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Found 10 results

  1. Kerbal lore foretells of a great battle of the gods. Eve and Moho will engage in the most epic battle of all. Moho's speed will allow him to evade Eve's attacks, but he is no match for her purpleness. The Kerbals, after long being oppressed by the wicked giant, will intervene. The most courageous and stupid of the Kerbals mount a daring mission to steal a huge load of her precious ore as a distraction. As Eve is about to crush the bandits, Moho strikes and ignites Eve's explodium blood. She burns brighter than the sun for a week and the Kerbals rejoice in her anguish. This contract was m
  2. Hola a todos! Cuando el juego carga y aparece el primer menú, están los tres Kerbals flotando sobre Kerbin... asumo que el del medio es Jebediah, y a los lados están Bill y Bob. Mi pregunta es, quién será quién? Especialmente me interesa saber quien está de cabeza y sonriendo. Desde ya, muchas gracias!
  3. I was wondering if there would be any lore due to the Duna sstv transmition if there isn't i guessing someone would have to make a mod for that.
  4. There's quite a handful of deities in kerbal mythology. Many of them were emperors or dictators at one point that simply faded with the passage of time. Obviously the big ones stayed. Jool, Eve and Duna, lesser gods like Vall and Bop. Some others. Those last two weren't even mythological idols. Even Duna isn't really a god, is he? Something, something Roman general. There's one in particular... Eeloo. In the big black book it says he was born from the remains of Eve's failed creations, a husk of a soul with a broken skeleton. A keeper of order, the judge of where souls wander
  5. Welcome to the OrbitalBuzzsaw Master Thread This is the thread where I post all of my creations. I occasionally post crafts, lore and rants/statuses here. Feel free to ask questions about anything. If you like the stuff, why not follow the thread? Table of Contents Lore Super Detailed Border Map (OLD VERSION) Flag sample pack Super Detailed Border Map (New Version!) Craft My Plane for "Crosswise the Sea" Statuses/Rants Other Threads Links to my other stuff YT Channel - Please Subscribe My Twitte
  6. There's small implications in-game about lore and myth. I have ideas, ladies and gentlemen. I want to hear yours as well. I will include a snippet of my headcanon lore if anyone's interested though DM. It leans towards the explicit side(Greco-Roman religion+ a little bit of monotheistic flavour) so I wouldn't feel comfortable posting it directly to a thread. Let's just say it explains why females weren't introduced until the official version came out and provides insight into why things are the way they are. Dres? Who's that? Neidon, Sarnus? You're crazy.
  7. Hello! Today, I decided to start a large project on Kerbal space program: writing encyclopedic definitions for every bodies of the Kerbolar system! The infos will be varied, from history of science to exogeology, as well as some kerbal culture. I will try as much as possible to keep the whole scientifically sound. If you see anything that could be improved on this part, be sure to tell me. Also, you can if you want create your own articles, based on a body of the Kerbolar system, or you could expand on some of the topics I mention here. This works will take OPM as canon, by the way,
  8. From what I can tell, the consensus is that Laythe should, by all accounts, not be feasible. Yet it exists, and continues to exist. It somehow has an oxygenated atmosphere that hasn't escaped or reacted away, has enough energy flux at the surface to stay relatively warm, and has exactly the right conditions for liquid water on its surface. This leads to the only explanation I can think of: Laythe is artificial. The nearly global ocean is simply a cover, a layer of insulation for a megastructure that lies beneath the surface. It is heated from within by some arcane power source, a
  9. Has SQUAD ever planned on releasing an actual story for KSP? What are the monoliths, and what does the microscopic writing on them say? What are the Tall Pink Men, and what do they want with Kerbals? Did they create Kerbalkind? Is the whole KSP universe a simulation? Run by the Tall Pink Men? Who is this mysterious group known as "The SQUAD"? ...I'm sorry, my brain ran loose.
  10. Under (Future) Construction https://unionorion.wordpress.com/ussk-universe/
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