (??). Halp! I guess ideally I'd like a recommendation for a parts pack that has several LF options of various sizes.Thanks!
  4. Sometimes, specially with the "Mainsail" engine, I run out of oxidizer when there is a lot of liquid fuel remaining, so it is a waste of resources and increases weight. I couldn't find an oxidizer-only tank. Is it planned in development or something?
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