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  1. So getting a human to land on Mars and come back is very hard. But here's an idea for a less sexy mission, but still sends people to Mars and if anything gets us some practice. Apparently, a mission to Mars will involve 18 months on Mars itself. That's a tall order, but theoretically doable. What if, instead of landing the astronauts, you leave them in orbit and land one rover per astronaut. Each one with certain specialized equipment. Each astronaut then spends 18 months working long hours driving them around, no need to tie up the DSN. You have one or more land close to a rocket capabl
  2. I know, this should probably be a part of the SpaceX main thread, but I couldn't resist! T-3 hours to Elon's talk! A couple of handy links: http://www.veloenvivo.com/iac/eng.html https://www.reddit.com/live/xnrdv28vxfi2 Any of the links in the comments here: https://www.reddit.com/r/spacex/comments/54itnx/rspacex_mars_architecture_announcementiac_2016/ http://www.iafastro.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/IAC2016_FP_FULL-Doc_Sept201620_FINAL_LowResCHECK2.pdf (page 41) http://www.spacex.com/mars HYPE! Sad, looks like the virgin galactic thing isn't b
  3. http://jalopnik.com/congress-just-mandated-a-human-mission-to-mars-1786994598 Science reporting sucks, and so does Gawker Media.
  4. Anybody else tuning in to this? I wish I could attend, but ... school. The full itinerary can be viewed here. Looks like an interesting lineup.
  5. I'm a fan of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy, and wanted to recreate the Ares from Red Mars in Kerbal. It's a HUGE ship, eight rights of six large tanks each, nuclear propulsion, room for 100+ Kerbals and their gear to get to Duna and setup a permanent base. Here's the YouTube playlist with the trailer and the first two episodes, lots more recorded!
  6. I watched The Martian for the second time yesterday, so I decided to do this. The plan is to send a bunch of missions to Marcx (a modified version of Duna from my mod Realistic Remodel) and eventually end up with a colony on the planet. Everything is stock, except for a few utility mods, such as Trajectories. Part I: Intelligence Lander Next I'm gonna try to do a manned mission based on The Martian, starting with the MAV.
  7. Hi, I want to offer you my version Mars colonization. Here I will upload videos as they become available Protoss mission - Mars satellite #1
  8. Adding to the many remarkable properties of graphene, they are also highly efficient in converting heat directly to electricity: SUTD team proposes low-temperature thermionic converter with graphene cathode; about 45% efficiency. 9 March 2015 http://www.greencarcongress.com/2015/03/20150309-sutd.html For spacecraft operating too far from the Sun or needing too much power to use solar cells, radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTG's) have been used, and nuclear space reactors have been proposed in regards to manned missions. RTG's however have very poor efficiencies in the rang
  9. http://spacenews.com/bezos-suggests-nasa-pursue-prizes-and-gigantic-technology-programs/ I think a lot of people here have similar sentiments, but let's not forget that space prizes have a spotty history- Bigelow's Space Crew Transportation prize fell flat, the Google Lunar X-Prize has constantly been delayed, and a similar prize is unlikely to be repeated. Honestly, a more "CCdev" solution is probably better (Bezos apparently didn't like it tho, they felt NASA had too much involvement in it), with there being less of a prize, than a contract for spacecraft based off that d
  10. Wanted to do one last goodbye to my RSS/TAC-LS career before retreating to the calmer waters of OPM
  11. Crimson Aspirations is an Apollo style Duna/Mars return mission craft for use in the stock game or in Stock Sized Real Solar System. It has a 2 person rover to deploy on the ground and space for 4 crew. 182 parts Download Launch to above 200km orbit, deploy solar panels, transfer to Duna or Mars, orbit Duna/Mars, move crew into Lander and detach, stow solar panels if deployed and de-orbit, start slowing down with rockets at just under 15km until you can deploy drogue chutes, continue reducing speed until main chutes can be deployed safely, at this point turn off engines and wait till
  12. The time has come! Mars has been in obscurity since April of 2014, but now it is shining at magnitude -1.9/-2.1. This is the brightest Mars has been since 2005 and it's time to take advantage of that. Mars' opposition is May 22nd and it will appear very nice for the next 5-10 days. So, if anyone has the right equipment, observe Mars! OTHER THINGS TO OBSERVE Mars is near Saturn, the Moon, and Antares, giving anybody a nice selection of beautiful astronomical objects to choose from. The nearby constellations of Scorpius and Ophiuchus have over a dozen clusters and nebulae combined and
