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Found 4 results

  1. I've been working on custom liveries for use with the new Variant construct introduced with 1.4. I'm aware of certain issues regarding the command modules and how they break the flags and so forth. However, assuming those issues get sorted... I have the following Mod Manager script that seems to work quite well for adding my custom livery files as a Variant for each part that I want. ////////// avionicsNoseCone \\\\\\\\\\ @PART[avionicsNoseCone]:HAS[!MODULE[ModulePartVariants]] { MODULE { name = ModulePartVariants primaryColor = #ffffff secondaryColor = #4c4f47 baseDisplayName = White baseThemeName = White } } @PART[avionicsNoseCone] { @MODULE[ModulePartVariants] { VARIANT { name = Stealth displayName = Stealth themeName = Stealth primaryColor = #2c2c2c //dark gray secondaryColor = #000000 //black TEXTURE { mainTextureURL = Livery/Stealth/Skins/Airbrake } } } } This works fine, and if you notice, the first thing it does is adds a ModulePartVariants module to the part, but only if the module does not exist. Then, it adds the new Variant for the custom livery. Couple questions for you all... 1) given that this is the syntax for a single part, and it's rather lengthy... Do you see any way it could be streamlined and maintain functionality? 2) the "name", "displayName", and "themeName" seem a bit redundant... but it seems to work like this? Am I misnaming something here? ...or should they be different for some reason?
  2. I would like to know how I should make a MM patch to make some Non RO parts tagged as RO. I tried with this method but It didn't work. The mod (at the moment , I'll do more RO patches in future for other mods) is NEBULA DECALS. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello everyone from ksp here is my second mod (it's not a mod but a plugin!) My plugin will be alien manager. But in the future the mods will be public. thank you for your patience
  4. I'm thinking of building a web service to help people simplify their mod installs/updates process. Functionality: Mods would be submitted to the system with their name, link to github/curse download links, description of mod, etc. Users would be able to search for and add mods to their basket. When all their mods are added to the basket, they would be able to download a zip file of all the mods properly organized into the gamedata folder. Then just unpack this one zip file and overwrite the 'gamedata' folder to update all their mods. The mods you selected will be saved for the next time you want to upgrade. Groups of mods can be shared by developers, or by popular channels. Imagine watching a video, and then being able to download their exact mods list in a few clicks. Feasibility: The basic software to make this is not overly complicated. I'm just wondering if this sort of thing would be useful, or if someone has already done something similar?
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