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Found 6 results

  1. Also known as: Radio frequency resonant cavity thruster. It is a device concept that claims to be a spacecraft propeller. It is intended to generate momentum by reflecting the microwaves internally in the device, violating the moment conservation law and other laws of physics. It was introduced in 2001 by Roger Shawyer. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/EmDrive To give you an idea: Down ion thrusters produced almost 30 times more impulse for the same amount of electricity than the Em drive.
  2. This topic is to list all the things that should definitely not be added to ksp -space elevator (complicated for the game) -Orbital ring (complicated for the game) -Launch loops (complicated for The game) -Tachyon drive (Technology not of that century.) - unrealistic drives (Technology not of that century.) - planetary deconstruction (complicated for the game) -warp drives (Technology not of that century.) - wormholes (Technology not of that century.) -war (Not rocket related.) -political KSSR / (political/money) - intelligent aliens (
  3. #Magic boulder in van this is awesome #done with haks *vab not van
  4. How do we explain all of the claims of magic being real? There are several thousand videos and images and audio recordings of supposed magical entities and objects and locations and events, and so many of them go unexplained! I've put together some hypotheses of how "magic" might be real here: My bet is on 2. ok this was a mistake mods move this to the lounge
  5. Planet Staus: A Concept, No ideas or textures. Just Started making, May be a name and texture. First Prototype. May be planet pictures. Pre-Release: I will leave a link to download the planet for peeps to test. I want some feedback if you were to test it. PLS This means the planet is complete and it will be downloadable in a planet pack when it is released. The Planets Helios:A Hot-Jool style planet. it does not have moons yet. Moon 1: A lava moon. May have another small moon orbiting it Moon 2: A less Lava-y Moon. May have a big crack in it
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