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Found 2 results

  1. KSPICS Simply a magazine with contributions by people such as: @[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@Fdkhio @Vals_Aerospace and more! !BE WARNED THEY ARE BIG AND HIGH RES! KSPICS #1 As a full album: https://imgur.com/gallery/6iFDpdJ KSPICS #2 Full album: https://imgur.com/gallery/0RLKPMo
  2. Hello KSP Fourms! My name Treble Sketch and I have to say that KSP really fuelled my love for space. Being able to launch rockets and actually do something really capture my imagination. Even thought I've been on the forums for ages, I haven't been posting much. (only comments, as you see with the 50 something posts) But recently I'd gotten some attention with a project that I am currently working on, a Kerbal Space Program fan content magazine. The Kerbol was an idea that I had for an English Assignment, but when I published it to Reddit I got some people interested in it and would like to see it happen. Currently I'm still working on getting some assets sorted and maybe some staff on board this project. But more will be announced when I have the thread finished! Seeing that I'm still getting used to the forums, that might take me a while to post Interests are: Space, Games, Art, Music and Ponies My Steam if you want to friend me => Treble Sketch You all have a great day/night!
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