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Found 57 results

  1. I only have my mac here atm, and in 1.0.5 there was not much lag in lowest resolution and lowest graphics. But now in 1.1, ksp is almost unplayable, still lowest settings.. :/ I hoped there would be better performance in 1.1 on my mac, but nope.. Doesn't work for me It's an old mac book from 2009, 256 mb vram, 4gb ram and intel core 2 duo
  2. Does anyone here run KSP on OSX El Capitan? I'm experiencing constant freezes on OSX Yosemite when loading the launchpad (Each time forcing me to restart my laptop) and I'm wondering if upgrading would improve my experience. If this is not the correct forum, I apologize. It didn't look like that it fit in Tech Support or Gameplay Questions either.
  3. Sometimes when launching a flight or switching to a flight, the screen becomes completely unresponsive. No matter if I'm alt-tabbed or in-game, none of my clicks register and I'm unable to use the keyboard at all (Not even using Activity Manager works at this point). Putting the screen down on my Macbook also has no effect at all, as it still stays on (Apple logo stays lit). Every time this happens, I have to restart my Macbook, and then it boots up completely fine. KSP also doesn't register it as a crash for some reason, but every time this has happened, I've been running it. Mods: - Scatterer (Which I've also noticed has started to glitch more with the water recently, with it appearing in a shade of red and black on occasion) - KSPRC - EVE - EngineLight - Final Frontier - Mechjeb - Mac OS X 64-bit workaround This has only recently started to happen. I have not installed any mods or done anything significant in this timeframe. I am running OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite.
  4. DISCLAIMER: I did not came up with this method. I found it on Reddit (see this topic). I just want to share it here. Thanks to Reddit user sq10 for sharing. So, you are playing on Mac OS X and you can't use many mods because there's no OpenGL trick and the game crashes around 2,7 GB of RAM usage? You have to turn down your texture resolution? That's the fix for you! Original post from user q10 on Reddit: MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR CURRENT INSTALL OF KSP FIRST! First, get the Mac version of Unity 4.6.4, download it from After downloading and installing it, right click the Unity app and 'Show Package Contents' - the first file you will need to get is in Contents/Playback Engines/MacStandaloneSupport/Variations/macosx64_nondevelopment_mono, click 'Show Package Contents' again and go to Contents/MacOS. Copy 'UnityPlayer' from the UnityPlayer app and go to Contents/MacOS/ in the KSP app, remove the 'KSP' file inside the folder and copy the file you copied from the UnityPlayer application and rename it to 'KSP'. Then, go back to Contents/ in the KSP app and go to the 'Frameworks' folder and delete 'MonoEmbedRuntime', replacing it by the 'MonoEmbedRuntime' from Contents/Frameworks in the UnityPlayer application. Next, go to Contents/Data/Managed in the UnityPlayer application and copy UnityEngine.dll to Contents/Data/Managed in the KSP application, replacing the previous dll. Finally, go to Contents/Data/Managed/etc/ in the KSP app and delete the mono folder, and copy the mono folder from /Contents/Data/Managed/etc/ in the UnityPlayer application to /Contents/Data/Managed/etc/ in the KSP application. I hope the instructions weren't too unclear and please let me know if I did something wrong somewhere! With this 64 bit modification, I am able to run EVE and Astronomer's Visual Pack with no problem and 64 bit vanilla KSP just feels much smoother. Also from my personal observation, FAR, DRE and Kerbal Joint Reinforcement seem to work fine and I do no get any error messages for using a 64 bit version of KSP. Thanks for reading! Keep launching those rockets! ~sq10 And the best think is that it works! I've tried it with around 60 mods installed on KSP 1.0.5 and with loaded 700+ parts vessel. This is the result. Played for about 1hr and no crashes. As the forum user said, I used Unity 4.6.4 and not other 4.6.x version. Nothing more to say. Hope you enjoy!
  5. I'm not that into mods, I only download aesthetics. So I got RCS sounds, Rover sounds, etc, and they say in Readme they need Module Manager. When I load up the game I can see that the game is reading Module Manager, but I don't get what the mod does. Help. I'm sure MM is working as intended, but that I'm doing something wrong. The mods and MM are in the GameData folder. What do I do? What do I do to get the MM needed mods to work?
  6. So, for some reason, on my Mac Mini, the shift key prevents me from zooming in and out in KSP, but scrolling still works normal. I know this, because I can't zoom in and out on running Kerbals. I went into the settings.cfg and set the run key to Command, but I couldn't find then for the editor anywhere. On the side of the shift key, I've tried several keyboards, but it still can't scroll. If I screenshare, it will work, though. I've benign making it with just clicking and digging with the MMB, but it's getting annoying. Nothing pops on the log, and I can't find what's causing this.
  7. This is a persistent problem with parts mods - any mod i use with parts, which is I don't get all the parts from the pack. I put the folders in game data as told or as a second try put the parts in the parts folder but some parts just won't appear in the VAB or SPH or work with prebuilt ships. I do have a mac if that makes a difference. Does anyone else have this problem? What am i doing wrong with the install?