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  1. So I've been setting up more and more relays, and my Kerbin SOI is just blanketed with radio comms, much like Earth. However, everytime I try to design a long-distance probe, to start setting up my extra-Kerbin relay network, I run into the problem of my ion powered probes having virtually zero thrust. Raw stats of my midrange relay however is a mass of slightly under 4.5 tons, and 11,142 m/s delta v. TWR is ridiculously low at a mere 0.05. My basic (mid-range) relay is a HECS2, powered by 2 1x6 solar panels and 4 RTG's. Communications covered by an RA-15 relay dish, an HG-5, and a Communotron-16 S for local coverage. Primary propulsion is covered by two PB-X750 Xenon tanks and a single Dawn engine. I'd have a screenshot, but my recently installed EPL mod has a panel that doesn't go away so I'm deleting that mod to get a proper screenshot. Is this the major issue with ion probes? Because running a burn of three or four hours with a x4 timewarp doesn't really feel enjoyable to get a relay probe from Kerbin SOI on it's way to Duna before accounting for reverse thrust to stay in orbit after arriving. I have little experience outside the Kerbin SOI and what experience I do have is primarily using considerably larger (and more) engines
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