  13. I really like this idea. It sees like something logical that could happen. What do you think? what changes do you think should be made? http://marsbase.org/contents
  14. This is my idea for a space exploration road map. Not all of it is politically plausible. 2016: Orion program replaced with with the integrated space exploration vehicle, or ISEV program, which utilizes orion and a privately developed DragonRider with Orion life support and a service module in addition to a trunk. DreamChaser selected for ISS crew delivery, in addition to other spacecraft. BEAM on station, with good results. Bigelow begins developing a module to fit the dragon trunk. 2017: Commercial crew delivery begins. Exploration sats deployed. 2018: Insight launch, SLS te
  15. The thought occurred to me that if you had an engine with sufficiently high energy to pull a brachistochrone (thrust prograde halfway to your destination, then retrograde until you arrive) to Mars, the ideal plan for a manned Martian mission would be to start from LEO at 1 gee, then gradually taper off thrust through the full transfer to 0.3 gees to Martian orbit. That way, your crew would be smoothly acclimatized to Martian gravity and have no adjustment period. The same could be done in reverse, starting at 0.3 gees and thrusting harder and harder (no innuendo intended) until you reached Ear
  16. I was doing calculations for a hypergolics fuelled trip using tech from 1970-1980, and I came up with 40 tons to land, 292 tons to orbit, and 700 tons to inject to Mars. Is this correct?
  17. Mars is our universal neighbor, but we are yet to get the technology to land man on it. Consequently, all we know about it are from the robots that are deployed to explore it. we will let you in on some interesting facts about Mars.
  18. Because a recent thread was derailed by an argument about whether or not a Venus colony was a good idea or not, I'm going to try to make this a thread for discussion. I, personally am rather biased by landism, so I'd say Mars would be the better choice.
  19. So, I'm curious about how smart it would be for the world's space agencies to collaborate on building a Hermes style transport ship for manned Mars exploration(picture below). My thought is, if they all get together, splurge and build a highly efficient/designed to last ship where the computer systems and electronics are easy to replace, then it could also likely be used for beyond Mars exploration missions. Such as a flyby of Venus, etc. Yes it would be required to overengineer some systems and to include a nice buffer on the amount of dV onboard, but I was curious if
  20. I'm just wondering about something. I get it that insight has been delayed till 2018 but why haven't we seen an animation yet? (I always like to watch them and recreate them in KSP) does anyone else feel the same way or know why we haven't seen one? Thanks -Banana
  21. If SpaceX gets its booster return down to a science, and Falcon Heavy performs as expected, then an interesting possibility emerges. The Falcon 9 v1.1 FT Stage 1 booster is capable of SSTO on its own, though without payload or capacity for return. If a Falcon Heavy was launched without any second stage, however, you'd end up with a nearly-full first stage in orbit and two empty strap-on boosters returned safely to the ground, ready to refuel and relaunch. A single Falcon 9 launch costs $61 million, with fuel accounting for roughly $200,000 of that. Thus, Falcon Heavy would allow SpaceX to
  22. I'm looking for a mod and i know it exists i just can't find it anybody know where i can find it? it looks like this http://i.imgur.com/tL3ycwf.jpg
  23. This thread has moved to New Releases: Click Here In collaboration with @GregroxMun: The Coming of the Martians Chapter One The Eve of the War NO ONE WOULD have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water... ..
  24. I launched a mars rover to Duna. I planned interplanetary transfer by reading the wiki Tutorial. Actually you have to wait for the planets to align i.e., Kerbin and Duna should be around 44° with sun as center. Then I launched it to a 100km orbit around kerbin. And after the prograde burn my spacecraft was on the transfer orbit around the sun to Duna. I did a retrograde burn after arriving Duna so that my periapsis is beneath the surface for an aerobraking. Then I opned the parachutes to slow it down to around 10m/s. After that the engines of the skycrane were ignited to land it safely and lat
  25. Hello, I am doing a project with some friends on Mars and how people can colonize it effectively, which also involves constructing a space elevator and strives towards terraforming. Where can I find the most reliable and accurate resources on these topics? Info on how ecosystems, climate and agriculture work would be very helpful. Thanks!
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