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Found 2 results

  1. Plz entertain me, recently the forums have lost some activity and i seem to be only person writing. dominating the forums is too easy and im getting bored quickly. Plz help! If you are also bored, guess what your screwed! nah, just kidding, you can also say your bored and try to entertain others here. Remember Backlash is totally allowed for the sake of entertainment and curse words are a big YES! (unless the moderators tell me otherwise)
  2. Hello everybody! I am working on a new story called The History Of Anneland, my first ever Hi-Fi story. I have thought of this earlier, and i think im going to write it down now! Plot: In the year 982, a young lady named Anne got kicked out of the city of York in England for stealing too much food. She has to live on her own out of the resources you find in nature. She makes tools you would nobody else could make. She sells those tools to the Woodlanders (Hollanders), who support her and live with her, Anne earns alot of money and makes starts a new kingdom. That is just part 1. It might not me the most realistic scenario, but i have been thinking about the concept of it for at least a year now. What do you think of the idea? P.S, it is also my first story to be posted on Wattpad! Link coming soon!
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