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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am playing in the Career mode, of KSP. Now I shall install a satellite into an specific Orbit. AP and PE no problem so far, easy. found out how to get on the angle.. check But it also requires to have a Specific Arg PE and LAN and meanwhile I am really frustrated. I might get on the right LAN but have no clue how to set ArgPE right. Anyone here has some Tipps for me?
  2. I tried sort of making a f-14 and here it is what it looks like what is causing the low manueveerablity?
  3. How can I burn for an node while time warping? When I time warp, the engine cuts.
  4. Guys, i am pretty new. I started this game bacause i love space and math so i am currently learning the equations and the theoretical side of the game but ı have a big trouble with maneuver thing. i can draw and plan the maneuver but i dont know where should my spacecraft point during manuever. Required delta v is decreases for some time but after a while it starts to increase again i can never maintain orbital shape i prefer. it goes wrong. Where should ı turn my vehicles nose during manuever
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