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Found 4 results

  1. Licence: MIT (you don't need to ask me for permission if you want to make a fork ) Description: Around March-2016 I started LMP as a refactoring over DMP but it finally evolved to a totally different program and different code architecture, this means that the code is totally different although it still uses some ideas from DMP like the concept of subspaces. Nevertheless, this mod wouldn't exist if it wasn't for @godarklight's job as he made a solid base and a good example of where to start. If you want to support this project, consider donating trough paypal As the mod is still in beta it might has some bugs so if you want to report a issue, please do so on github If you want to collaborate testing new versions or help us in development join us in the discord chat Main features: Clean and optimized code architecture, based on systems and windows which makes it easier to read and modify. Multi threaded (as much as Unity allows) Settings saved as XML. Time synced between clients and the server using the NTP protocol. UDP networking using the Lidgren library for reliable UDP message handling. Uses interpolation so the vessels shouldn't jump from one place to another. Nat-punchtrough feature so a server doesn't need to open ports on it's router. Servers are displayed within the mod. Better creation of network messages so they are easier to modify. Every network message is cached in order to reduce the garbage collector spikes Based on tasks instead of threads. QuickLZ for fast compression Supports science and career modes UPnP support for the server. Links: Official website: http://www.lunamultiplayer.com Oficial Github repo: https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer Download from: GitHub Wiki: https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/wiki Discord chat: https://discord.gg/wKVMhWQ Current developers: @Dagger - Main developer Legacy developers: MalteJanz - Developer (career and science modes) @Lothsahn - Developer Sladernimo - Developer Collaborators: @godarklight - Assesment & DMP code @SupperRobin6394 - Discrod Bot development @Toonu - Testing + Documentation @The HellBox - Testing + Documentation (linux) Video (Old and outdated version):
  2. guys, do you know active BDArmory servers? (Luna Multiplayer)
  3. Hey fellow Nauts, Wanting to see if anyone is down to play some multiplayer? We can do pure stock or even add in some BDA or whatever. Luna Multiplayer is what I planned on using. Let me know, I am so red eye to play!
  4. Hello guys! At the very beginning I'd like to say that I am sorry for my English, I know that it isn't the best, but hopefully you will get the idea. Huge shout out to DMP developer - Darklight and LMP developer - @Dagger! They are both awesome and helped me with setting everything up, and as an act of thanks (and avoiding wasting they precious time developing mods) I am writing this general purpose porting guide for KSP version 1.6.2 and probably newer ones. Why you might want to migrate data to another mod? The reason (at least for me) was simple - LMP shares scenario (science, missions) across all players on the server while DMP does not. Generally DMP is better for public servers while LMP is better for sessions with friends (or at least that's my opinion ;p) Let's get right to action! I am assuming that you have running DMP server that you made some progress on and you don't want to lose it. In case you don't - just start a fresh one on preferred mod, documentation is on forum/mod's website :) Step 1: Requirements! You need to have DMP and LMP installed. That's all. Step 2: Decide on whose progress are you going to keep. To keep it simple - in DMP every player has its own scenario and own progress, in LMP there is only ONE scenario that is SHARED across EVERYONE in the same server. Basically just pick someone with most science points/more developed tech tree and copy his progress. At this point, we are not really doing everything. Step 3: Now we have to save our universe from DMP server to local hard drive. To do this, we need to have running DMP server that we need to connect to. If we are connected, just click leave button in upper right corner and save locally. At this point we generated a new save called DarkMultiPlayer in our KSP installation folder. Now, we can turn off our DMP server and quit to main menu (BUT DO NOT REMOVE ITS DATA! We are going to use it in a while) Step 4: Okay, at this point our save is ready to be converter to LMP universe. If you are disconnected from your server and in main menu, open up settings in LMP (1) and choose "Generate Universe from saved game" (2), after that you will be prompted with window called "Universe Converter" (it usually pops up in upper left corner of your screen) and you have to choose "DarkMultiPlayer" as universe that you want to convert. When you have any mods installed, click "Generate a server LMPModControl.xml" (3) and that will generate a whitelist of mods. YOUR FRIENDS/PLAYERS NEED TO HAVE THE SAME MODS AS YOU DO, OTHERWISE THEY MAY GET DISCONNECTED AND EXPERIENCE CRASHES OR NOT CONNECT AT ALL. Now, we successfully converted our DMP save to LMP's universe. Now - we need to set it up in our LMP server. Step 5: We are almost finished at this point! Now, enter your Kerbal Space Program installation folder and you should see a new folder called "Universe" and an .XML file called LMPModControl, if you see these - you did everything correct, good job! Now, we are going to put these files into our LMP server. Assuming that you already unpacked it (by "it" I mean server files) and put them somewhere safe (for LMP configuration please refer to LMP's wiki page) just straight up delete Universe folder in LMP's server folder! Yea! Do it like this! When you deleted it, just cut "Universe" folder and "LMPModControl.xml" from KSP folder and paste them into LMP server folder. Now - we ported our vessels and stuff but not SCIENCE POINTS and TECH TREE! Step 6: Grand finale. We are ALMOST done. One thing left - science and tech tree. Remember how I said that you can't delete DMP data and you have to pick the best player to transfer his progress? That's the moment that we use this knowledge. Navigate to your DMP server folder, and do as follows: Universe -> Scenarios -> [name of the player that you need to transfer progress from] and from this folder copy EVERYTHING (probably they are only .txt files) Now navigate to your LMP server folder and paste it in: Universe -> Scenarios replacing all the LMP's files with these from DMP. By this point - you finished. Now everyone has the same science points and tech tree as a player whose data you transferred, all the vessels should be in place and DMP was ported to LMP :) Check it out by running your LMP server and connecting to it. Everything should be in its place. That's the end of this guide. For any additional help you can visit DMP's or LMP's discord and I'll be happy to help as Kvviingu#1996 Have a good one :)
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