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Found 4 results

  1. I have a few questions. How long does your average Kerbal live? What is the longest you have kept a Kerbal alive? Do Kerbals have a lifespan? How old can Kerbals get? My average Kerbal lives to like 300 days. Longest I have kept one alive, 12 years, with Jeb.
  2. I play on a modded 1.5.1 save and it almost always takes over a minute for KSP to load the launchpad after I hit the "Launch Craft" button. I have 34 mods installed though, so is this to be expected or is something wrong? More information: I'm playing on an SSD I'm playing on the 64 bit version of KSP The waiting time is fairly consistent regardless of how many parts the craft I'm launching has. (1 part has near the same loading time as 100, although it does get slightly longer w/ more parts) Reverting to the VAB/SPH takes a lot less time than launching the craft does. I have yet to test this, but it really seems like the longer I play the game the longer the loading takes. (E.g. if I'm on my 5th launch it might take 20 seconds longer to load than my 1st launch did.) I set the Terrain Detail, Render Quality, and Scatter Density set as high as they can go. (In the Graphics section of the default KSP settings) I have 3 visual mods: Scatterer, DistantObjectEnhancement, and PlanetShine. I also have the mod MemGraph, which I installed due to a RAM overflow issue I was having. Based on the advice of a fellow forum user, I set MemGraph padheap.cfg to 4096mb. I could increase that all the way to 16,384mb though, as I now have 32GB of RAM on my PC. I don't think changing any of that would help for this particular issue, but I don't really know so I thought I'd mention it. Thank you! Edit: Okay so I've done a bit more testing. The first time I launch a craft it's very quick, but the longer I spend in the VAB/SPH or just the longer I spend in the game, that time quickly increases. For example if I boot up the game, go to the VAB, and instantly launch a craft, the load time would be around 9 seconds. However if I spend 10 minutes in the VAB/SPH before launching, the load time would go up to ~1 minute. And after my first one minute loading time, it's always one minute regardless of how long I spend in the VAB/SPH. Due to this I am suspecting a RAM issue of some sort.
  3. The challenge is as follows make the longest craft possible, and make it orbit. I want to see how far we can push the limits of this game. I will keep track of the scores in two classes: Stock parts only and Anything goes. To qualify for Stock parts only class you must adhere to the following rules: 1. All of your crafts may only use Stock parts (Obviously) 2. You must launch the craft from KSC into orbit 3. You may build it giant on the ground and launch it in one piece, or make lots of little pieces and assemble them in orbit. 4. No mods or cheats that alter the physics of the game or the parts. - Mods like mech jeb, navyfish docking alignment indicator are accepted. [5. No excessive space between parts] <-- should I add this one? (I think so) 6. Pictures or video of each type of craft at the launch pad, as well as pictures that validates your claimed score. To qualify for Anything goes: 1. Mod it, hack it break it, do what ever you want. 2. Picks or it didn't happen. To measure your craft I recommend you to use the navyfish docking alignment indicator. Take a separate craft and align it with one end of your long craft, set a docking port on the other end as your target, and read out the distance from the mod. If you have a different method however I will accept that, as long as I deem it rigorous enough. Top scores: Stock parts only: 1. neistridlar [600m] 2. 3. Anything goes: 1. qzgy [999 999 900m] 2. EpicSpaceTroll139 [ 6 973 597 m] 3. neistridlar [600m] 4. 5.
  4. Infinate Horizons, Volume I Beginnings Table of Contents: Chapter One: The System
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