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Found 4 results

  1. Recently, I've been having trouble while attempting to startup the game. The game seems to be working fine when going through the loading screen, but when the main menu loads up, I am unable to click any menu buttons. I've tried changing the screen resolution and taking some mods from the GameData, but nothing appeared to work. I've uploaded the log file and a screenshot of the current mods down below. Please notify me if there is a fix to this issue. The log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hcBhUYLLfz7O0hGwe5Txlnzh9GrMxAAh/view?usp=sharing
  2. Random Main Menu Bodies What Is RMMB? RMMB is a literally useless mod but makes the game 0.01% better. What Does RMMB Do? RMMB makes the main menu of KSP a little bit better. By default, Kerbin is in the background of the main menu but now, all planets have a chance to be seen in the main menu. Screenshots (Using Astronomers Visual Pack): Known Bugs: Small Moons/Planets not being able to be seen until the 'Start Game' screen. Getting the same planet over and over again (Very Rare but possible) Download: Kopernicus: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/tag/release-38 RMMB: https://github.com/CrankyJedii/RMMB/releases/tag/1.0 (License: MIT)
  3. So, i updated my ksp 1.7.3 to 1.8 I tried to start it with my mods,didnt work, it go stuck in the loading time to the start menu. Without mods, it got stuck in the main menu, the 1.8 update window showed, but it go frozen so i cant click anywhere. If i click while its frozen, the game crash. Any ideas?
  4. This one isn't high urgency -- it's not locking up the computer or anything -- but I'm paranoid and wondering what's going on. When I start KSP, a few seconds after the Main Menu appears, the game seems to hang for a second or two--except that the music keeps playing just fine and the mouse cursor still works (though if you mouse over any menu items or click on them, they don't respond). Once the game gets past the hang, everything works perfectly, and the hang doesn't occur again unless you exit KSP and restart it. The hang also doesn't recur if you return to the main menu from inside the game. KSP version, no mods. The problem started occurring two or three months ago; I had not made any patches or hardware changes to the computer around that time. The problem happens every time I start KSP, even if no other programs are open at the same time. However I do seem to have a minor glitch with one other Steam game (a menu hiccup, curiously), and an occasional window-resizing glitch with a couple of online flash games that use Unity (is flash-game Unity the same Unity used by KSP?) So, off the cuff it looks like it might be a bug in Unity, but I wanted to get the official word.
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