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Found 9 results

  1. Launch Pad is a CKAN Client written for macOS. It allows you to download and install mods for Kerbal Space Program, including dependencies. If you play KSP on a Mac, and find it hard to use the official CKAN application using monodevelop, give Launch Pad a try! The app is still being developed, so while you can install most mods with it, you can't upgrade them right now. The app uses the original CKAN Metadata Repository, so all mods that are available on CKAN are also available in here. I'd LOVE for some adventurous Mac users to try it out and leave feedback though. Mo
  2. Well... The last few days I got somewhat overwhelmed by a series of crashes on my MacOS box that I didn't diagnosed correctly, and found myself chasing ghosts. =/ Not one of my brightest times. =P This thread is my attempt to gather together a knowledge base of MacOS specific issues and, with luck, minimize the time spent on crashing KSP and maximize the time spent crashing crafts on KSP. :-) The proposed "rules" are simple: a post per 'problem x solution'. I don't plan to use this as a generic support thread - I think that help for unknown problems should be get in dedicated th
  3. I just installed KSP on a new 13" MacBook Pro 2017. I was having some very bad problems until I found the post about using -force-opengl on macOS High Seirra. That has helped a lot, but I am still having trouble with screen resolution. In windowed mode, whatever resolution I pick the window will be 1.6-2x as large, depending on what scaling I have selected for the display in System Preferences. In fullscreen mode, even if I set the resolution to match the hardware native resolution (2560x1600), the image is really poor quality: it's obviously been scaled to (something like) 1280x800 an
  4. I have been using CKAN on my Mac to manage mods and opening terminal all the time gets kind of annoying, so there it is, the CKAN.app It does one job, it calls the terminal and enters the code you would otherwise need to enter yourself to open ckan.exe Requirements: 1. ckan.exe (obviously) 2. latest/compatible mono install (obviously) 3. Latest macOS Sierra (not tested on other versions) 4.Your ckan.exe needs to be in the system "downloads" file (this can be customised with a bit of computer science knowledge, see GitHub wiki) (new update, new icon and this is no
  5. I have tried all the recommended workarounds, running from the root directory, with the -opengl flag, etc, etc. None of them work for me. Running macOS 10.13.3, and Kerbal ver 1.3.1 It might run for 10 minutes, or it might hang during loading. but it always dies--just totally stops responding--with a blank screen. Are Macs actually a supported platform anymore?
  6. @SQUADWhen will macOS users be able to launch the game like everyone else? without the game freezing when it gets to the asset bundles loading message... Or is it just me? with my security privileges set to near zero. If this is not on the development roadmap, then please inform me as to why. Asking for a friend. Sincerely, Fed up in the UK. EDIT: I could be completely off-base here as I am unsure as to what prior update may have fixed this - if so, then I apologise and will install the update you tell me to.
  7. Hello everyone. Is the current version of the game with similar performance on masOS vs windows? My install on macOS is running into a few issues, not sure if it's something I;m not doing or that they perform (FPSwise) differently on these platforms. Thanks for your time.
  8. Dear KSP Team, KSP was working fine for me for months, now with the 1.3 it's crashing at every start at the same loading step ( I think after asset-loading). Here's the stack trace:
  9. I just got a new MacBook Pro (not the one with the Touch Bar, mid-2015 model), and unfortunately KSP does not support Retina Display; which basically means that a 15" (38.1 cm) screen has a 2880 x 1800 resolution, twice the normal (1440 x 900) resolution of usual 15" screens. This makes the GUI look way too small when played on full resolution, and even the UI scale slider only goes up to 150%, and is not sufficient.
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