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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there! So I bought the DLC and apart from all of the other bugs and issues mentioned in many other threads, I have come to notice something: I'm not actually having any fun playing the Stock missions, and generally the stock game. I would dare to call myself a KSP veteran, having started out a few years back. Building rockets that can go to the place you want to go is quite a hit and miss, until you discover the concept of Delta-V and TWR. After my discovery, I started calculating them with pen, paper and a calculator. Then I switched to Excel, but that still got tedious real fast. Luckily I discovered MechJeb (and later KER) that calculated the TWR and the stages for me. I got used to them, and building rockets became second nature to me. When Making History was released, I thought to myself: "OK, let's play these missions as they were intended: with just the Stock game, no mods". I finally got to the third part of the mission (building Jebnik 1), and I come to realize: Wait, how the hell am I supposed to know if this is going to space or not??? I don't have a dV readout, I can't even do trial and error, because there is no Revert to VAB after I've launched the thing. My options are: Build the most "Kerbal Rocket" and create a giant behemoth that by my *guess* will probably make it to space Do trial and error by cheating Get it right by copying an existing design from the forum Go back to my days of calculator usage, calculate the dV of 3 stages by hand None of these is fun for me. Option 1) just isn't my style, and it's not even a guarantee that it will work. Option 2) feels cheaty, and also doesn't work very well. 3) is plain lame, and I'm just too old to do 4), I have moved past this years ago, and it's way too much work for a game meant for recreation. So what now? I'm usually a critic of statements like "this mod should be stock", but I'm coming to realize that the game really, really needs a Delta-V and TWR readout. What are your thoughts about this? How do you deal with building rockets without KER/MechJeb? ps.: inb4 "Just install KER/MechJeb": I know I can do that, and probably will. But in this thread I want to talk about the *Stock* experience that the game provides and that the developers intended.
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