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  1. Community Delta-V Map 2.6 - KSP 1.3 View full size PDF versions (A4 & Letter) KSPedia Version (v2.6) Lights-out Theme (v2.4.1) (Thanks @Siege /u/s13g3!) Outer Planets Mod adaptation: By Swashlebucky; original by Misucat and his wife PDF version (v2.4.1) OPM - Lights-out Theme (v2.4.1) (Thanks @Siege /u/s13g3!) OPM - KSPedia Version (v2.4.1) (Thanks @AlexSheFF!) Changelog GitHub Check it for development, pull requests and other maps. All required tools for map editing are referenced th
  2. A month ago I made a map of Kerbin. At first it was just a map but as I began deciding to write stories about KSP, I decided I needed more stuff. So I began writing a history and developing the Kerbal society. You can use this history in your own works but I do ask that you credit me if you do. Here is the map - (Also a work in progress) I am open to suggestions and help as it will make this map even better. A massive thank you to @Pds314 for these amazing color maps (all the maps are located here): TABLE OF CONTENTS: (Will add links as pages are created) Maps
  3. For example, I want to fly to the Jool, land and take off from Laythe, Tylo, Vall, and Bop and back to the Kerbin. How much dV do I need?
  4. I got bored, decided to make a map of Kerbin.
  5. Tutorial: Setting Up EVE Cube Maps In this tutorial we will be looking at how to take advantage of EVE's Cube Map system to layer up to 4 textures onto a single cube map to reduce file size within mod distributions. This method will be outlining the process of taking 4 Equirectangular Cloud Maps, converting them to a single image by putting them into the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channels, converting it to a Cube Map and setting it up for use in-game with EVE. ***Please Note: All the images below are clickable thumbnails to 1080p images*** ---- 1. Source your Cloud Ma
  6. I will be using this for a future WW2-esque warfare series pretty much like Fall of Kerbin. This is what the world looks like after the Great War. Here are what the nations are based on: Steppe SSR: Mongolia League of 8 Provinces: Warlord-era China Ghal Empire: Mughal Empire Baya: Hyderabad Athenia: Greece Koldovia: Romania Yongaria: Hungary Yarsaw: Poland Yaropslavia: Yugoslavia Ussya: Soviet Union Inter-Allied Kreinland: Allied occupation zones after WW2 Strasser-Hesseria: Germany Uster-Wien: Austria Zeela
  7. Does anybody happen to have a good high res map of Kerbin without any words or anything on it? I'm trying to design my own map system and separate it into continents
  8. While I appreciate the mods closing this thread; as it no longer pertains to the current version of the game... It would also be helpful to know how to do it now? Edit: ah... I read thru to the bottom and see that the tilde "~" does still work!
  9. When I'm opening map view and back the action PAW for every part (stock/mod) is missing Example engine for activate/deactivate; probe control from here, torque, control point; decoupler decouple; landing leg, fairing, chute deploy; etc. But the "remove from symmetry, autostrut still there. SAS, RCS, brake, gear, light, abort, and stage is not usable too I can't use action group or action key (brake, gear, etc) except throttle key, map key, and rotate camera. WASD and "set as target" click and "focus to" click can't be used I don't use any mod that change paw or key,
  10. Is the delta-v map showing the min or max delta-v usage?
  11. Simple thing; if I've got 3 Pe/Ap markers (Ship, target, maneuver) in very close proximity it can be difficult to tell which belongs to which orbit. Is there a mod that will colour-code the mouse over text to match the orbit colour?
  12. Several weeks ago, I thought about how Kerbin would look realistically, under the satellite eye. I decided to create a pseudo-satellite image portraying the presumed vegetation and settlements realistically. I made it by superimposing the KerbalMaps picture of the region with various textures based on real-world mapping data. Enjoy.
  13. KSP 1.4.0 x64 I was in map view, waiting for the SOI change (Kerbin -> Mun). As soon as it happened, a staging occured "by itself". I did not press the space bar, for sure. My finger was idling on top of the "M" key. And normally, when accidentaly pressing "Space bar" in map view, nothing happens. I had no planned maneuver in queue. This is of course a bummer, now I have debris to play with. The only thing that really changed was a test run of "Too Many Orbits", but I already checked the log and the mod is just not loaded at all. I will remove it for the next
  14. The Icosahedron is the platonic solid which most resembles a sphere, and thus is the best out of that group of objects to create a pseudo-globe with. Although other shapes like the truncated icosahedron (AKA soccer ball) may be better approximations of a spheres (and if there's enough desire for them I may make a set of soccerball planets), the icosahedron can be turned into a map which works well for tabletop roleplaying games as you can fit a hex grid onto it. The following maps are to be used by printing them out, creasing their edges, folding them, and gluing or taping them together.
