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Found 2 results

  1. This isn't a full mission write up, but instead a brief description of some of the more recent events in my 1.2 career game. Tourists to Mun Minmus and Duna A group of five tourists wanted to see the sights of these three bodies, including atmospheric flight over Duna. After filling up their tanks in Minmus orbit, courtesy of the orbital filling station there, the trip went smoothly. Leaving Minmus surface In Duna orbit Return vehicle sent into Kerbin orbit to being them back home for that sweet tourist cash. Getti
  2. This mission report details an entry to The Incredible Double Mun Double Kerbin Landing Challenge in which a a brave crew of three Kerbals was launched from Kerbin, flew to and landed on Mun, then returned to surface of Kerbin, only to head off for another Mun landing and finally returned home to Kerbin again. The vehicle at launch from Kerbin weighed 684 tons. The album of images for this mission are here. Here is a listing of the phases of the mission. Launch from Kerbin Once in a 79km orbit the Mun package (a Mun transfer vehicle and a Mun lander) were separa
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