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Found 9 results

  1. Patch 1.4.4 is on its way and with it various improvements and fixes such as language corrections, FX improvements, and more! As part of our commitment to continue supporting and improving upon KSP, 1.4.4 will add some cool and previously unavailable Steam functionalities that will enhance the KSP experience to users of this platform. For starters, we’ll be launching the Official KSP Steam Workshop hub, along with its full in-game integration. Since the conception of the Making History Expansion, we knew that mission-sharing was crucial for its success. Now, with the integration of this p
  2. Hello everyone! With over a year in the making, we are getting closer to bringing Kerbal Space Program towards its next leap forward. Today, we are proud and super excited to announce that Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion will be available for PC on March 13th, 2018. Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion brings a lot of new and exciting content to KSP, including the powerful and intuitive Mission Builder, where you will have the tools to create and share your own scenarios with other players. We are also including the History Pack, a set of missions ready to be
  3. Getting some unexpected stuff (To me) going on... Have a SM-6A Service Module with four Stratus-V Minified Monopropellant Tank placed inside. When I jettison the shroud, The tanks pop loose along with it. Weird bug or is this actually supposed to happen? If it's working as expected any way to get them to stay attached?
  4. So far I'm loving KSP: MHE, but the game is crashing a lot for no apparent reason, along with the usual Windows *BER-LONNNGGG!* sound, but also I've noticed that after having used the personal parachutes quite a few times, they seem to no longer be a thing. I run my career modes on a strict hardcore policy. No saves, no reverting flights, no respawning Kerbalnauts. So, for instance, when I just now completed a mission to rendezvous in Kerbin orbit, I thought I'd have some fun bring down the capsule, and have the pilot parachute down along side the capsule. (After all, the IRL capsule I used in
  5. Hello everyone, so I´ve noticed that the mision builder starts to go "slow" or with a bit "lag" when creating many nodes. Has anyone else notice this? Is there a way to make it go smooth all the time? I know it is not because of my pc specs, cause I have a i7, GTX970 4gb and 16gb ram. i also have the game installed on a SSD.
  6. So I was playing MHE yesterday, and I just couldn't complete the Squad mission "To the Mun via Minmus" as I kept running out of electric charge. The supplied spacecraft have no solar panels! And you can't go into the editor to add them. So I had to use the cheat panel to give myself unlimited electricity. Didn't these missions get play-tested?? You simply can't complete them without a power source (or oodles of batteries, more than they give you) as it takes about 6 game hours to get to the Mun and game days to get to Minmus.
  7. Join us and your favorite streamers for the Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion - Launch Party Streaming Marathon on KSPTV. Check out the schedule Don't miss a moment of our Making History Marathon! Sign up to get notified here! Happy launchings!
  8. Kerbal Space Program makes history today with the launch of its first expansion! Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion adds a wealth of new and exciting content to the game, including a robust Mission Builder that lets players create and share their own scenarios, and a History Pack containing missions inspired by historical moments in space exploration. The Mission Builder is a new feature that puts the process of creating and editing missions in your hands with endless possibilities. You’ll be able to customize your own missions to include launches, landings, rescue
  9. So I was watching Matt Lowne's video on youtube about the Making History Expansion, and he was demonstrating the Mastodon Engine, a obvious replica of the Saturn V rocket's F-1 Rocketdyne engine. 5 of these engines powered the first stage of the Saturn 5, and they burned until the upper atmosphere. They reminded me of my stock Saturn 5 which had the wrong engine exhaust color - A blue flame, which is the sign that a rocket is burning Liquid Hydrogen for its fuel, not sooty Kerosene. (The engines I were using were the RS-25 engines, which in real life shot out the blue exhaust of the space shut
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