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Found 7 results

  1. I got bored, decided to make a map of Kerbin.
  2. Somehow my steam recognizes my joystick (Logitech extreme 3d pro) as a generic gamepad, and is stuck in some weird control profile. I can't seem to delete the profile or reset anything regarding to the joystick. When I open the joystick in the device manager I can see that it's working by testing everything in the properties. I've spent hours trying to figure this out, and haven't found anything pertinent to my situation. Please help me out!
  3. Probe Locations for the Kerbol System So I recently just came back from a Holiday in Tasmania, and I hear about the new updates, more importantly, the new CommNet network added in the game. So in game and in the tracking station, there is a green line connecting to all the online probes, landers, bases, rovers, space stations etc. The KSP team have also added in a bunch of new transmitters in the game as well. So the green line gets darker when you lose more and more connection with kerbin. This means that it is important to have probes everywhere in the kerbol system. You can
  4. This is "edited" photo of Jool Lets name the belts of Jool! example:equatorial dark line- Kopernik region, and so on... A little bit of eye candy for you!: if you are a proffesional mapper i would like to know how to do this properly!
  5. Soooo,i made this mapping satellite,and i want to share it with the whole KSP community! The satellite: The rocket: (feel free to copy the satellite and the rocket,but dont forget to give credit) Launch in 3..2..1 LIFTOFF! SPACE! LATER... Yaaay,a successful orbit! Look how much ore there is!
  6. I might be overlooking something terribly, but how do you set controller buttons and axis? I open the input menu, go to flight, and hit the grey buttons with the arrows. There it says Current Assignment: None. I move the appropriate axis, see the text change to Current Assignment: joy0.1 and confirm by clicking Accept. I open the same menu again, and my axis is unassigned again. This is confirmed in-game, with KSP not reacting to my controller inputs at all. What is going on there? How do I set my buttons and axis so that I can use them in-game. I am currently using the 64 bit version of
  7. Figured, i could try my gamepad to play KSP. Problem: The mapping from thumb stick position to control input is not right. I try to give an example as sort of table in the following: Stick position Resulting input up pitch up center pitch down little bit down pitch up down pitch up Hence neutral control input is achieved when stick is in the middle between full up and center. Same problem for all the other axes. I guess KSP is mistakenly thinking that the thumb stic
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