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Found 1 result

  1. The Soviet manned Lunar progrLK-1am, had 2 concepts to get Soviet Astronauts to the Moon The N1 rocket, which never really worked at all, except for the 4th launch that went pretty well (It lasted over 100 seconds); Until they shut down the 6 core engines, and the fuel lines exploded due to the still hot engine, if the had separated the first stage early, and started the second stage, the launch probably would've worked, and the Soviets may have actually gotten to the Moon sometime in the late 70s early 80s (Which also probably would've kept the space race going). One really bad design (Other than the number of engines), was that, although it was more powerful than the Saturn V (10,200,000 lbs thrust vs 7,500,000) it was much less efficient (I bet you can guess why), and thus couldn't take as much to the Moon _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The UR-500k which was the better choice for the Soviet lunar program as it had much less engines, (And eventually turned into the Proton rocket family class we all know), I don't have much other info on it, so you'll have to dig stuff up yourselves _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The LK, which was the landing spacecraft for the N-1, which LK-1 held 1 person. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Then there was the spacecraft LK-1, for the UR-500k which was a Lunar flyby spacecraft, and the spacecraft for both, and had 4 modules The crew module which could hold 2 people The ADU emergency engine unit PAB equipment rocket system block (Service module) And the RB Translunar injection stage. Then the LK-700, which was the lander part of it which was a direct ascent lander. (There's not a lot of other info) So what do you guys think the odds are that the Soviets could land humans on the Moon if they separated the first stage in the 4th flight properly or used the UR-500k instead of the N-1?
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