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Found 2 results

  1. Lithobrake Exploration Technologies A parts pack that is focused on exploring other worlds, and returning safely to Kerbin. The emphasis is on surface exploration, particularly with large rockets and large landers. IMPORTANT NOTES: This is still considered a "work in progress" and "wide alpha", meaning that ship-breaking changes can still happen. I'll try to minimize this, of course. The highest likelihood of this happening is in removing or redesigning parts, in a way that makes your vehicle either not function as originally planned, or the vehicle can be "deleted" if the part is missing or unloadable. The pods don't currently have custom IVAs. This will come later. This pack includes: (as of 0.2) 3-Man Lander Can 4-Man Capsule Several sets of large landing legs (the "medium" set will handle Mainsails, and the "large" works with Mammoths). Large radial and stackable parachutes Long static ladders Very long deployable ladders Service bays / rover garages. Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nicely together: Modular Rocket Systems (stock-alike parts pack, NASA-like alternatives, and filling the gaps) SpaceY Heavy Lifters Parts Pack (stock-balanced large rocket parts, 5m parts, large SRBs) Color Coded Canisters (replacement models/textures for stock fuel tanks: prettier, cleaner, and diameter color-coding for the tank end-caps) Fuel Tanks Plus (collection of large stock-like tanks with Color Coded Canister style) ColorFuel Lines (color-selctable fuel lines) Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (lander parts, large chutes/legs/ladders/etc) Images: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download From: SpaceDock -or- ksp.necrobones.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change History: 0.4 (2016-10-12) - KSP 1.2 Update. - Updated categories for many parts. - Added KSP 1.2 sound effects and additional variables for landing legs. - Added transmitter modules to command pods. 0.3.6 (2016-07-12) - Tweaks. - Added an optional experimental config for RealChute integration (for the radial chute only). - To enable, rename "GameData/LETech/Patches/LETech_RealChute.txt" to have "cfg" instead of "txt". - Removed references to "drogue" in the parachute tags. - Added parachute deployment sound effects, as per KSP 1.1.3. 0.3.5 (2016-04-22) - Transparency fix. - Fixed the "always transparent" problem for bays in the VAB. - Adjusted the "expanded" 2.5m bay to use transparency only on the doors. 0.3.4 (2016-04-17) - Tweaks. - Tweaked leg settings. - Moved leg wheel colliders to allow for more accurate aerodynamic occlusion. - Legs reduced in mass quite a bit. 0.3.3 (2016-04-01) - KSP 1.1 Hotfix - Landing leg suspension systems working again. Known issue: Feet float slightly. - Added search tags to parts. 0.3.2 (2016-03-29) - KSP 1.1 Hotfix - Landing legs updated to not be 100% deadly. Suspension still doesn't work, legs are rigid for now. - Moved MM configs to "Patches" folder. 0.3.1 (2016-01-11) - Tweaks. - X3 lander can mass increased. - Mass, fuel capacity, and cost increased for the "large" variant of the lander cargo bay. 0.3 (2015-11-11) - KSP 1.0.5 update. - Switched the 4-man capsule's "generic" IVA over to use the Mk3 shuttle's IVA instead, so that all 4 Kerbals are EVA/IVA selectable. - Moved "CHANGELOG" to the mod's directory. - Updated bays to use current cargo bay thermal stats and allow door deployment limit. - Parachutes now use new contract constraints. - Command pods use new maxTemp and skinMaxTemp values. - 4-man capsule uses new buoyancy settings. 0.2.1 (2015-08-05) - Alpha fixes. - Fixed a texture problem that resulted in the 1m and 2m fixed ladders not loading textures. - Fixed a scaling error with the "large" octagonal bay's doors, causing it to leave gaps when closed. - Radial parachute's storage case reduced in size by 15%. - Increased deployed-drag multiplier on all parachutes. - Added Connected Living Space support. - Added TweakScale support. 0.2 (2015-08-03) - Wide Alpha - Added 3 large parachutes: 1.25m & 2.5m stackable nose cones, and a large radial chute. - Added 4-man, 2.5m capsule-style command pod. - Added landing lights to the landing legs. - Fixed a collider issue with the Expanded 2.5m service bay that prevented use of the floor's attachment node. 0.1 (2015-07-08) - Initial Alpha - First release. Media: Kottabos review of version 0.2:
  2. Ever wanted to make crashing useful? This challenge tries to do just that. Just remember that your pod/drone core has to survive the impact(s)! Rules: 1. You may use Hyperedit/debug menu to place your craft in orbit around one of the following bodies: Minmus, Dres, the Mun, Vall, Moho, or Tylo. 2. The "No Crash Damage" cheat is not allowed for obvious reasons.. 3. Engines are allowed, but remember, the lower your impact speed, the lower your score. 4. Your craft does NOT have to be crewed, but your pod/probe core must remain intact. 5. Craft must be under 150 tons and have less than 300 parts. 6. No Autostrut or Unbreakable Joints cheat. 7. Must be stock parts only. Scoring: Velocity of initial impact (m/s) + velocity of subsequent impacts (as many as are needed to stop) times the surface gravity of body in m/s2 (Minmus: 0.5, Mun: 1.63, Tylo: 7.9, etc.) Example: Suppose I try this challenge on the Mun, and my initial impact speed is 300 m/s, and I then have 4 subsequent "bounces" with speeds of 180,100,70,and 30 m/s. 300+180+100+70+30 = 680 Multiply by gravity in m/s2. 680•1.63=1,108.4 points. Bonus points if you still have a working lander with a sufficient TWR to get off the ground, 100 again multiplied by surface gravity in m/s2. Happy crashings!
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