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Found 7 results

  1. As the title says, I am having near unplayable performance with any of these mods. (30-15 fps on planet surface and slow-mo) My mission clock is solid yellow and about half to one third speed compared to normal, even with a 1 part rocket. -PC: MSI 2080 super, Ryzen 9 3900x, 64 GB ddr4, 1 TB m.2 ssd, 1440p monitor I have tested my CPU on cinebench, since it seems to be the problem, but my cinebench results are only a couple percent slower than a couple tests I found on youtube. I have talked to Stratzenblitz about it, who has made a whole video on CPU performance (ryzen 9 3900x VS ryzen 9 5900x) with scatterer loaded up, and he got much better performance. I have talked to Linx, the parallax dev, and he gets 60 fps at 4k with a similar power intel cpu and a worse gpu (1080ti). I have talked to people with mid gen i5's and 1060 6GB's, who got 60 fps at 1440p. I have even talked to someone who was using integrated graphics who got better performance than me. I have tried turning my windows power options to highest performance. I have tried a fresh install. I have tried sending my computer to get fixed. Nothing has worked. Is there anything I can do? Is it maybe a motherboard throttling issue? Did I miss some setting?
  2. Hey guys. My game is behaving extremely bad, I got about 20 fps on the flight scene and the time label is always yellow Others scenes in the game are fine. Main menu: 180 fps (with an 6 to 7 sec lag to menus start its fading process) VAB: 80 .. 90 fps Flight: 10 .. 20 fps I'm not using any MOD, did a clean 1.7 install through STEAM; I had stopped playing for a few months, I believe that I stopped in version 1.5, by the time my laptop was performing fine in the game, obviously not compared to a top-of-the-line machine but he'd handle it. It kept about 45 to 60 fps on the flight scene, and the time label was always green. So when I installed 1.7 to play again, I noticed this issue. My settings are: I7 4700MQ 2.4 GHz (Turbo 3.3GHz) 32 GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHz GeForce 770M 3GB DDR5 SSD 240 GB M2 SSD 32 GB (Game installed here) Windows 10 Education Some facts and tests made: • All tests made here were without any MOD on version 1.7.2, unless otherwise noted; • The only peripheral connected to my notebook is my mouse; • Game is always running thru nvidia card; • I have both DLCs, I've already tried to play without them, no success; • The low FPS issue in flight scene seems to occur only in versions 1.7.1, 1.7.0 and 1.6.1; • In version 1.5.1 the game runs fine: a. Main Menu (both unmoded and moded): 180 FPS (less than a sec lag to Menu start its fading) b. UNMODED : 80 FPS c. MODED : about 38..40 FPS on flight scene; • Running game via Windows Clean Boot mode, no success; • Clean Windows 10 installation, I've played the game with only Windows (base, no updates), Drivers, Steam and KSP installed. no success; • With some deep tests I figured out the problem is due to Render Quality Setting (https://imgur.com/k8MkrQ6):. • Made the tests of Render Quality vs. Texture Quality on 1.5.1 (https://imgur.com/9tZ64vZ): Didn’t made tests thru lower Render Quality, higher ones speaks for themselves... • Tried to rollback Nvidia driver, no success; • In a New Career file, the FPS is a bit higher, 25 (Tier 1 launchpad)... but still the time label is flickering yellow and green. Then FPS goes low just after the loading disapear, while the screen is still black; • Steam Overlay is disabled, Windows XBOX overlay is uninstalled and Nvidia overlay is there just to show me the FPS counter, didn’t noticed any diference with it off. (While Nvidia overlay was off, i used the debug menu to check the FPS); • Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame: a. Minimum (0.03): 25 FPS (Time label always yellow) b. Maximum (0.12): 25FPS (Time label Always green) • Window Mode: a. Full-Screen: 25 FPS (as as it is my default screen preference) b. Windowed: 25 FPS c. Borderless: 26 FPS (due to a bit lower resolution I guess: 1680 x 1050) • Running with -force-d3d11 or -force-opengl, no success; • Tried diferent ships, no success; • Launched a rocket from launchpad at 20 fps... at arround 50 km high, fps suddenly raised to 25, so I had the idea of using the cheat menu to go do the others bodies (lowest possible orbit): a. Sun: 32 FPS b. Moho: 14 FPS (label yellow) c. Eve: 29 FPS d. Gilly: 26FPS e. Kerbin: 24 FPS (label flickering yellow/green) f. Mun: 33 FPS g. Minmus: 33 FPS h. Duna: 19 FPS (label yellow) i. Ike: 23 FPS (label flickering yellow/green) j. Jool: 31 FPS k. Laythe: 20 FPS (label flickering yellow/green) l. Vall: 14 FPS (label yellow) m. Bop: 23 FPS (label flickering yellow/green) n. Tylo: 23 FPS (label flickering yellow/green) o. Pol: 23 FPS (label flickering yellow/green) p. Dres: 21 FPS (label flickering yellow/green) q. Eeloo: 22 FPS (label flickering yellow/green) r. Random asteroid rendezvous: 33 FPS • Tried with an external monitor (1920x1080), no success; Key concepts: • Render Quality • Flight scene with low FPS, after version 1.6 • Main menu lag, after version 1.6 Hope someone here could help. I'm also in touch with official KSP support, but until now we can't figure out what is causing this issue... Thanks in advance! Sorry for the long post, here is a potato