  15. Is there a ΔV map of the Kerbol System with the OPM planets at 6.4x scale? I was able to find them seperatly (IE OPM ΔV map and a 6.4x ΔV map) but none with both. If there is not does anyone know how I would determine the change in ΔV for a scale factor of 6.4?
  16. Hello guys ! I'm currently working with @HuXTUS on a part. Adding a diffuse and a bump/normal map is very easy but what's up about specular ? Shaders have no slot for that. I just found an 1 year old discussion about that : Is it still the way to add specular ? And moreover, does someone has a great tutorial on how to add this alpha channel to the diffuse (not sure it works with JPG and PNG should be a mess for the game, no ?) Hope to see some help quickly Thanks
  17. So I was thinking about this the other day, and realized one simple thing: for crewed craft that intend to return to kerbin, there is no point to maintaining a commnet(or kerbnet if u call it that) link to the KSC. So I was thinking about a perfect option for that, which is to limit the visibility in map mode without a link. I would say that one will not be able to see beyond their current soi that they are in or beyond 1m meters, whichever is closer(this is so people could not see everything when they are in kerbol orbit). Another thing for this limited map is that the orbits will only show t
  18. Welcome to the OrbitalBuzzsaw Master Thread This is the thread where I post all of my creations. I occasionally post crafts, lore and rants/statuses here. Feel free to ask questions about anything. If you like the stuff, why not follow the thread? Table of Contents Lore Super Detailed Border Map (OLD VERSION) Flag sample pack Super Detailed Border Map (New Version!) Craft My Plane for "Crosswise the Sea" Statuses/Rants Other Threads Links to my other stuff YT Channel - Please Subscribe My Twitte
  19. I have no idea what has happend to my map, but it is really annoying. I have tried to restart the game and uninstall some mods, but it still looks like this
  20. I have seen this bug before when orbiting Duna, but I thought it was a fluke, or related only to Ike. But now I have seen it with Tylo as well. I am not sure if it is a problem only with moons or all celestial bodies. Basically, my map isn't showing an upcoming encounter. Then suddenly I am in the SOI. I tried reloading, making an earlier maneuvering point, but the encounter never shows up until it is too late. Has anyone else encountered this and have some sort of work around? Or is it another bug that just has to be accepted? Here is an example of what I am seeing. Here I have s
  21. I think it would be nice to have an app with the features of the map screen: - So you can plan your trajectories (and see the dV) - So you can see all of your vehicles (like in the tracking station) - When you press fly, it will focus on that vehicle and make you able to plan burns What do you guys think about this?? I hope some admin/squad dev will notice this as a good idea ofc!
  22. I am running a modded install including Kethane, and the map overlay is not showing properly. Every tile on the map is purple, and I cannot see the positions of ores without hovering my pointer over them, which is very frustrating. Is this supposed to be happening? Screenshot: https://db.tt/5hU46gO66K KSP.log: https://db.tt/F7rkgZJPeH Mods: KSP: 1.2.2 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Filter Extensions - Toolbar - 1.7.13 B9 Animation Modules - 1.0.5 B9 Part Switch - 1.7.1 B9 Aerospace - 6.3.1 B9 Aerospace - 6.3.1 B9 Aerospace
  23. I have some of the launching structure debris with a lot of fuel tanks and engines ejected that happens a few high-gain direct antennas on it, it is completely uncontrollable, comlpetely devoid if electricity, but some fuel tanks are not empty completely. It is obviously not connected to KSC. But the system thinks it's a relay satellite. EDIT: I think this is the wrong forum, shouldn't bug stuff go into Suggestions and Development ? None of the forums has the kind of description suitable for bug reporting, I'm totally confused.
  24. every time i do an orbital encounter it's very hard to see up close the encounter with the planet or other object. if we could detach the camera from any body or object in the map mode it would make it MUCH easier to get orbital encounters much more accurate because we could zoom in on the encounter to make small changes. It would be great if you could do that. sincerely, rockets don't make toast
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