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  1. I have the “Stock Crafts” setting with the light off, yet I have the stock making history ships, and it’s quite annoying.
  2. I can't see more two launch pads in KSP MH,I don't know what happen but when i hover around the launch button it doesn't show up please help me.
  3. Hi! Does Making History affect ongoing saves? (ex. If you have part of the tech tree unlocked, will the MH parts belonging in the unlocked nodes be available to me?) Thanks!
  4. I have the money for one of the expansions, but I have no clue which one I should get. I’m leaning towards Breaking Ground for the robot parts and science stuff, but I’m not sure. Any advice?
  5. Hey guys.A few hours ago, I successfully purchase DLC: making history at the KSP homepage.But, some reason, I cannot download DLC.It doesn't appear at the accounts/your orders tab.Where can I find downloads DLC?
  6. Now is your time to help SpaceX. We've been waiting for this mission for years and it's finally here. Your task is: 1a) Launch Crew Dragon Demo-1 1b) *Optional* Land first stage booster 3) Rendezvous & Dock with the ISS (International Space Station) 4) Land on Kerbin, alive. Sounds easy? Good, no pressure. Required Mod: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/kerbal-reusability-expansion DOWNLOAD MISSION HERE
  7. This question has been bugging at me for a long time. Which is better, the Wolfhound, or the Terrier tweakscaled to 2.5? Sadly, I don't have making history, so if you are willing to, could you test out the differences?
  8. Useful Tips & Great KSP Content to Use with KerbalEdu KerbalEdu + KSP community: remarkable real world learning both in game & in the forums, human exploration, real rocket history, powerful aerodynamics & n-body gravitation models, beautiful artistry, physics studies, power of collaborative exploration & design. This topic thread is a summary of remarkable & inspiring KerbalEdu relevant KSP content that the KSP community has created. You are welcome to post your recommended additions. A few
  9. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 is live! This patch focuses mainly on solving issues encountered in the base game and both the Making History and Breaking Ground Expansions. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: ===============================v1.8.1================================ 1.8.1 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Making History and Breaking Ground changelog) +++ Localization * Fix missing Chinese characters on main menu. * Fix missing units in the Maneuver editor UI in Chinese. * Fix a few dV KSPedia slides showing corrupted charac
  10. The Saturn L1-N3V is a rocket that is a combination of a Saturn V and N1-L3 (hence the name). It's the first of what I call, "Combined Rockets", where I take parts of one rocket and combine them with parts of another rocket. The Saturn N1-L3V was created when someone thought: I wonder what would happen if i combined a Saturn V and N1?. This rocket consists of a Saturn V first stage, N1 Block B second stage, S-IVB third stage, a Blok D lander and munar orbit insertion stage, and a Apollo CSM and LK Lander. Images of the rocket in action are below: Saturn N1-L3V on the launchpad
  11. The Legendary Saturn V, re-imagined in a more modern and cost saving way, now with the ability to be completely reused! Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/SparkeyFlarkey/Reusable-Saturn-V This behemoth has a few changes that make it stand out from the original, such as legs, wings, and extra boosters! 4 extra vector engines on the first stage second stage uses 5 vectors instead of skiffs as it needs to make orbit quickly Lunar module has only one stage instead of two to get the whole thing back service module is now a spaceplane capable of verticle landings
  12. So its been out offically for 1 year. The DLC of Making History. Besides Using The DLC parts, why does almost no one use making history for making missions now? Is it not good enough, or does it have too many problems?
  13. I know making history is mainly made to recreate the Saturn V, but if they are going to put in the Russian capsules, at least add parts so you can make rockets other than Vostok - 1. One of my favorite spacecrafts is Sputnik - 1, but I can't, first of all, the antennas are too short and the wrong color, also, the the unmanned command pod that is supposed to represent Sputnik has that thing at the bottom of it where you attach it, I want to be able to decouple it like you can with the Russian capsules. Plus I want parts that can recreate the N1, it's a cool rocket and I want to be able to make
  14. I'm not sure if this has been said already but I'm actually kinda upset that they nerfed the Wolfhound. That 412 vaccuum ISP was very important to my spaceplane design and allowed me to do things that just weren't possible before. The Wolfhounds weren't good enough to get a LF/OX spaceplane or rocket all the way out to another planetary system, but they were perfect for Kerbin SOI rockets and SSTOs. They were the perfect intermediary between the other engines and the NERV. Please un-nerf the wolfhound. Edit: Similarly with the skiff.