  3. Hi everyone! So I have a slight issue with slow framerate. I have a couple of mods and I only have the issue in Career mode, not in sandbox mode. Every time I switch scene, either VAB, space center, tracking station, or launchpad it takes about 10-12 seconds for the scene to load. This is ok, I can live with that. However every single time when I go to launchpad, nomather from where I go before, if it's from VAB or tracking station or simply a "revert flight to launch" it takes about 30 seconds for the FPS to stabilize. It sits around 17 fps and after these 30 seconds it kicks up to 60 something. Every single time it about the same 30 seconds plus minus a second or two. If I try this in Sandbox mode in takes about 1-2 seconds for the FPS to stabilize at around 60. I don't know whats wrong but I find it very strange that it only occurs in career mode. It seems like it has nothing to do with part count, in career i used like 31 parts and in sandbox I used 110 parts. The link down below takes you to file.fm where I have output log for career and for sandbox, the ksp log and a mod version log. Also I have the screenshots there too that I post in this thread, and also I uploaded a ckan file in the same link as well as my save including shipfiles. I did not upload a save for the sandbox mode, it's a newly started one and I used the standard ships. The files How to reproduce: I guess all you really have to do is to install the mods in the list and go to launchpad. It doesn't mather if you launch a huge vessle or just a probe core. Takes the same time Really appreciate the help guys! Cheers - Schmelge
  4. Hi So I just sold off my RX 580 graphics card and is currently using my backup GT610, and I am wondering if there are any ways to make ksp playable on that graphics card without sacrificing too much. I have a watercooled R5 1600x CPU and 16 gigs of ram, and I am currently getting around 4 fps with settings maxed out. What can I do to get my framerate above 30 fps while sacrificing the least amount of detail? Thanks!
  5. I've got a problem with my framerate in my 1.2.2 mod install (73 mods). If I launch a rocket everything is good, but after e.g. 3 days in low earth orbit (SSRSS) , either in flight or from the tracking station, my fps are dropping to the half or more. The longer the missions are, the less fps I get. My Moon Base is up there since 400 days and the fps are at 12 frames and it's getting lower. Thanks for help
  6. Hi folks. I've not played Kerbal for ages, and since my last adventure I've upgraded my PC to what is effectively a whole new system. It's a system that should run Kerbal with no problems, yet I'm having the weirdest issue that I've never experienced before in any game. When the game is in focus, CPU and GPU usage is very low, resulting in a framerate of about 20 FPS, even on the main menu. If I watch my CPU usage on my second screen, I can see it sat at about 1%. But, weirdly, if I set Kerbal to windowed mode and switch focus to my second screen, I see framerate skyrocket to about 500 FPS while Kerbal is out of focus but still visible on my main monitor. CPU temperature goes up, as does GPU usage. I've tested every combination of settings (including various V-sync settings, frame locks, SLI on/off, etc) I can think of and the same behaviour happens every time. I grabbed some video footage of this happening to demonstrate my point. Keep an eye on the info in the top left. You'll see it start on 20 FPS while the game is in focus, then shoot up to above 250 FPS when focus is changed. Bringing the focus back to Kerbal reduces it back to a solid 20 FPS once again. Hopefully I've explained the problem. If anyone has experienced something similar or has any idea (no matter how noobish - I may have missed something obvious) what may be causing the system to use no resources to run the game while it's in focus, I'd really appreciate some help! System specs are as follows: Intel i7 7700k @ 4.8 GHz 2 x GTX 980 Ti 16 GB RAM Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250 GB (where the game is installed)
  7. So this never has happened before, and I got KSP about a week after 1.0 came out. Never before had I experienced constant slow frame rate. I have had low frame rate before when firing massive rockets off, but not like this. I accidentally deleted a (and my only) save file in the game, so I had to restart. When I created a new game, as soon as I loaded it, it was very laggy. I was around 18 fps. I went to build a rocket, and launched it. It was literally the smallest, most basic rocket you could build. When it launched, I was running at 15.5 FPS. I kept playing, hoping that it would stop lagging out, but it didn't. I got some more parts, made a slightly bigger rocket, and entered orbit. I was on my last stage with a little fuel so I could get back, and I was running 12.2 FPS. That never has happened before, and I don't know why it is happening now. I tried quitting KSP and relaunching it, still did it. I quitted Steam all together, relaunched it, opened up KSP, and it still had terrible frame rate. I don't know why this is either. There are no mods in the GameData folder, and no other save files. I didn't recently download any giant games or software onto my computer either. But the strange thing is, when I zoom out enough so my spacecraft isn't in view, it can run at up to 62 FPS. If the sun is in my view I can get speeds of 33 FPS. When I am in map view, most of the time, it ran about 66 FPS. It seems only to go really low when you can see my craft. Why is this happening. My Computer Specs: MacBook Pro - 13 inch late 2011 (yes I realize it is an old computer but like I said, it was running amazingly before). OS - 10.10.5 Processor - 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory - 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
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