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Found 2 results

  1. The aim of this challenge is simple, create a naval aircraft capable of full carrier operations. Rules; 1. Hard part limit of 70. 2. Maximum stall speed of 65m/s. 3. Take up a stowed foot print of less than 14m long by 8m wide. Inspiration Further Guidance; DLC's are allowed and encouraged VTOL, STOL, SSTO, Helicopter. If it's Naval oriented I want it No Part Mods Optional Contracts Fixed Wing Rotary Wing SSTO's Formatting a Contract Aircraft (Contract No.) (Aircraft type) (Author/s) (Craft Name) (Description) (Pictures - make sure they are spoilered) (Craft DL - preferably KerbalX) Obviously you don't have to create a naval aircraft exactly to these specifications, nor are you obligated to. Work in progress pictures are highly encouraged and I look forward to seeing what you are going to create.
  2. Welcome to the Flaming Goat Foundry Works Showroom of Death-Defying Machinery! We're glad to have you! Take a look around! The Foundry produces everything from low-altitude short-range aircraft to low-altitude medium-range aircraft... All with one goal in mind: Awesomeness. Awesomeness and maneuverability. Two goals. Also wicked aesthetics. Awesomeness and maneuverability and wicked aesthetics. Three goals. IMPORTANT NOTE: The majority of these designs are barely tested and wholeheartedly awesome. OTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Overexposure to awesomeness may induce transcendence and/or insanity. For the moment, the Foundry Works are dedicated to creating semi-rediculous aircraft for people who want to pull absolutly ridiculous stunts, or just have fun flying aircraft with far too many moving parts. Droptanks, canards, airbrakes, and VTOL engines are only four of the Foundry Works' specialties. Acronyms and bizarre wing configurations are another two. There are some more, but I can't list all of them. The Foundry Works has many, many specialties. The Foundry Works is getting in gear, and looking for requests. If you want an insane vehicle but don't quite posses the lobotomy arsenal of tools to build it, just let us know, and we'll hop right to it! Within a minimal amount of time and parts, you'll have exactly what you need. BEHOLD THE GAPWING DUAL-THRUST SCREAMJET! [Not available for download - I blew up the save file] Using the innovative reverse-thrust feature added in 1.05 the Foundry designed the Gapwing Screamjet. A semi-passenger plane with excellent low-altitude capabilities and four engines in the wing space of two. BEHOLD THE WHALE ST! DOWNLOAD IT FROM KERBALX! The supercharged younger brother of the almost-not-a-boat-plane that everyone doesn't know yet but already loves. Comes equipped with a QuickStart SRB for taking off really fast. There's no real practical purpose for having an SRB strapped to the underside of a plane, but that's the fun of it. BEHOLD THE WHALE XL! DOWNLOAD IT FROM KERBALX! The upscaled older brother to the very-nearly-not-a-boat-plane that everyone almost knows and doesn't quite love as much as the should. Comes with detachable wings for boat conversion (or semi-planned demolition) and more than enough space in the undercarriage for cargo drops (heh heh). BEHOLD THE WHALE! DOWNLOAD FROM KERBALX! It was intended to be a boat. Then the Foundry tied wings on it and tossed it into the air. Surprisingly it worked. Because of the unorthodox fuselage shape, it's easy to mount cargo (or SRBs) to the underside without unduly disturbing the CoM or drag. BEHOLD OUR SELECTION OF DROP ROVERS AND CARRY VEHICLES! [Not available for download - I killed this save file too - built on request] I can't dig up this particular design, but the Foundry put enough hours into this project to be able to replicate it in spirit, if not exactness. Rovers for extended journeys and large planes for their transport are Foundry Specializations #6 and #7. If any of of your test pilots are feeling the need... the need for a very long fall followed by more falling followed by some parachuting and then some driving, let us know and the Foundry will leap into action full-time, possibly double-time, to ensure that your order gets completed. If anyone wants to make requests, feel free! The Foundry is perfectly willing to build anything, but we specialize in bizarre, multistage aircraft.
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