  15. May 5th 1961. Almost a month after Yuri Gagarin's loop around the globe, Nasa was finally ready for it's first rocket mission with human crew. Alan Shepard boarded his mercury capsule Freedom 7, strapped on a Redstone rocket and prepared for a Suborbital flight. Follow the instructions and recreate the mission, some parts are completely automated(stage separation, boostback and parachute deployment) Mercury-Redstone 3 at Launch Complex 5. Freedom 7 in space. Download here ---> https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/mercury-redston
  16. Since i installed making history, I can't manage to have the KV 1/2/3 pods decouple from their base, leaving only the round part. I saw that it is necessary to have a part linked under them to decouple, but i tried it and it does not work. When i stage, the part just does not decouple. In fact for a long time i just assumed it was supposed to have a decoupler added under it, like the original (gemini like) pod. I just recently noticed images of the KV-1 properly detached on the net. Am I missing something ?
  17. Hearts Chevron 96 [EHEV] *STOCK* Extra Heavy Extra Volumetric Cargo Lifter. [Carries ~12.5m wide and 60meter length cargo. Can lift ~1495 Ton into LKO/~1.5Kiloton @ 28.5Ton per rapier.] For only 368 Parts which includes stock cargo! Includes flight instructions below and on KerbalX https://kerbalx.com/Aeroboi/Hearts-Chevron-96-Cargo-Lifter-25MCP https://kerbalx.com/Aeroboi/Hearts-Chevron-96-Cargo-Lifter-2375MC https://kerbalx.com/Aeroboi/Hearts-Chevron-96-Cargo-Lifter-75MC 1. Front side. 2. Belly with 2x3.75m fuel tank cargo setup. 3. From above. 4. U
  18. *Edit: I will list each chapter as it is available below. ALWAYS download from this post to ensure you use the most up-to-date version* Chapter 1 DXX Download Chapter 2 Download DDX Chapter 3 Download DDX Chapter 4 Download Beta Note: Chapters marked with DX are final and have been played by others and cleaned up of any glitches, errors, or generally broken bits. ------------------------------ Hey all, I've been browsing the forums and it looks like this is a pretty good place to share missions and mission ideas for Making History? I got the DLC day one
  19. Ever since making history's release date was revealed i have been wondering if it is coming to KSP: Enhanced Edition. Is there any one that could answer this? Thanks! Oh i also heard that you can get a cheat menu In Enhanced Edition, does this exist and if so how do you get it open?
  20. Using the mission builder what's your best ksp mission you have made, if any? (I have made a few myself, and currently working on another)
  21. So this is my first mission. It is also the first part in a series of parts that will be in a mission pack. In the first part of many in the munar exploration mission pack, your goal is to land the kurveyor 1 probe (currently in munar orbit) at a specific place on the mun. Good Luck! Download Links: https://kerbalx.com/missions/83 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1637198865 Its a beginner skill mission, and its very easy. Post images of you doing the mission below! Part 2 is coming soon.
  22. Here are images from the first time I played KSP 1.6.1, which I started playing today! (I previously had played 1.2.2 and 1.4.2)
  23. Hello! I am SuperMiiBrother. I have had this game since 2017 And just signed up for the Forums (WHY DIDN'T I DO IT SOONER?!) And was wondering how to post a mission on the Forums. I made a mission Im a little proud of, And want to share it with the community! Please help.
  24. I"m in need of some help installing making history add-on. I"m running Linux mint on a Quad core Asus motherboard I built. the basic program runs great, so i decided to buy the Making history Add-on. I"ve unzipped the files to a folder on my desktop. But the instructions tell me to run a script called dlc-mhe-[lang]. command. I"ve got no clue how to run this in the Command terminal. after i open the terminal I get this:( [email protected]:~$ ) can anyone with some linux experience help me out? Thanks for any help Ray Gott
  25. In the last 23 hours (where i played ksp ground 4 hours) KSP crashed 20+ times, without any pattern. It crashed when loading a savefile, starting a mission from Making History, launching a vehicle, opening kspedia, recovering a vehicle, adding a part in the editor, reloading assets from the debug console or even when making a screenshot for another bug report. The crash itself is weird. Most of the time i only get a sound from Windows and 'poof' the KSP window is gone. Only once appeared a window saying that KSP crashed. Does this only happen to me? I'm wondering, because i haven't seen a
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